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Lang 2E-40101-W19 Temp Control


Lang 2N-11010-09 Outer Element


Lang 2N-11010-10 Inner Element


Lang 2N-11010-21 Element


Lang 2N-11010-22 Element


Lang 2N-11010-23 Element


480 VoltsLang 2N-11040-08 Element 480v


Lang 2N-11045-08 Element 440v 1650w


Lang 2N-11045-09 Element 440v 1850w


Lang 2N-11050-30 Element


240 VoltsLang 2N-11090-10 Element 240v 6kw


Lang 2N-11090-11 Element


Lang 2N-11100-05 Element


Lang 2N-11100-11 Element


Lang 2N-11110-39 Element


Lang 2N-11120-13 Element


380-400 VoltsLang 2N-11120-18 French Plate 380/400v 200


Lang 2R-70701-25 Knob, Damper


Lang 2R-70701-28 Knob


Lang 2S-91400-249 Light Blub


Lang 2T-30402-08 Thermostat


Lang 2T-30402-09 Thermostat


Lang 2T-30402-10 Thermostat


Lang 2T-30402-27 Thermostat


Lang P9-70701-20 Knob


Lang PS-50301-50 Stop/Slide Assy Lh


Lang Q9-50312-02 CHAIN & TURN


Lang Q9-60101-7661 Front Panel


Lang Q9-70701-09 Knob


Replacement range parts like heating elements and electronic components make it easy to repair your range and get it back up and running. Gas range accessories like our griddle and charbroiler add-ons turn your range into a versatile tool, and our casters and legs allow you to give your range mobility for easy kitchen clean-up.For other components to go with your gas range, check out our pilot assemblies and components, gas connectors, components, and valves, and gas thermostats