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  • Maximum ventilation to reduce smells
  • Roomy and spacious interior is perfect for wheelchairs
  • Handrails on all walls
  • Zero barrier entry to easily roll wheelchairs inside
  • 50 gallon capacity tank
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PolyJohn Portable Restroom Spring Replacement

PolyJohn Portable Restroom Spring Replacement

Hi, I'm Jamie and I am here to show you how to replace the spring assembly on your PJN3 unit. So if we open up the unit we will see inside we have our PC000800 spring assembly. Now the internal components of the spring assembly are not really replaceable, it is advisable to replace just the whole assembly it makes it so much easier. So where we start is basically by taking the spring assembly out of the unit, just simply push it back into the door like this, feel the retainer clip, and then pull this old spring out. Now we have our replacement spring assembly PC000800 and we are going to like we took out do the same thing we are going to put it into the door first and then we are going to push the cable through and the key is to guide the cable through the hole, taking a hammer with the claw on it and a vice grips we are going to grab the end of the cable and pry it against the door jam like that I'm holding the door with my foot and then clamp down on the cable like so, then we close the door slightly we will be able to guide the cable into that clip and you can see it releases the tension on the vice grips, release it and you are in business. Now if you need any more information about how to replace our spring or any other parts on out PJN3 unit feel free to visit our website and thank you for watching.

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Make sure the door on your PolyJohn unit remains working like new with a new spring assembly. In just a few simple steps you can have the spring assembly on your door replaced and ready for use!

