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Since its creation, Regency has become a common name for restauranteurs looking for water products that can serve their business for a long time while offering a low initial price. Regency Plumbing & Hardware's dedication to its products has led to widespread customer satisfaction that keeps them coming back for more. Read more

Regency's broad catalog of products covers a huge variety of products, including lever waste valves, faucets, dipper wells and plumbing supplies, and more. Each item is made to stand up to the rigors of every-day use while providing adequate water flow, yielding outstanding and consistent results. Regency Plumbing & Hardware products are high-quality, ensuring your equipment is both reliable and long-lasting.

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Deck Mount Faucets with Swing Nozzles

Regency Plumbing & Hardware Deck Mount Faucets with Swing Nozzles

Regency Plumbing and Hardware deck mount faucets with swing nozzles attach directly to your work table, and they allow you to move the nozzle.

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Mop Sink Faucets

Regency Plumbing & Hardware Mop Sink Faucets

Fill up your mop buckets with ease by installing these Regency Plumbing and Hardware mop sink faucets in your janitorial closet.

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