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Choosing the Right Fuel For Your Event

Choosing the Right Fuel For Your Event

Did you know chafing fuel comes in a variety of options to choose from. In fact, Sterno CandleLamp has a full line of liquid and gel chafing fuels that conveniently fit any need, each with its own unique quality and burn time to make the perfect for any event. If you’re catering, guests expect hot food and hot beverages to be served at the ideal temperature from beginning to end. Here are three tips for choosing the right fuel for your next event. First, what’s the length of the event? For safety, food must be maintained at a minimum temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit. For long events, liquid chafing fuel is a good option because it comes in 4, 5, and 6 hour burn times. Safe Heat or gel chafing fuel is a good option because it comes in a 2 hour burn time. The second thing to consider is: what will the fuel be used for? There are four common applications. For chafing dishes, it’s best to use any Sterno 2, 4, or 6 hour fuel can. For beverage urns and room service carts, the 2 hour Stem Wick or Handy Wick product is recommended. For banquet carts, two cans of Safe Heat produce great results. The third thing to consider is: should you use a liquid or gel? Here are a few reasons to use a liquid fuel: liquid fuel will provide a heat source close to the pan throughout the burn cycle. Liquid fuel is also a safer source as the cans stay cool to the touch and are also spill-resistant, keeping the liquid sealed in the steel canister. Stem Wick, Handy Wick, Safe Heat, and Safe Heat Green, which are Sterno CandleLamp’s liquid chafing fuel, have 2 hour, 4 hour, 5 hour, and 6 hour burn options. Handy Wick comes with a twist cap for convenient storage and reuse. Gel fuel comes in three varieties: Ethanol which is pink; Methanol which is blue; or Green Heat which is green in color and is a corn-based ethanol. Ethanol burns hottest of all three. If you are considering a green catering option, Green Heat is a great choice since it’s formulated from sustainable resources. Gel fuel is a great option because it’s easy to light; it’s clean burning, and leaves virtually no residue. For more information about chafing fuel and our other great products, visit sternocandlelamp.com or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Looking for the perfect Sterno for your next catered event? Check out this video to learn about all of the options Sterno Products has to offer. Whether your want gel or liquid chafing fuels, they have an option to best suite your heating needs!

Sterno Safe Heat Chafer Fuel

Sterno Safe Heat Chafer Fuel

Chafing fuel plays a critical role in foodservice because its function is to make sure food stays warm and safe before serving to guests, but not all types of chafing fuels are created equal. Liquid lamp chafing fuels offer advantages over gel chafing fuels. First, let’s talk safety. Safe Heat and heated from CandleLamp are spill resistant. The liquid is sealed inside the can. If you shake the can, some liquid will come out; however, it’s nonflammable. Unlike gel chafing fuels, Safe Heat and heated will only burn with a wick. Unlike gel fuel, the can stays cool to the touch, helping to avoid burns and unnecessary drops and spills. Methanol gel is classified as toxic. Safe Heat and heated do not contain the skull and cross bone symbol, so they’re considered nontoxic. Safe Heat and heated offer the cheapest per hour burn cost on the market. A six-hour can will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars each year. The cans can be relit, so you avoid unnecessary waste. And they can be used at multiple events. Safe Heat is available in a variety of burn times from 2 hours to 6 hours, so it can meet the time needs at any event. Safe Heat and heated both offer a patented Power Pad on select models. This feature creates a broader flame, maximizing your heat output. So now that you know that Safe Heat is what true professionals use, go to our website at candlelamp.com or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. By the way, Safe Heat is now available in a greener version called Safe Heat Green. It’s the first liquid wick chafing fuel endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association. You can experience the difference by visiting candlelamp.com and asking for a free trial pack.

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To learn about all the benefits of Safe Heat chafer fuels from Sterno, watch this video! From catered events to buffets and self-service venues, these liquid lamp chafing fuels not only provide you with a quality product, but are safe, too!

Chafer Fuel Safety Tips from Sterno

Chafer Fuel Safety Tips from Sterno

The unfortunate truth is that common sense isn’t always common, so we’ve come up with an easy to follow list of safety tips to help you enjoy your Sterno chafing fuel. Let’s review the list. First off, always follow the equipment manufacturer’s recommendations for the number of cans to use. When it comes to opening the can, do not open the can carelessly or haphazardly. You want to carefully open the can using an appropriate tool. Now for lighting the fuel. Do not use matches or rolled up paper to light the fuel, and never light chafing fuels can to can. The only safe way to light chafing fuels is with a long reach butane lighter. Please do not light the chafing fuel and then move it to the service area. Always make sure you’re in position first, then safely light your fuel. Do not hold gel fuel in your hand as you light it or touch it while it’s burning. These cans get very hot. Do not place fuel cans in close proximity to flammable objects such as paper runners, napkins, and table decorations. Be sure to select the burn time that matches your needs. Finally, at the end of an event, always extinguish the flame with the correct tool and dispose of the cans properly. For more great safety and usage tips, visit SternoCandleLamp University on our website and be sure to sign up for these free safety posters.

