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Avantco 17819593 Light Socket AssemblyAvantco 17819593 Light Socket Assembly


Turbo Air P995200200 Door Light Switch


Turbo Air 30230R1100 Light Socket


Turbo Air 30281R0100 Door Light Switch


Turbo Air LED084DZK 47 1/4 inch LED Lamp


Aladdin 10660 Top Plate Switch


Anthony 02-15763-0001 T8 Bulb Socket


Anthony 20-11224-0004 Shield


Anthony 20-15026-0001 T-8 End Cap White


Anthony 60-10510-0001 Electrical Receptical


Anthony 60-12486-0001 On/Off Switch


Anthony 60-14180-0001 Bi-Pin Socket


Anthony 60-14693-0005 Ballast


Anthony 60-14728-0001 Flourescent Ballast


Anthony 60-17407-0002 Ballast


Bally 724663 Light Ballast


Barker 305437 2 Lamp Ballast


Barker 305438 Ballast
Barker 305438 Ballast

Item #: HP305438 Plus


Beverage-Air 19-1975-00 Lampholder Visi


Beverage-Air 28D25-001A Light Shield


Beverage-Air 502-198A Door Microswitch


Beverage-Air 503-013A-- Lamp


Beverage-Air 503-053A-- Lamps


Beverage-Air 503-064A End Holder


Beverage-Air 503-107A Light Ballast


Beverage-Air 503-138B Bulb End Cap


Beverage-Air 503-227B-02 Light


Beverage-Air 503-228B-02 Lamp


Beverage-Air 503-235B Lamp Holder


Beverage-Air 503-238B Socket, Bulb


Beverage-Air 503-244B Light Socket


Beverage-Air 503-246B-01 Ballast


Beverage-Air 503-256B Ballast


Beverage-Air 503-274D Ballast


Beverage-Air 503-302D Ballast


Beverage-Air 60D33-002B Lamp Cover


Beverage-Air 703-193A-- Lamp Shield


Beverage-Air 703-793A Tube - Lamp Mt27


Beverage-Air 713-062C-01 Lens Shield


Beverage-Air 713-062C-03 Lamp Shield


Beverage-Air 713-140D-01 Lens Cover (Left)


Beverage-Air R7203-020 Door Switch


Continental Refrigerator 10240A-CG Cover


Delfield 2193907 Lamp,Fluor,36,T8,#Fo25


Delfield 2193939 Lampholder,Lh,#486


Delfield 2193940 Lampholder,Rh,#487


Delfield 2194005 Bulb,Light,Incand,


Delfield 2194161 Ballast,R-S,120v,18


Delfield 2194290 Bulb,Fluor,18,Coatd,


Delfield RTP00083 Ballast,T-5 Fixture,


Duke 147963 Light Socket


Duke 215820 Fixture
Duke 215820 Fixture

Item #: HP215820 Plus


Duke 2246-2 Ceramic Socket


Duke 225803 T5 28 Watt Fixture


Duke 225829 Socket
Duke 225829 Socket

Item #: HP225829 Plus


Duke SUB-DIXEL-REPL Kit To Replace 216814 T-S


Duke SUB-HERAFIXT120 Light Fixture


Fagor Commercial 602129M0016 Light Bar Equip


Federal Industries 39-12902 Ballast


Federal Industries 39-12904 Ballast


Franke 19001164 Hera Slimlight Xl Light


Franke 614654 Light Socket


While some of these display case light bulbs are universal, please keep in mind that others are designed for use only in specific brands and models. Whether you’re showcasing produce, deli items, or frozen foods, commercial refrigeration lighting is essential to maximizing sales at your business. Purchasing replacement parts is also a more economical choice than buying a new display case, so you can keep your unit in top condition without breaking the bank. For related products, check out our floral merchandisers, merchandising glass door refrigerators, and commercial wine coolers. If you're wondering where to buy refrigeration lighting, we have a large selection of refrigeration lighting for sale at the lowest prices.