Sandwich Bread

Craft everything from hoagies to subs and paninis to pitas with our large range of sandwich bread.

Bread Loaves

Having bread loaves on hand allows for menu versatility and the freshest sandwich slices.

Dinner Rolls

Dinner rolls are a pleasant complimentary table offering and accompaniment to soups and salads.

Vegan Bread

Vegan bread is an important product to carry in your restaurant, allowing you to cater to those that follow veganism and other restrictive diets.

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Our offerings of pre-made bread are perfect for expanding the menu at your diner, restaurant, or convenience store. Keeping options for health-restrictive customers in your kitchen will impress guests and ensure everyone can enjoy your fresh foods. We even offer gluten free and vegan bread to appease all of your guests. If you’re looking for other pre-made goods to stock in your commercial kitchen, consider crackers and cookies, jerky, and canned vegetables.

Instantly Expand Your Menu Selections with Pre-Made Bread

Serve delicious sandwiches, dinner rolls, and bagels with our selection of bread. Incorporating pre-made breads into your kitchen is a simple way to instantly expand your offerings. Pre-made breads take the hard work out of the kitchen, so you can focus on masterfully topping your signature sandwiches.

We offer a variety of breads including gluten-free selections for patrons with health restrictions. These are perfect for bringing inclusivity to your commercial kitchen without hassle. Choose a traditional white loaf or artisan bread for a trendier option.