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PF Flyers Shoes Bring Classic American Style to Your Commercial Kitchen

Founded in 1937, PF Flyers has a long history of creating classic, American-style canvas sneakers. From their involvement in military uniforms to creating iconic shoes shown in movies such as “The Sandlot,” P.F. Flyers has made a name for itself in the shoe industry. Today, PF Flyers is owned by parent company New Balance. Read more

While PF Flyers has gained a following through mainstream movies, the non-slip design and sturdy canvas exterior makes these shoes perfect for the food service industry. Equip every waiter or waitress with lace-up canvas shoes to ensure a tight and comfortable fit during long shifts. Plus, the non-slip soles on these PF Flyers shoes means your staff can work quickly and efficiently without worrying about injuring themselves on the job.

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