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Maid Rite Food Products Make a Perfect Addition to Your Dinner Menus

For nearly 60 years, Maid Rite Specialty Foods have been producing high-quality specialty meats for foodservice customers. The company was established in 1960 out of Dunmore, PA and is still family owned today. They opened the company to address the rapidly changing needs of the restaurant industry and continue to use unique flavors and techniques to give their customers a competitive advantage. Read more

Maid Rite food products are created with fresh ingredients and prize-winning recipes. They are perfectly portioned and prepackaged for convenience. Maid Rite supplies a variety of options including beef, chicken, pork, turkey, and veal products that are ideal for restaurants, diners, catering halls, and universities. The company is dedicated to providing their customers with delicious portioned meats that customers will love.