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  • This is a stationary post and not compatible with casters
  • Recommended for use in dry environments
  • Foot included
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Set up a sturdy storage unit by attaching this Regency 84” NSF Listed chrome post to its compatible shelves.

Whether you operate a restaurant, cafeteria, warehouse, or office building, it's important to have proper storage for your supplies. So, if you're looking for parts to set up a reliable shelving unit, then this Regency 84” NSF Listed chrome post is perfect for you. Since it can be attached to its compatible shelves (sold separately) without any additional tools, setup is quick and easy. Plus, its shiny chrome finish makes it ideal for use in front-of-house settings, as well.

  • NSF Listed

    NSF Listed

    This item meets the standards imposed by NSF International, which focuses on public safety, health, and the environment.

Durable Materials

This post is crafted from strong metal wire that’s ideal for use in almost any dry storage area. Additionally, its epoxy coating ensures this post stays in top condition for a longer period of time.

Adjustable Footing

Thanks to the attached leveling foot, this product can easily adjust to accommodate uneven surfaces. However, this product is not compatible with casters.

Storage Versatility

This product allows you to adjust your Regency shelves on regularly-spaced intervals, so you can customize your storage unit and accommodate items of various sizes.

Customer Q&AAsk a Question

Can I mix and match Regency shelving components with other popular shelving brands?
Regency shelving is designed to work with many popular brands of shelving, including Metro Super Erecta and Advance Tabco. However, it's important to note that each type of component must be from the same brand, due to minor variations in size between brands.

For example, you can use Metro Super Erecta shelves with Regency posts, but all of the shelves must be Metro and all of the posts must be Regency. However, you cannot use a few Advance Tabco shelves and a few Regency shelves on the same set of posts at the same time, or two Metro posts and two Regency posts on the same shelving unit.
How important is the weight capacity of my shelving?
It is imperative to consider weight capacity when selecting a shelving unit for commercial applications. Not only does weight capacity affect how much product can be stored at one time, but it affects how well the unit withstands use. If a unit is used to hold more weight than it has been approved to hold, the excess weight will compromise the unit’s integrity, damage its construction, and potentially void its warranty. Plus, because storage needs evolve with a business, selecting a unit with a high capacity can help ensure that it accommodates both immediate and future needs.
What is the difference between mobile posts and stationary posts?
Regency mobile posts do not come with feet, as they are designed to have casters installed (sold separately). Stationary posts come with feet installed. If you plan on using casters with your Regency shelving unit, order the mobile posts. If you want to use feet with your shelving unit, order the stationary posts.
Can I use this mobile shelving unit as a cart?
While casters do make the rack mobile, it is still designed for storage and not for transport applications. Moving it from the wall for cleaning is an appropriate use of its mobility.

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Overall Dimensions:
  • Height:86 3/4 Inches
  • Diameter:1 Inches

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Warranty Info

RESIDENTIAL USERS: Vendor assumes no liability for parts or labor coverage for component failure or other damages resulting from installation in non-commercial or residential applications. Your warranty will be voided if installed in non-commercial or residential applications.

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4.9 stars from 34 reviews


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posts shelving more shelf shelves post sturdy great space chrome

Customer Reviews


Custom shelf in the kitchen....54" and 86" polls with 18" x 24" shelves and narrower 12" wide cantilever shelves above. Hanger Aarms on sides and back eliminated the need for a bottom shelf and allows access to the floor below.

Michael T. on 02/01/2021

This post is apparently tall and it shelf really helps your things organized when either using for your room or kitchen. I am using it in my apartment where things can get all over the place when you look for things. I am getting more wire shelves since I can add more things to it, which is a big advantage for having a tall post.

Tomoyuki K. on 12/27/2020

Purchased these to build a shelving unit taller than what was available as a kit. Very sturdy and have maintained a rust free surface for four years.

Givonni W. on 10/25/2019

These posts are a great substitute for the more expensive Metro brand posts. They feel just as sturdy as the other brands we have used. But you do need to make sure you use the correct clips with these posts, we had some brands of clips that did not grip the post very well.

Bruce C. on 05/18/2019

Perfect for our storage purposes - love that the numbers are printed on the posts. Don't forget that 86" is taller than most door frames (so you might want to get something shorter if you plan on making them mobile)!!

David L. on 12/04/2018

Regency 86" NSF Chrome Post can be used with any of the chrome wire shelving. The tallest of the posts offered, giving you lots of options and space.

Dobi R. on 11/28/2018

The regency poles come in several different heights, but this one suited our needs the best. The piece at the bottom to change the height of the shelf is a very nice feature for uneven floors.

Ted C. on 11/07/2018

A replacement chrome post that fit perfectly with the chrome shelf. These posts last a very long time and do not rust as long as they are kept in a dry environment.

Aimee W. from Pot Roast & Pinot LLC on 09/07/2018

This is a very nice Chrome Post, the ridges are cut deep enough for holding the shelf clips in place, and the metal is strong enough to hold the shelf fast.

Kam W. on 08/02/2018

It is hard to find a good company that supplies the 84” pole. Sturdy. The poles have the numbers on them so it was easy to align all the shelves. The feet are Stubbs with a cap on the bottom. Even with the shelving higher up, the poles are very tough and strong and doesn’t fall over.

