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Get the Most Out of Your Paper and Plastic Products with Bulman Paper Cutters

Bulman Products Inc. was founded over 100 years ago by Elvah Orville Bulman. His first product was a twine dispenser, but his company and product line grew rapidly to include roll paper holders and cutters. Today, Bulman cutters are used to cut everything from bubble wrap and foam to cardboard and foil. Read more

Bulman paper cutters make it easy to trim paper and plastic film for use in butcher shops, delis, and distribution centers. Cut ribbon, food wrap, butcher paper, and packing materials with Bulman commercial paper cutters.

Bulman Twine

Bulman Twine

Tie packages closed, tie up pork or beef roasts, or complete a multitude of other kitchen tasks by using Bulman twine.

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