PolyJohn We'll Care III Wheelchair Accessible Restroom Assembly

PolyJohn We'll Care III Wheelchair Accessible Restroom Assembly

I'm Jamie and I'm here here with Mark and Tom and we are going to show you how to assemble an ADA unit. We have all our parts laid out. This is all the small parts bags that you would have when you order your unit. It comes with all these parts. We also have all our tools laid out here. We have a drill with a 13/64" drill bit. A drill with a 1/4" drill bit. A pneumatic impact wrench with a deep well 7/16" socket. A phillips head screwdriver, slotted screwdriver, hammer, vice-grips, and rivet gun. All our tools are pneumatic. However, you can use regular tools. A hand rivet gun and a socket wrench with a ratchet. We placed our side panel on top of a table. We are now taking the corner extrusion and placing that over the edge of the side panel and rivet in place using a PC000102 rivet. We're going to install the screen on this panel right now since we're right here. Just flip that up as shown up into position. Then while making sure it's centered draw a 13/64" hole through that and rivet in place, with a 102 rivet on the inside with a backup washer on the outside. Now that we have this one side panel done we're going to repeat this step for the four other sides. The only exception is with this last panel, what we'll do is put an extrusion on each side. We're going to a assemble our jamb to the base at this point. Your unit comes assembled with the two bolts already in place. So we're going to loosen those, slip the jam into position, and then reinsert the bolts through the holes and secure this in place with the 7/16" impact wrench and 7/16" regular wrench. We're going to install our weather stripping around the base of the unit. Start by peeling off the self adhesive strip. Place the flap over the top edge of the base around securely pressing the weather stripping against the base around. Trim the excess weather stripping off. Take your one side panel with the two extrusions, place that off to the front left when looking at the front of the unit. Line up all holes and insert a PC000102 rivet through the wall joint and into the side panel and rivet in place. We're going to repeat this process for the rest of the side panels that we've already pre-assembled. Position, your side panels into the shape of the base around. We are now going to put our front panels onto to our wall joints. There is a right and left. So let's make sure you have them place correctly. Once it's fully engaged we're going to drill out the holes using a 13/64" drill bit riveting in place using a PC000102 rivet. We're going to repeat that step for the right side. We're going to insert the front panel into the slot of the jamb. These are being riveted in place with the PC000104 rivets. In the center two holes we're going to rivet the PC000181 spring clip into position using 104 rivets. We're to assemble our side panel to our base around using the PC000117 rivets with 121 fender washer. Basically the fender washer goes behind the head of the rivet and then we're going to go around and reuse the holes that are in the side panel and drill into the base around making sure that the front of the side panel is securely pressed up against the base around. Tom is going to drill about halfway on a flat there on the corner using a 13/64" drill-bit, and then we'll be riveted in place using that rivet and fender washer. Repeat the process for the other side pressing the front part of that side panel into the base around. We'll go around the corners and get all the other holes drilled and riveted. Now we're going to go through the rest of the rivets by drilling through the pre-drilled holes on the bottom of the side panel and into the base using a 13/64" drill-bit. We're going to mark our holes for the tank at this time. We're going to measure up from the top of the base around 13" and make a mark 2 1/2" from the corner here and 17 1/2". We're gonna repeat this now for the other side on this panel here. We're going to install the toilet seat at this time onto the tank. We're going to put the tank inside the unit. It goes on the first wall joint to the left. On the locations we just marked we're going to drill 13/64" holes through the side panel and into the waste tank. We're going to rivet the tank in place using these PC000101 rivets; they're a long and large flanged rivet with backup washers on the inside. We're going to install the roof now on top of the unit. Make sure that the screens are pushed in underneath the edge of the roof to allow the roof to come all the way down. Get the roof to go into the slot of the door jamb. A rubber mallet can come in handy at this point to get the roof fully down into position. Using a 13/64" drill bit, drill through the holes that are in the jamb and rivet the roof in place to the jam using 104 rivets. At the front of the unit we're going to rivet the roof to the side panel. Drilling in this area about one inch from that lip and about 1 1/2" from the right. Then rivet it in place using a PC000100 rivet with a 121 fender washer and 106 backup washer. Now using the holes that are located in the top of the side panel drill a 13/64" hole. Rivet in place using a PC000100 rivet with 121 fender washer and backup washer on the top side. Repeat this for the other holes. We're getting ready to mark our locations for our fasteners for the grab bar. In order to do this we are going to locate a dimple. This is the first panel to the left of the door. This dimple is towards the front here. We're going to make a measurement 2" from the dimple about there. Make a light measurement so you can see that. Then from the top of the base around. we're going measure up at 29 3/8" and 31 7/8". Then come around to where our waste tank is centered on this joint here and approximately center right through here. We'll do the same measurement. We'll do 29 3/8" from the top the base around and 31 7/8" Then on this panel right here is the tank, there is another dimple right here and we're going to vertically center on that dimple and measure up again, 29 3/8" and 31 7/8" and make a mark. Then we're going to mark our last locations for our grab bar. So this would be the second panel from the door jamb on the left side of the unit. We're going to make a mark 29 3/8" up right there. Then 31 7/8" right there. Now that we've got our height we're going measure 2" from this panel and 4 1/2" and do the same thing here. These are located at 29 3/8" from the top of the base around and these are located at 31 7/8" from the top of the base around. 2" from this side and then 2 1/2" on center from this hole to this hole. So using a 13/64" drill-bit now we're going to drill through the side panel. We have our grab bar pieces, we're going to pre assemble these before we put down the unit. Tom's got the uprights, PC000157 screws that came with your small parts bags and center of that upright drive your screw in to connect the other part of our grab bar together making sure that everything is level. We'll now drill 13/64" holes. The PC000105 rivet with a PC000106 backup washer behind the head of the rivet. First make sure that's the upright is positioned plumb; meaning it's straight up and down vertically. After it's into position have somebody press down. We're going to now install our vent stack. This unit uses an external vent stack. What we're going to do is line up the vent stack with the top of this ledge line up with the bottom of this ledge and mark the center of the vent locations. We're going measure in 1 3/16" and then we're going to drill these holes out using a 2 3/8" hole saw. Once we've drilled our holes we went straight in. Now Mark is going to hold the hole saw on the edge of the hole right here and drill straight into the tank. Now position our vent stack into the holes that we just drilled. Center it on our two corners while holding the vents stack into position on the outside, someone on the inside can drill the 13/64" holes directly centered on that rib in the open area. It can be riveted in place with the PC000105 rivets and backup washers located behind the head of the rivet. The last holes will be located about 8" up from the top of the waste tank. Do this for both sides of that wall joint. We're going to mount the sign on the front of the panel. We are centered on the second rib from the top and Mark is going to drill a couple holes. This will be riveted in place with a PC000102 rivet on the outside with a PC000106 backup washer on the inside. We're going to mount our door to our jamb now. All the holes are pre-drilled in the jam and the door and the hinges. I'm going to rivet the hinges to the pre-drilled holes in the jamb using a PC000104 rivet. Get all of the center ones riveted first so the door is secure. Now we're going to locate and mount our door-check cable that is at the bottom the door. So we're going to drill out that rivet and using that rivet to locate the bracket, insert a rivet there and rivet in place using a PC000102 rivet. Repeat that for the other hole. You'll have to drill a new hole for that one. We're getting ready to mount our grab handle on the outside of the unit. We're going to drill a hole into this end right in the center. PC000105 rivet with a back up washer behind the head. We're going to rivet that in place and rivet that in place as well with a 105 rivet with backup washer. We're going to fix the decal to the slide latch making sure the green end is pointing towards that side of the slide latch and the red end is pointing towards that side of the slide latch. We're going to fix the aluminum handle at this time. You only need a phillips head screwdriver. So using the threaded screws that were supplied take a backup washer putting it behind the head of the screw and holding the handle on the outside of the slide latch, thread the screw in there securing it in place. We're going to snap in our unisex plate -- insert the spring into the hole that is already drilled into the door. Using the claw of a hammer we are clamped on to the edge of the cable that's coming out of the spring. We're going to close the door using the door as leverage. Clamp onto the edge of the cable and insert that into the cable clip. Place the door trim panel on the outside of the unit over that area and then on the inside secure in place using the PC000143 screws. To install the slide latch and cover plate you're going to insert this end into the slot on the door. Now using a drill with a 13/64"drill-bit we'll rivet those in place using PC000105 rivets. We're going to install the Riobi door closer bracket to the door. Tom is lining up the holes. Rivet in place using two PC000102 rivets. We're going to start assembling our Riobi door closer. We're going to place that straight away or that top and that will get mounted like that. Tom is checking the movement making sure that it moves only in this direction. He's going to mount the closer to the door jamb using two PC000104 rivets through the pre-drilled holes at the very top. Drill out the top hole of the layover door closer and rivet that in place using a PC000104 rivet. As you can see our door closes pretty quickly. ADA regulations state that the door must close, it must take seven seconds to close so Tom is going to make a slight adjustment to the screw and let's try it out again. We're now going to mount our TP dispenser on our side wall, right below the grab bar and off to the side of the tank using a 13/64" drill bit we're going to drill out those 4 holes using PC000100 rivets from the outside and backup washers on the inside. Secure the dispenser in place. We're going to put our TP rod in now simply by inserting through the holes of the dispenser and securing in place with the lock. We're going to secure the door-check cable to the bottom of the door using a PC000104 rivet, a 168 washer and 2 106 backup washers. Place a backup washer over the head of the rivet and then a 168 washer. Then place the door-check cable over the end of the rivet and secure in place with a backup washer on the inside of the unit. Well, I hope you had as much fun as we did assembling this unit. Thanks for Mark and Tom for helping us out and I hope you aren't intimidated by this assembly process and thank you for buying our products.

