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Utilize bulk unwrapped candy to provide patrons with a wide variety of after-dinner snacks.

Individually Wrapped Candy

Stock up on some of the most popular candies for your restaurant with these candy bar variety packs.

Restaurant Mints & Candies

Offer customers a selection of post-meal restaurant candies to go above and beyond in your restaurant service.


Customers can freshen their breath while on the go with convenient, individually wrapped gum packets.

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Bulk Chocolate

Bulk chocolate allows you to create a wide assortment of dessert items and tasty chocolate treats.

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Hard Candy

Place hard candy with your cocktails as an extra flourish or offer it to customers as a complementary treat with their check.

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Whether you run a restaurant, bakery, frozen sweets shop, or cafeteria, bulk candy supplies help you prepare and provide delicious desserts. Our premium baking chips and melting chocolates come in everything from the sweetest white to the richest dark chocolate. America’s best-selling candies are available in readily used forms for your staff to mix-in and your customers to munch on. We even supply bulk mints for customers to refresh their pallets with while they pay their checks, and gum for your staff to maintain their presentability. If you want to further elevate your frozen yogurt shop or ice cream parlor, we offer a diverse array of ice cream toppings. Alternately, baker’s require high-quality baking smallwares to prepare their ganache topped and chocolate-coated desserts and bakery display cases to showcase them in.

Expedite Dessert Preparation and Ensure Its Continuity with Bulk Candy

Packaged for easy use, our bulk candy supplies keep your bakery, ice cream parlor, or restaurant equipped and efficient. From the ingredients to make your own artisanal candy to ready-to-serve options, our bulk candy supplies are a one-stop-shop for the foodservice industries’ candy needs. Whether you’re looking for quality baking and melting chocolates, candy toppings and pieces, or breathe freshening mints and gum, we supply the best bulk candy brands at the best prices.

Use our premium baking chips in a wide variety of cocoa percentages to dip fruits and drizzle ganaches at your bakery or restaurant. Ice cream shop owners know that customers crave candy bars atop their ice cream, so satisfy sweet tooths in less time with our prechopped chocolates. We provide beloved candy bars in other easy-to-use forms including bite-sized, individually wrapped, and unwrapped. Our bulk candies equip your staff to craft high-quality desserts, eliminate toppings toils, and serve customers palette fresheners at the end of their dining experience