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Choose the Rustic Flavors of Atkinson Milling Company Products for Your Restaurant

The historic mill at the Atkinson Milling Company in Johnston County, North Carolina has been in operation since 1757. The original mill was destroyed in a fire in 1950, but a new mill was constructed at the same site and continues to operate and provide milled goods to restaurants and businesses all across the United States. Atkinson Milling Company products are still produced using water-powered mills, which gives their products an authentic flavor and texture that is impossible to mass produce. Read more

If you want to create authentic, old-world flavors, Atkinson Milling Company products are ideal. The company has a large catalog of ingredients for commercial and residential use, such as cornmeal, pancake mix, stone-ground grits, breading mixes, and much more. Whether you’re looking to re-create authentic old-world dishes or you’re just looking for high-quality milled foods for your menu, you can’t go wrong with Atkinson Milling Company products.