Seafood Tools

When it comes to preparing and serving fresh seafood, the right tools help you handle tough shells with ease.

Fish Market Supplies

Keep your seafood products chilled on ice and ready for packaging with our collection of fish market supplies.

Seafood Prep Equipment

Seafood prep equipment makes it easy to open shells and remove bones, all while keeping your hands safe.

Seafood Serving Supplies

Provide your guests with the delicate utensils and tongs they need to enjoy fresh, delicious seafood dishes.

Seafood, Sauces, & Seasonings

Enhance the flavors of your fresh seafood menu with collection of our sauces, spice blends, and breading mixes.

Serve delicious seafood dishes at your raw bar, dock-side restaurant, or crab house with the help of our bulk seafood supplies. You’ll find everything from fish market packaging supplies to fish fry batters in our collection. Don’t forget the butter melters, seafood seasoning, and cocktail sauce you need to add the finishing touch to your seafood platters. We also carry other bulk items you might need, like fresh butter, bulk rice, and citrus squeezers.

Prepare and Serve Seafood Dishes With Our Bulk Seafood Supplies

Whether your restaurant specializes in fresh seafood or you claim just a few seafood dishes on your menu, we carry the seafood supplies you need for storing, preparing, and serving delicacies from the sea. We also stock our own bulk seafood, including live oysters, clams, and lobster. If you’re looking for canned, frozen, and prepared seafood products, you can find those offered at wholesale prices so your restaurant can save on food cost.

Preparing fresh seafood requires some special tools like oyster knives and filet knives to deal with tough shells and delicate fish bones. Steaming is a popular cooking method for fresh seafood and we carry a variety of tools and steaming equipment to safely get the job done. When it comes to popular dishes like steamed hard-shell crabs or clams casino, we carry the trays, utensils, and mallets needed for serving your customers.

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