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  • Made of durable cast iron
  • Consistently cuts potatoes into 3/8" thick fries
  • Removable push block and blade assembly for easy cleaning
  • Reduces prep time
  • 3 1/8" square cutting area
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Offer piping hot, fresh-cut french fries with this Choice 3/8" french fry cutter with suction cup feet.

Cutting potatoes by hand is a tedious, time-consuming task, but with this unit's cast iron body and handle, it is a durable, rust-proof solution for all of your potato cutting needs. It produces uniform 3/8" thick fries quickly and consistently, making it ideal for steakhouses, pubs, and other restaurants that want to serve french fries alongside their burgers or signature sandwiches.

  • Hand Wash Only

    Hand Wash Only

    To preserve quality, this item should only be hand-washed and sanitized.

Simple to Use

To use, simply place a potato on the shield between the push block and the blade frame. Then, using one swift motion, pull the handle toward the blade to force the potato through the blade and cut it into 3/8" thick even pieces.

Makes 3/8" Thick Fries

The 3 1/8" square cutting area produces 3/8" thick evenly cut french fries to reduce prep time, so you'll be more than ready for the dinner rush.

Suction Cup Feet

Thanks to the included 4 suction cup feet, this fry cutter can be moved around your kitchen rather than mounted stationary in one place.

V-Shaped Trough

The V-shape design ensures that the potato will remain secure in the cutter as you force it through the blades.

Interchangeable Parts

Since this unit works with all Choice blade assemblies and push blocks, it can easily be changed to accommodate fluctuating menus.

Customer Q&A Ask a Question

Are the blades interchangeable?
Yes, if you replace the blade and pusher block together, you can easily switch a Choice, Thunder Group, or Winco brand french fry blade from one cutter to another. The blade frames are the same size and the mounting screws are positioned in the same locations. However, the replacement blades and pusher blocks are not compatible with Nemco fry cutters.
Can I use this French fry / potato cutter when working with sweet potatoes?
No, it is recommended to not use sweet potatoes with this French fry / potato cutter since sweet potatoes are too hard and too dense to properly pass through the cutter blades. Forcing sweet potatoes through could ultimately end up breaking the blades.

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How to Use a French Fry Cutter With a 3/8 inch Blade

Watch this video to learn how to use, clean and maintain your french fry cutter!

Choice Fry Cutter

Preparing french fries is easier than ever with a Choice french fry and potato cutter! With a variety of sizes available and a durable design, this versatile cutter is a great addition to any kitchen.

How to Clean a Choice Fry Cutter

Cleaning your Choice fry cutter is a quick, easy process, ensuring you can make more perfect french fries in no time! To learn how to properly clean your fry cutter, watch this step-by-step video.

How to clean:
First, remove the pusher block, blade frame and shield. Wash, rinse, sanitize, and then dry these parts. Before reassembling, wipe down the frame with a detergent solution, followed by a sanitizer solution.

How to assemble:
Tighten the nuts and bolts to attach the cutter handle and use a screwdriver to fasten the pusher block. Insert the shield, and then secure the blade frame by tightening the wing nuts.

How to use:
Place a potato on the shield between the pusher block and the blade frame. Swiftly pull the handle toward the blade frame to slice the potato into fries.

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Prepare whole potatoes for french fries in seconds with this Choice french fry and potato cutter! The cutter is available in 3/8 inch, 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch, 6 wedge, and 8 wedge sizes for a whole range of french fry types. The blade assemblies are easy to change out whenever you need a different cut size. This french fry cutter’s durable cast iron body is coated to make it rust resistant and easy to clean so it'll last you for years. Just place a whole potato in the cutter’s V-shaped trough and firmly push the handle down to instantly turn the potato into french fries. It couldn’t be easier! Each of this french fry cutter’s four legs has a pre-drilled hole so the cutter can be mounted into a wall or countertop for convenience and stability. The cutter is easy to take apart so that it can be hand washed and sanitized. Save hours of time and effort in the kitchen with this Choice fry cutter to provide your guests with the perfect french fries!

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Cleaning your Choice fry cutter is quick and easy. First, use a screwdriver to remove the pusher block, and then unscrew the wingnuts to remove the blade frame and shield. Use a detergent and a disinfectant to wipe down the components, and then wash and rinse them. Immerse the parts in a sanitizing solution. Air dry or towel dry the parts. Before reassembling, wipe down the frame with a detergent solution, followed by a sanitizing solution, and then use a screwdriver to fasten the pusher block. Insert the shield and secure the blade frame by tightening the wingnuts. Now your fry cutter is sparkling clean and ready to make perfect french fries!

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Overall Dimensions:
  • Width: 8 Inches
  • Depth: 13 Inches
  • Height: 18 Inches

Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning


Customer Reviews

  • Overall User Rating: Choice 3/8" French Fry Cutter with Suction Feet

    4.3 stars from 18 reviews


    People Talk About:

    cutter fry blades potato cut suction potatoes great handle Easily
    I bought this for home use. I have very happy with it's construction. I've gone through a few of the cheap ones and the metal in the grid is thicker than those. I picked 3/8" since I thought 1/4" might be too hard to cut and 1/2" is too big which makes this one just right. I am very pleased with my purchase
    Just what I need. I am 83 and it is easy to work for me. I will work for you. I would recommend it. Jane
    It cuts the potatoes nicely. The reason I did not give the item a 5 star rating is because of the assembly. It took some hammering, ( a grinder if I had one) to get the arm to move freely. Was not a good fit. It tremendously cuts down on prep time.
    Love this. Works great and is such great quality. Makes fresh French fries so easy. Bought as a gift and will probably buy again. Highly recommend.
    Great Fry Cutter! Just use a strong forward motion that is consistent and this cutter will cut a potato into fries with ease. Suction Feet work great as well, no complaints. We're currently buying the other blade attachments due to how well this cutter works. The interchangeable blades are inexpensive and a great added value.
    Works great for a tabletop cutter that is secured by suction cups. Easily disassembled for complete cleaning and you can put on different cutting blades if needed.
    The suction cups are very strong and hold the cutter in place. I have bought two of these for our kitchen. The handle moves smoothly to push the potatoes through the cutter blade.
    The cutter definitely works best if it is mounted to the wall as opposed to just using the suction cups. But it cuts our fries just the way we like them and cleans easily.
    Great product, we use this to chop our fresh mozzarella. It does a great uniform job and cuts our prep time in half versus slicing by hand.
    Ok, I've ordered a lot of products and have not been disappointed until I tried this fry cutter. As a sweet potato lover, I'd hoped that it was the solution to generating quick sweet potato fries. However, that was not the case! After applying a lot a pressure to cut one, I got no results nor did my husband. I realize that sweet potatoes are a bit tougher than regular potatoes, but I was still disappointed and have not yet bothered to try to cut a regular potato.
    Thank you for your feedback, Ethyl. We are sorry this french fry cutter did not suit your needs. We do not recommend that you use sweet potatoes with this French fry / potato cutter since sweet potatoes are too hard and too dense to properly pass through the cutter blades. Forcing sweet potatoes through could ultimately end up breaking the blades.
    This french fry cutter is a great price. It's easy to use and is made of heavy duty metal. The suction feet are effective in keeping it from sliding around on the counter.
    I was very excited about this product, which I'm sure would have been great, but one of the holes where you screw in the suction feet were defective it did not align. So I couldn't not attached the suctions to anything which made the fries VERY difficult to cut. The event was too close to order a replacement.
    Very heavy duty cutter for home use. It takes some strength to cut the potatoes but once I got a hang of it, I was able to apply the right movement with the correct effort and cut about 5 lbs of potatoes in no time. The suction feet work very well, but they had a strong odor for the first week or so.
    This product was at least half again larger than what I thought it was going to be. it's also heavier than I thought it would be. these are both very good things. the cast iron body is very sturdy. I ran 8 potatoes of various sizes that you would get out of a grocery store 5 pound bag with very little effort. I would highly recommend the suction cup feed which made this cutter very stable on my counter top. cleanup was a piece of cake. I would recommend this cutter.
    The product itself is a good one uses it to cut potato , green plantain and even carrots . Works well with the suction foot which keep it from moving around. Can be a task cleaning up tho . Overall a good product.
    My fry cutter arrived fast and in perfect working order. This review is intended for individuals who, like me, arrived here looking for a good working fry cutter that is not made out of cheap plastic and will accept a large whole russet potato. Firstly this unit is designed for commercial use by professionals who are trained in proper safety and use of hazardous equipment. Use common sensible safety measures with this cutter! There is no direct method of locking down the handle. If you are intending to use this in your home with small children, REMOVE the cutting blades AND handle assembly to ensure safety when not in use. This style of cutter could easily cut off a small child's finger(s) if mishandled! Even solely the handle and push plate assembly with the blades removed!! You could also severely injure yourself if handled carelessly. Among many other obvious things for example, NEVER try to clean the blades with them installed on the unit! Secondly I would recommend this cutter to anyone who wants a fry cutter that will probably last as long as replacement blades are available and long after if taken care of. Mounted vertically to a solid surface this cutter outperforms ANY cheap plastic "heavy duty fry cutter" that is available from various markets. Put together properly it is built strong, and mounted vertically, it easily cuts a whole russet potato with little effort, so long as it is not larger than the cutting blade. This will accept a large potato unlike any of the many various types of plastic versions. You can drop any part and it will not break. Care must be taken not to damage the cutting blades just as with any cutting tool. The business side of the blades are sharp and in no way dull like a butter knife as described in one of the many reviews I read before purchasing this unit. I dip my clean dry blade assemblies in clean vegetable oil, let them drain in the top of a bowl that they fit just inside of, and then wrap them with a terry cloth for storage. This virtually eliminates any possibility of rust and keeps the blades sharper longer. It naturally takes the proper leverage in order to push the potato through, so don't expect to just plop it on your counter top and magically have it spit out fries. Unless you are fairly strong and can help help support the base to keep it solid, it will be difficult for the average housewife to use. Mounted vertically at the right height however, it takes very little time and effort to make a huge pile of fries. I weigh less than 180 lbs with a very bad back and I do little more than simply lean on the handle to make it easily cut a large potato clean through with one stroke. Lastly, for the price and options available, I personally have never seen or used a better fry cutter than this one and I have used many of the "plastic heavy duty" models that all fall utterly short in every way with the exception that this unit is large and not easily stored in a small space without taking it apart. I don't mind this and see it as only a small inconvenience well worth trading over the frustration of trying to use an inferior product. So all of you fry lovers out there looking at buying this, don't bother looking any farther for the best fry cutter for a good price because this is it. PS; Webstaurant, I have devised a simple cheap effective way to lock the handle down and also a way to vertically mount solidly, yet easily remove the unit as a whole, leaving only a very small permanent profile. Contact me for more info if interested. Read Less Read More
    This fry cutter works pretty good I have no issues with getting potatoes through the it glides very nice we use this fry cutter every day in my restaurant
    The actual cutter itself is a good product and serves its purpose. The actual base (In my opinion) does need to be bolted down to an actual table. It does tend to slide if not bolted down to a table.

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