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A comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to assemble your We'll Care III portable restroom. Note: this unit ships assembled.

PolyJohn We'll Care III Wheelchair Accessible Restroom

PolyJohn We'll Care III Wheelchair Accessible Restroom

Hi I'm Jamie, I'm here to tell you about one of our products that we offer. This is We'll Care III unit. This is a fully ADA compliant toilet - it features a large grab handle out here, and a door trim panel right here with a usage indicator. Inside you can see we have lots of space, we have a full 60" turning radius capability, grab bar that complies with ADA compliancy, and a 50 gallon waste tank capacity. This also has an optional recirculating flush, which has 35 gallons of waste tank capacity. Then we have our toilet paper dispenser here, the vent screens are all hidden underneath the roof to keep dirt down to a minimum. This unit features a door closer, which slows down the closing of the door to ADA complaincy, which is 7 seconds from open to close. We have a slide latch here with an aluminum handle. This unit features a optional lock that would be located here, and we have signage here that complies with ADA regulations. There's lifting lugs located down here - we sell optional lifting handles that would hook into those. There's also weather stripping that keeps dirt and water to a minimum. The dimensions of this unit are 92" wide, 85 1/2" deep, and 92 1/2" tall and weighs approximately 395 lb. Again you'll see our screens are hidden behind the roof right here, and then we have our vent stack right here, which is located on the outside of the unit for a little different look. Now, if you'd like any more information about this product or any other products that we manufacture, please visit our website. Thank you for your time.

