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  • Produces 890 BTU's per hour
  • 6 hour burn time
  • Non-flammable liquid for safe burning
  • Screw cap top for convenient, safe storage

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Instantly enhance and prolong your hot food serving capabilities with this Choice 6-hour wick chafing dish fuel!

Delivering a consistent, long-lasting flame, this Choice wick fuel is essential for reliable chafer heating. Its wick design and non-flammable liquid diethylene glycol fuel promote safe burning that is also easy to light. Great for any restaurant buffet line or catered event, this series of Choice wick chafing fuels serves as the hottest and safest burning fuel on the market.

  • Recyclable


    This item is able to be recycled under some recycling programs.

  • Made in America

    Made in America

    This item was made in the United States of America.

Up to 6 Hours of Burn Time

This fuel is capable of producing 890 BTU's per hour to allow for approximately 6 hours of burn time.

Screw Cap Top

For convenient storage when not in use, the can comes with a resealable screw cap top to ensure safe keeping.

Safe and Easy to Use

Despite burning hotter than any comparable wick fuel, the can stays cool to the touch while lit for worry-free handling at all times. Plus, any wick fuel that spills from the container will not ignite. This not only adds further protection for your staff and guests, but guards your establishment from dangerous fires that could cause irreparable damage.


The 6.9 oz. can is comprised entirely of recyclable aluminum, and the liquid is produced from renewable, sustainable resources.

Choice Brand

Choice is dedicated to providing you with catering supplies, paper and disposable supplies, small kitchen hand tools, and serving solutions at the best possible prices. Whether you are looking for a strong and durable utility cart or inexpensive dispenser napkins, Choice has just what you need at a price you can afford!

Customer Q&A Ask a Question

What is the main difference between chafer fuel cells with twist-off metal caps and fuel cells with stem wicks and plastic caps?
Once lit, chafer fuel cells with twist-off metal caps provide a quick, safe, and easy way to extinguish the flame at the end of events. The cap can simply be placed over the flame to snuff it out. Chafer fuel cells with stem wicks and plastic caps require a separate snuffer paddle, regulator, or saucer to extinguish the flame.

Watch More Videos

Choice Chafer Fuel

In this video, Corporate Chef Matt Schuler explains the best options to suit your needs when it comes to chafer fuel. From gel fuel or wick fuel, or fuel that burns up to 6 hours, Choice Chafer fuel has just what you need for every occasion!

Whether you're catering a banquet, wedding, bridal shower, or other special event, we have the best selection of chafers and accessories at the best prices. My name is Matt Schuler, product expert and corporate chef. Today I am going to show you why Choice brand chafing fuels should be your #1 Choice for chafing fuel. Our buying power and skilled purchasing department allow us to keep our pricing incredibly low without sacrificing quality. We offer 3 different types of chafing fuels by Choice. 2 hour, 4 hour, or 6 hour(show pic of 3 cans) Of these three products, you will need to choose which fuel source best fits your application: wick fuel or gel fuel. Choice chafer gel fuel is the hottest and longest burning ethanol fuel on the market! Made from 200 proof gelled ethanol and capable of producing 1630 BTU's per hour, its gelled formula provides a higher heat output than conventional wick fuels and allows for maximum burn time. It is also easy to light, odorless, and burns clean. It delivers high-quality heat that burns hotter, longer, and safer than comparable fuels. Choice Gel fuel is offered in a 2 hour burn time. While Choice wick fuel is offered in 4 & 6 hour burn times. Although the 2 hr gel fuel offers to the lowest cost per can, the best value in terms of burn time & cost/hour is the 6 hour wick fuel. Because our wick fuel offers a convenient screw on lid, you can reuse the fuel to get the full 6 hours of usage out of it. If safety, flexibility and cost per hour are what you are looking for, then Choice wick chafer fuel is your brand. Our 6 hour wick fuel costs 18 cents/hour as compared to 24 cents/hour for the 4 hour wick fuel and 26 cents/hour for the two hour gel fuel. Its wick design and diethylene glycol fuel promote safe burning and help to keep the can cool to the touch even during use, while still providing a consistent, long-lasting flame. Even when spilled the liquid does not burn! These Choice fuels are also eco-friendly! Each can is made from recyclable aluminum, and the ethanol is produced using natural and recycled raw materials, resulting in a high-performance chafer fuel that is organic, biodegradable, 100% recyclable and made in the USA. Choice chafer gel and wick fuels are both great product, but here is a comparison to make your decision easier. Offered in a 2 hour burn time, Choice Gel fuels burn the hottest, are the least expensive and are the best option for chafers with low-resting water pans. On the other hand, Choice chafer wick fuels are available in both a 4 and 6 hour burn time, burn clean diethylene glycol, feature a resealable lid to get the maximum burn time and are cool to the touch. In addition, you don’t have to worry about spilled liquid because any spilled wick fuel won’t ignite. Check out our burn time comparison sheet, cost per hour chart, as well as the MSDS sheet, and our chafing fuel buying guide on our product page. (Show screen shot of product page/comparison chart/cost per hour chart). We also have a chafer fuel savings calculator where you can plug in the amount of fuel used per week and see how much savings you will have by switching to 6 hour Choice brand wick fuel. These charts will help you make a better buying decision! As always, click on the chat button for further questions regarding Choice brand chafing fuels. We hope this video helped you make the right “choice” for your foodservice application!!