Jen Z. from Hell Fire Foods on 03/30/2018

I pulled out all the cheap built in wooden shelves and put in all metal wire racks in our pantry. I lobe that all our shelves are now adjustable, and that I can change them as needed. These poles are my favorite, as they have the measurements marked on them, so it is easier to adjust them and know the shelf clips are all even :)

Thief W. from STAYLOR on 01/23/2018

These posts are very sturdy construction and can be used in conjunction with the Regency shelf. They stand up to a lot of weight and a lot of abuse.

Saxon M. from Town Square Market on 12/14/2017

Bought this shelving to build a vitrograph kiln stand. Was looking for a taller stand than typical units and these worked great. I was worried the taller legs might be unsteady, but added a third shelf and the unit has been holding up well. A different use for these units. Would definitely buy other combinations of these shelving units.

Tara W. on 10/27/2017

Great piece of equipment. This shelving system is super strong and very easy to customize. Fits well in my apartment with enough room to spare for items on the top. I would definitely recommend this product.

Aj. C. on 07/20/2017

These 86" posts work as they should, good positive locking device to ensure the shelf is indeed locked in and not caught in the middle stage of the post.

Mark T. from Tripps Primal Farm And Kafé on 04/28/2017

This is an excellent post for the Regency shelves. It has handy numbering for inches on the posts, but on a couple posts it does have an incorrect numbering system set up on the other side as the correct numbering.

Saxon M. from Town Square Market on 03/14/2017

I love the posts high so that you can form more places and thus occupy more space in one place. You love the posts high so that you can form more places and thus occupy more space in one place. You can not explain more about this product, it is indispensable to assemble what you want .... without this piece you can not do anything ... simply indispensable for the ideas you need in any construction of your shelving .... an not explain more about this product, it is indispensable to assemble what you want ....

Lesly H. from Home Lesly H on 03/05/2017

Standard and necessary item for customizing wire shelving units for your commercial kitchen. This post has an extra 12" of length to add 1-2 more shelves to your set up. The quality will not disappoint and they also come with numbers on the side to help with installing the shelves in a level manner. Surely a good product and worth the purchase.

Michael H. from THG Foods, Inc. on 02/16/2017

Quick and easy assembly and markings help maintain uniformity of the shelving. Adjustable feet have a long range and help a lot in our kitchen with uneven floors

Ronald S. from Homegrown Eats on 12/09/2016

A quality item, very sturdy and gave me the professionalism I was looking for.....it has been a great buying experience, quick delivery and well packaged with no damage. Very Pleased !!

Mark C. from Clark's Deli on 11/16/2016

These chrome posts were used to heighten a rack I already had. I purchased two additional shelves and created the space I needed. I highly recommend and would buy them again

Rebecca P. from Becks Multitasking on 09/02/2016

perfect for what I wanted which was a shelf in the storage bay of my motor home. It is very rugged and surprisingly light weight. It can hold whatever I put on it and fits perfectly in the space.

Jennifer F. from FTS on 07/25/2016

Purchased several Post and Wire Shelving. Perfect spice saver wire shelving for any place kitchen, Garage, Storage, Warehouse, Fast Spiderman shipping. A + Quality !!!

Muyassar I. from Chic Displays on 12/28/2015

We needed some affordable shelving and Regency chrome shelving products fit the bill perfectly! Excellent quality and a great value! Would buy again! Highly recommended!

Martin F. on 01/28/2015

The 86" tall post is just the right height to be used with 8' ceilings. It's just tall enough to maximize useable storage space from floor to ceiling, but no so tall that you can't assemble it. We bought 4 posts and several shelves to use in our home for laundry organization and it has worked out beautifully. The posts even have height measurements on them, which allow for easily shelf alignment.

Tiffany D. on 01/18/2015

This is just what I was looking for. It was at a good price and fast delivery. It is very derabitly. I like the product.

Anthony P. from Boone County Auto on 01/05/2014

Great product at a fantastic price with very reasonable shipping. Very sturdy and the 86" height was hard to find elsewhere. I was able to have five shelves with plenty of space in between each. Highly recommended.

Sam S. on 11/11/2013

Super tall post, assembled with 5 shelves, and with lots of space between each shelf. Very good storage system, strong, sturdy and stable. Highly recommended.

Dario C. on 10/18/2013

This brand is such a good price and the quality is great. Easy to put together and is very sturdy. I couldn\'t find this type of shelving anywhere else for a better

Michael L. from Michael's Pizza on 10/09/2013

A great alternative to the more expensive metro shelving units. They are every bit as sturdy and well built as the more expensive brands out there.

Chris D. from Ckd Restaurants, Llc. Kitchen on 05/19/2013

The posts are, well, posts. That said, I liked the numbering on them. They are solid and have adjustable feet. My only complaint is that the numbers look like they will wear off pretty quickly so they're only really good for initial setup, not if you want to reconfigure.

David M. on 03/26/2013

1st time customer good selection good price lots of tape on box excelent shipping what more could you ask.I will check here 1st next time

John T. from Remember When on 03/24/2012

WHy buy metro when you can buy regency for less than half price? They work exactly the same and cost less than half? You are foolish tp pay more

Dean G. on 07/03/2011

exactly what I wanted

Scott M. on 04/27/2007

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