Parts & Manuals for Pitco® SG18-S Natural Gas 75 lb. Stainless Steel Floor Fryer

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Pitco A1105404-C Basket Hanger

Item number119a1105404c



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FMP 175-1056 63" Flush Hose

Item number3591751056


Rated 4 out of 5 stars
FMP 226-1055 17 1/2" x 17 1/2" Mesh Basket Support Screen

Item number3592261055



Pitco 60125401 Thermostat Rx Mvolt

Item number61460125401


Pitco 60125501 Thermopile Solstice

Item number61460125501



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Pitco A3301001 Clean Out Rod

Item number614a3301001


Pitco B6623202-C Hose with Nozzle

Item number614b6623202c



Pitco PP10084 Hi Limit

Item number614pp10084


Pitco 60059302 Gasket, Drain Line

Item numberhp60059302


Pitco 60068302 O-Ring, Viton

Item numberhp60068302


Pitco 60068303 O-Ring

Item numberhp60068303



Pitco 60130803 120v Motor Haight

Item numberhp60130803






Pitco 60134902 Seal Kit

Item numberhp60134902



Pitco 60143517-C Pump Motor

Item numberhp60143517c


Pitco 60147801 Manual Reset Limit

Item numberhp60147801


Pitco A1907902-C Channel Strip

Item numberhpa1907902c


Pitco A2959201-C Splash Guard

Item numberhpa2959201c


Pitco A5077704-C 8" Splash Guard

Item numberhpa5062506c


Pitco A6653505 Filter Hose

Item numberhpa6653505



Pitco B4511901 Rack

Item numberhpb4511901




Pitco B6663901 Filter Clip

Item numberhpb6663901


Pitco B6664103 Filter Drawer Assy

Item numberhpb6664103




Pitco B6664303 Filter Support

Item numberhpb6664303




Pitco B6665101 Elbow Drain

Item numberhpb6665101


Pitco B6674802 Pick-Up Tube

Item numberhpb6674802


Pitco B6681201 Filter Crumb Scoop

Item numberhpb6681201



Pitco B6744401 Millivolt Harness

Item numberhpb6744401


Pitco B6747101 Wire Harness, Main

Item numberhpb6747101


Pitco P0190200 Cotter Pin

Item numberhpp0190200


Pitco PP10056 Cleaning Brush

Item numberhppp10056



Pitco PP10539 Knob

Item numberhppp10539


Pitco PP11337 Receptacle

Item numberhppp11337


4" Swivel Plate Casters - 4/Set

Item number190cw2t425f1


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From $99.22/Each

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Pitco B5008101 Crumb Scoop

Item numberhpb5008101