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Chafer Fuel Handling Tips

Check out this video to learn some vital tips about handling chafers and chafer fuel!

Remember to always follow equipment manufacturer’s recommendations for pre-heating, but here are some safety tips to insure you have a safe and efficient chafer set-up…(Voice over portion showing shots of each step quickly) -Always select fuel to last the length of engagement so it will not be necessary to change fuels during the event -Always ensure water is hot and steaming and foods are at a minimum serving temperature of 140°F before putting food pan in place -Always use proper tool for removing lids. -Chafing fuels are NOT designed to cook; only maintain proper temperature for serving -Keep chafing fuels away from flammable table decorations or nearby items (i.e., curtains) -Always light fuels IN PLACE; use a long reach match or butane lighter; do not use other lighted cans or rolled up paper -Avoid touching GEL-TYPE cans as they become superheated overtime as the flame burns into the can -Always extinguish chafing fuel at the end of the event, using the proper tool -Dispose of spent fuel cans properly As always, click on the chat button for further questions regarding Choice brand chafing fuels. We hope this video helped you make the right “choice” for your foodservice application!!

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Chafer Accessories Review

Accessorize your Choice chafer with our full, 1/2, and 1/3 size food pans! Also check out our 3 types of chafer fuel, convenient microfiber cleaning cloths, and even our refillable long tip lighters.

Another question we get sometimes is whether or not you can use different sized pans in these chafers. And the answer is yes, you can half size and 1/3 size pans. Now, the unit comes with a full sized 2 1/2" deep pan, which I’ll remove, but as long as you’re using 2 1/2" deep pans, you don’t want them any deeper than that or else you’ll be into the water in the water pan. But you can see those half size pans fit in there just right, and if you take this off, we can see that you can put the 1/3 size pans in there as well. Besides being able to purchase different sized food pans from us, you can also purchase different types of fuel. We have the wet fuel, the gel fuel, and we even have environmentally friendly fuel. We also have these microfiber cleaning cloths; these are the perfect thing for polishing the chafer, sometimes they do so well you don’t even need a chemical polish. And we also have these long tip, refillable lighters available as well. Well thank you for watching, and if you have any questions, please feel free to use our live chat button.

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How To Use A Chafer

Watch as Steve demonstrates the proper way to use your chafer, from how much water you will need to when you should light the fuel. And remember, a chafer is only for keeping food warm, not for cooking it!