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Ensure that your events go off without a hitch by following these simple chafer fuel safety tips from Sterno!

Using Chafer Fuel in Heating Cabinets

Using Chafer Fuel in Heating Cabinets

I wanted to talk to you today about a few safety and usage tips for using Sterno branded chafing fuel in hot boxes or warming cabinets. These units are everywhere in the foodservice industry and oftentimes they're used to keep food in hotel trays at an ideal serving temperature just prior to service. Safety, of course, is paramount; we want to keep food at the ideal and safe temperature, but we also want to keep the people who are using these boxes safe. So, what's the best fuel to use in one of these boxes? Well, this depends on a number of variables, such as the condition / tightness of the cart (how well it holds heat), the length of the event, density of the food, and the amount of product being loaded. As these are non-insulated cabinets, we recommend using a gel type of fuel. I recommend using the Sterno Ethanol 2-Hour Gel. This is a terrific product for use in these boxes. It burns for two hours and gives you a nice, intense heat. Be aware, though, when this can is burning it gets extremely hot so use with caution. Now, let's take a look the best way to use this fuel in this box. For this box, three cans of 2-hour gel are ideal. First, let's prime the box. Open the can, place the fuel correctly in position, using only a long-reach butane lighter, light the gel. Always allow the cabinet to come to temperature before placing food inside. Make sure the fuel is securely in place after loading the cart with food, then shut the doors. Transport with care. To maximize heat retention, keep doors closed as much as possible when the cart is loaded until service begins. Extinguish the fuel properly when finished with service. For more great safety and usage tips, visit SternoCandleLamp (SCL) University on our website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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When deciding which chafing fuel to use in your heating cabinet, consider how well it holds heat, the length of the event, density of the food, and the amount of product loaded. Keep cabinet doors closed whenever possible and always exercise caution.

Sterno 10364 Specs
Burn Time 4 Hr.
Features Twist-Off Metal Caps
Fuel Material Diethylene Glycol
Fuel Type Wick Fuel
Type Chafing Fuel

Customer questions about this product

What is the main difference between chafer fuel cells with twist-off metal caps and fuel cells with stem wicks and plastic caps?
Once lit, chafer fuel cells with twist-off metal caps provide a quick, safe, and easy way to extinguish the flame at the end of events. The cap can simply be placed over the flame to snuff it out. Chafer fuel cells with stem wicks and plastic caps require a separate snuffer paddle, regulator, or saucer to extinguish the flame.
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Sterno 10364 Details

Perfectly portioned for shorter engagements, this Sterno 10364 Handy Wick chafer fuel burns for up to 4 hours without replacement, making it ideal for use in room service and hot beverage service applications alike.! This chafing fuel is safer than most, with a can that stays cool when lit and a nonflammable design for peace of mind if spilled. It's clean burning and biodegradable, and features an innovative handy wick for a medium width and steady flame. Additionally, a twist cap styling allows for easy resealing, storage, and reuse for greater versatility.

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Sterno 10364

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall User Rating: Sterno 10364 4 Hour Handy Wick Chafing Fuel with Safety Twist Cap - 24/Case

    4.8 stars from 8 reviews


    People Talk About:

    great hours sternos fuel chafers price recommend canisters events sterno's
    We much prefer the handy Wick chafing fuel over the gel versions. These keep a better heat to our buffet pans and help keep everything much warmer.
    These sterno products are offered at a great price and always last the full 4 hours! Highly recommend this product to anyone who has had problems with sternos in the past.
    This is a good choice for sternos as they last a bit longer than the stated time. When they are half used or more, they can be harder to relight and use for other events, but they can be re-lit if you need another hour or two of use.
    These sterno's do the job. Be warned that on 2 occasions the box arrived wet from leaky canisters. Not a big deal but you should be careful.
    These have been great, I'm on here today to reorder! I use them for mostly outside tailgating and have never had a problem! I'd definately recommend these.
    ive used a lot of sternos over the years but this 4 hr wick canister stands out from the rest price was great, easy to use and no spills
    This fuel works great! I have a friend who bought this same fuel at a store close to him. There aren't any local places around where I live that carry this type of product unless I drive to a Sam's Club 45 minutes away so this is great to be able to buy it here, and not have to drive forever to get it. The price is great, and it lasts for 4 hours just like advertised. I would highly recommend this product.
    This chafer fuel fit both my disposable chafers as well as my stainless steel chafers. Worked well, no fuel smell, no leaking from caps when storing, and 4-hours covered the entire event.

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