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Lang, a division of Star Mfg., has been producing innovative kitchen equipment for over 100 years. Based out of St. Louis, Missouri, Lang specializes in manufacturing commercial and marine hot side products, including broilers, griddles, and ranges. Their extensive selection of OEM parts and accessories includes a variety of important electrical and mechanical components to keep your equipment functioning properly. Read more

If you’re looking for parts for your salamander, pizza oven, griddle, or fryer, Lang is a trusted brand that specializes in all of them. From dials and hinges to circuit breakers and relays, you’ll find all the OEM parts you need to maintain and repair your commercial hot side equipment. So next time you’re in need of a specific part, try Lang.

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Burner Orifices

Lang Burner Orifices

Control the heat of your gas range with Lang burner orifices, which are designed to target the flow of gas to adjust your cooking flame.

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Deck Oven and Pizza Oven Parts and Accessories

Lang Deck Oven and Pizza Oven Parts and Accessories

Whether you’re looking for a new rack, heating element, or door spring, Lang produces all the deck oven and pizza oven parts to suit your needs.

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Lang Screws

Next time you need to fasten hardware to your equipment, check out Lang screws, which are perfect for use with kitchen appliances.

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Convection Oven Body and Mechanical Components

Lang Convection Oven Body and Mechanical Components

Convection ovens require a lot of components in order to function properly. Lang produces many high-quality body and mechanical components to choose from.

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