And now to take a look at how we’re going to use the chafer. The first thing you’re going to do once you have it set up and your water pan in your frame is you’re going to fill the water pan with about 1 inch of very hot tap water. This will allow the temperature to come up a lot quicker. So once you do that, cover the chafer with the lid. Open up your fuel cell and place it in your fuel holder along with the fuel holder cover, which you should have open. Don’t light this until you’ve placed the fuel cell underneath the chafer. Then you can light it with a long-tipped lighter. Let it come up to temperature for about 20 minutes and then you’re ready for your food. The important thing about your food is that it has to be hot going in; a chafer is not designed to cook your food. It’s designed to keep it warm once it’s already cooked. I’m going to take the lid off, get my hot asparagus, and there we are. We’re ready to serve. Thank you for watching, and if you have any questions, please feel free to use our live chat button.

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Spec Sheet Specsheet SDS SDS Choice fuel burn comparisons Burn Times

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall User Rating: Choice 6 Hour Wick Chafing Dish Fuel with Safety Twist Cap - 12/Pack

    4.8 stars from 35 reviews


    People Talk About:

    fuel hours great Wick food hot dish long events lasted

    Excellent fuel burning to keep chafer pans hot up to 6 hours. This fuel is top of the line and comes in a 12 pack

    Posted on

    These wick chafing dish fuels work well for events where food is needed to remain over heat for a longer period of time. The MAJOR drawback is that pliers are needed to open them. I read in a previous review that they are difficult to open but didn't expect that pliers will be necessary. While they are convenient, unsure if I will purchase again.

    from Jes Catering Posted on

    These cans are great! They burn very hot, and I get the full 6 hours (or more) from each one. It is easy to recap them if you don't need the full 6 hours, especially since they just screw on (much easier than getting the lids in just right for regular gel canisters).

    from Chabad Posted on

    These cans of chafer fuel are a great value. Last for six hours and work under most type of chafing dishes. Easy to light and keep your food warm at banquets or receptions.

    from Phil's place Posted on

    Very clean burning fuel source! We didn't quite need the full twenty four pack, but this convenient twelve pack suited our needs just fine! These fuel burners work just great for daily use.

    from BlinkyTech International Posted on

    This is a 12 pack of chafer wick fuel by choice. Great for keeping your buffet food warm and these last for six hours. These are an economical choice for food warmers.

    Posted on

    Wick food warmers

    These work as expected. They last pretty much the entire 6 hours like advertised. Kept everything hot at our outdoor pig roast for many hours. only complaint is the lids are so hard to get off!

    Posted on

    Burns for pretty much a full 6 hours. Kept my dips piping hot all night! I have no complaints other than the lids being impossible to take off myself, they are on there good! Will purchase these again and again!

    I used the Choice 6 Hour Wick Chafing Dish Fuel this past weekend with the new chafing dishes I purchased from Webstaurant Store and they worked well We turned them off after 4 hours they were still going strong at that time.

    Posted on

    These are perfect for events or parties where you may be serving hot coffee or tea all day long. They have always lasted at least 6 hours for us!

    from Vault catering and events Posted on

    Perfect for our event. They lasted the entire time and then some. They kept our food nice and hot for serving. I would definitely order again.

    from Gateway One Lending & Finance Posted on

    Such an excellent deal. I had enough for the chafing dishes plus my smore's bar for our cookout. They lasted FOREVER it seemed and I still have some left in each can.

    Posted on

    Smore's Bar all set up... Such a hit and thank you Webstaurant for such an incredible price on these sterno cans :-)

    I searched for this item at a few other locations and all they offered was a less durable option which will not hold up very well for much larger events. This chafing fuel lasts as long as it says and for a reasonable price!

    from CHPC- Tina Avery Posted on

    These are very powerful. We had two per buffet dish and it lasted throughout our whole event (8hours), next time I will just use one per buffet dish and place it in the center.

