Made in Lancaster County

Incorporate Classic Flavors Into Your Restaurant’s Menu with These Foods Made in Lancaster County
Made in Lancaster County
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Foods Made in Lancaster County Are Authentic and Traditional

Whether your restaurant specializes in Pennsylvania Dutch foods, or you’re looking to add classic comfort to your menu, these local foods made in Lancaster County are perfect for rounding out your offerings. We have menu items for any meal including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Our premade soups, salads, and sides are even perfect for restaurants with limited space or resources.

Make breakfast the best meal of the day at your diner, hotel, or restaurant by incorporating the classics. From fluffy pancakes to hearty cream chipped beef over toast, guests are sure to walk away full and satisfied. For your health-conscious guests, you can even pair yogurt with fresh fruit and granola or offer egg white omelets.

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Our extensive lunch and menu offerings made in Lancaster County are sure to create a nostalgic, comforting feel that guests will appreciate. With items including deli meat and cheeses, chicken pot pie, and pepper cabbage salad, your menu can appeal to a large variety of restaurant-goers. And no diner is complete without decadent desserts that are perfect for putting on display to boost impulse sales and for ending service on a sweet note.

For those eager to expand their menu, be sure to try our offered items made in Lancaster County. Each product is designed to bring authentic PA Dutch flavor to your kitchen. With premade products available to you, it has never been easier to incorporate classic comfort food into your signature dishes. Stock up on some of Lancaster's finest sweet treats with Pellman cakes or learn more about traditional Pennsylvanian fare with our fastnacht and Lebanon bologna resources.