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Save time and money with a portion control scale from Tor Rey. In the scale and portion control business for over 20 years, Tor Rey has built a reputation for high quality, well-constructed precision equipment for use in every part of the foodservice industry from shipping and receiving in the warehouse to front-of-the-house portioning and merchandising. Read more

Tor Rey receiving scales are built to stand up to heavy use. Featuring stainless steel bodies and easy-to-read digital readouts, Tor Rey food scales provide accurate measurements with minimal labor. All Tor Rey equipment is approved by the National Conference on Weights and Measures and available in a range of weight increments to fit any need.

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Hanging Scales

Tor Rey Hanging Scales

Tor Rey hanging scales can be used to measure large or irregularly shaped items, like sacks of ingredients, fresh cuts of meat, or bags of produce.

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Pizza Scales

Tor Rey Pizza Scales

Tor Rey pizza scales ensure product consistency and uniformity. Designed to accommodate whole pizzas, save money and reduce waste while crafting pizzas.

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Scale Parts and Scale Accessories

Tor Rey Scale Parts and Scale Accessories

Maximize the lifespan and increase the usability and versatility of your electronic scale with the large variety of Tor Rey scale parts and scale accessories.

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