    Posted on

    We use these all the time for catering events and banquets. They really do last six hours unlike many other brands we have purchased in the past

    from Duckies Bar & Grill Posted on

    Good price good product. Choice six hour wick chaffing dish fuel worked well for service and had extra to use for another time. Will order again soon.

    Posted on

    I used these for my catering company. They work great. The food stayed hot for the entire evening. They lasted for about 6 hours but they food stayed hot even after the wick ran out

    from Ineffable Delights Posted on

    These Choice 6 Hour Wick Chafing Dish Fuel - 12/Pack are easy to use and twist open. You can reuses them if you have not use the whole 6 hours. Great buy.

    from T & C Catering Services Posted on

    Long lasting

    This is the only place I can find the 6 hour Wick for the Chafing dishes ... . I will be ordering more of these Wicks for future events

    from Ambiance Affairs llc Posted on

    These chafing fuel sternos provide adjustable heat - unlike the gel varieties. I would recommend these for more delicate dishes where the possibility of sticking/ burning is a concern.

    Posted on

    Long lasting clean burning fuel. This chafing fuel economical and conveniently packed in 12 pack packaging. A must have for any catering business. No more worries about maintaining appropriate temperature.

    from Sharon Weems Posted on

    Great chafing dish Fuel! It works really well and for up to 6 hours! So you could be sure that it will last all reception or lunch!

    from Tom Posted on


    from Kibya's Catering Posted on

    These were great- lasted from 4-6 hours. They keep my food warm, even during outside events. The biggest, and only, problem I found were trying to get the lids off of the top! Took a lot of muscle- or a pair of pliers.

    Posted on

    There is not much to much to tell, it does exactly what it says, burns liquid chafing fuel for six hours. If only the lids would come off easier.

    Posted on

    Unfortunately, these fuel cans barely last 4 hours. Purchased them for a Farmers Market event. I set up and lit the cans at 3:30pm (Market started at 400pm). They started smoking (indicating they were out) by 645pm. They were all completely out by 715pm. Next time, I will try another brand or fuel type.

    Posted on

    Thank you for the review, Debra! We're sorry this chafing fuel did not work as it's supposed to. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you about this shortly.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Great price and they seem like they are going to be perfect. Planning on using them soon so will let everyone know if it last for six hours.

    Posted on

    These work great and last for a long time. However, the ones I got, leaked during shipping. I counted the number that leaked and was reimbursed for them. Overall, I'm very happy with the purchase.

    Posted on

    Wickers were great long lasting and didn't let off and odors! lighted easily burned hot and lasted a full 6 hours. very happy with the purchase.

    from ` Posted on

    Depending on your fuel when catering can be really nerve racking. Especially when the gel canisters you have just don't stay lit or last as long as needed. This fuel is perfect!

    from Molly B's Cuisine Posted on

    So the product is 5 stars as they work great and last quite a while and at a great price. However, delivery was an issue as it arrived in a box that had a wet corner.....sure enough, one of the units had been damaged and leaked out......it still worked which is why the 5 star rating for the product but 2 stars for packaging.

    from Holy Smokers Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We're happy to hear you like this product, but we are sorry to hear one of the units was damaged in transit. A Customer Solutions Representative will be in contact to discuss either crediting or replacing the damaged chafer fuel.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I was so glad to receive my Choice 6hour Wick fuel in perfect condition because I was worried about damage to the product. .the price is great and they burned for a long time and burns clean also

    Posted on

    I purchased these for my daughter's beach wedding. because it was outside we needed a way to keep the food hot without electricity. These worked perfectly!

    Posted on

    yes, we use the wick chafer dish fuel. and are perfact for weddings or partys. last a long time for the coast. it was well worth it,

    from virginias place Posted on

    Longest lasting ones you can find! I looked everywhere but these were the only ones I could find that can last for the entire party.

    Posted on

    Yes, they last 6 hours. They are perfect buying then storing later. I have 12 of them in the back room just in case. I occasionally do catering and I never have to worry about a fuel source. Great price.

    Posted on

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