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Galaxy 360CFKEYS Key Set


Galaxy 360CFKEYL Key SetGalaxy 360CFKEYL Key Set


Galaxy 360CFLOCKL Lock


Galaxy 360HFKEY20 KeysGalaxy 360HFKEY20 Keys


Turbo Air BS93200200 Door Handle


Turbo Air 3000000002 Key Set


Turbo Air 30226U0101 Door Handle


Turbo Air 30226A0101 Door Handle


Turbo Air P0138A0100-K Key Set


Turbo Air 30226P0100 Lid Handle


Turbo Air 30226B0100 Lid Handle


Turbo Air P998200100 Key Set


Turbo Air 30226G0101 Door Handle


Turbo Air CRTKEY Key Set


Turbo Air NCH001 Handle


Turbo Air NCH002 Handle


Turbo Air P0138A0100 Door Lock


Turbo Air P998200500 Door Lock


Turbo Air SAKUDOORPOST Door Post


Amerikooler 11095000013 Door Closure


Amerikooler 11245000088 Door Wings


Anthony 45-11876-0002 Door Handle


Anthony 45-13595-0001 Handle


Anthony 77-18502G001 Door Closer Kit


Ardco 15-15112-0001 Torque Rod


Ardco 77-18533G003 Closer Kit


Bally 000232 Door Latch Assy


Bally 000233 Door Latch Assy


Bally 000255 Inside Release Kit


Bally 000278 Inside Release Kit


Bally 000354 Door Closer


Bally 005093 Inside Release


Bally 005094 Latch


Bally 005098 Threaded Rod


Bally 016556 Handle


Bally 016558 Latch


Bally 016601 Latch


Bally 016768 Door Closure


Bally 016770 Door Lock Assy


Bally 031349 Door Closure


Beverage-Air 02A42-010D-05 Strike


Beverage-Air 28D01-013B-05 Plate


Beverage-Air 28D04-029A Keeper


Beverage-Air 401-126A Extension


Beverage-Air 401-506C Handle


Beverage-Air 401-821B Key (277)


Beverage-Air 401-824D Handle


Beverage-Air 604-191A Rivet


Beverage-Air 6120600099 Door Handle


Beverage-Air 61A11-037A Door Striker


Beverage-Air 63C32-068A Handle, 7 inch


Beverage-Air 703-174A-- Stopper


Beverage-Air 713-031C-02 Handle


Beverage-Air CT9604 Handle


Our selection of lock, latch, and handle hardware for refrigeration equipment includes products that are compatible with appliances from various vendors, so you’re sure to find exactly what you need. It’s also convenient that most of the items we carry come with the proper hardware for quick and easy installation. Best of all, by purchasing these replacements, you’ll be able to fix your refrigerator, rather than buy an entirely new unit. While you’re shopping for supplies for your refrigeration equipment, be sure to also stock up on refrigeration gaskets, door, drawer, and lid parts for refrigeration, and defrost timers. If you're wondering where to buy lock, latch, and handle hardware for refrigeration equipment, we have a large selection of lock, latch, and handle hardware for refrigeration equipment for sale at the lowest prices.