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PolyJohn We'll Care III portable restroom is fully ADA compliant. Watch this video to learn about all of the ADA compliant features it offers!

PolyJohn SA1-1005 Specs
Length 92 7/16 Inches
Width 85 1/4 Inches
Height 92 1/2 Inches
Door Width 32 3/4 Inches
Door Height 80 Inches
Seat Height 19 Inches
Color Gray
Made in America Yes
Tank Capacity 50 gal.
Type Portable Restroom

Customer questions about this product

How many portable restrooms and sinks do I need for my commercial job site or event?
Every job site and outdoor event is different. The duration and number of attendees are the biggest factors determining how many portable restrooms and sinks are necessary.

For commercial work sites, it is recommended to have 1 portable restroom for every 10 workers.

For other outdoor events, see the downloadable Restroom and Sink Estimator in Resources and Downloads.
Is it normal that there are slight variations in color of this portable restroom roof?
This is quite normal and not a sign of poor quality control. Due to how the various materials are manufactured from PolyJohn's suppliers, there may be some slight variations in the tint. These variations will bleach out over time. How quickly they disappear will depend on the amount of sunlight and weathering the unit receives.
Does this portable restroom come fully assembled?
Yes, this portable restroom comes fully assembled unless otherwise stated on the purchase order.
When I order this product, can I request liftgate delivery?
This item is too large and heavy for a liftgate. It can be delivered with a truck-level loading dock or forklift. Contact our Customer Solutions team prior to placing your order if you would like to discuss other delivery options.
Can this item fit through a standard height 80" doorway?
Due to the height of this item, it may not be able to fit through a standard 80" tall doorway when standing upright. Please consider the best means of entry before purchasing, or measure your entryway to ensure that you will be able to bring your order inside if the item cannot be carried on its side.
Ask your own question!

PolyJohn SA1-1005 Details

Designed to exceed the ADA portable toilet guidelines, this PolyJohn SA1-1005 We'll Care III pewter wheelchair accessible portable restroom is a highly popular, spacious, and praised portable restroom. This is the largest PolyJohn portable restroom. The interior is incredibly spacious and the door is oversized to accommodate all sizes of wheelchairs. Additionally, the floor access is at ground level and barrier free, making it easy to roll a wheelchair inside. Inside the restroom, there are handrails on all the walls. They are 33" off the floor and help make transitioning from a wheelchair to the restroom seat easy and safe. With its lightweight, compact, and sturdy design, this portable restroom is the perfect choice for concerts, fairs, or any other outdoor event. Additionally, the self-closing door has a very small gap at the bottom to help increase privacy while keeping debris and dirt out. There is even a male/female/handicap sign that is included for the door or side of the portable restroom. This portable restroom sets the standard for the sanitation industry especially for people with physical disability or mobility impairment.

Each portable restroom includes a ventilation pipe to keep odors and unpleasant smells minimized inside the portable restroom too. You can also install a dump valve on this unit, giving you the option to connect toilet waste to a holding tank. On the door, there is an occupancy signal latch that lets you know if the unit is currently in use. This portable restroom even has a place for decals so you can label them with your business's logo.

Easy to clean wheelchair accessible portable toilets are an essential addition to any outdoor event. The tough construction inside and out is ideal for commercial worksites too. Offer your guests the best with this PolyJohn We'll Care III wheel chair accessible unit. This item comes fully assembled.

PolyJohn sets the standard for the sanitation industry and is the leading manufacturer of portable restrooms. Their products are made for high traffic areas such as commercial worksites, festivals, and fairs. Most importantly, each PolyJohn is designed to be easy to clean and maintain. Regardless of where you need them, PolyJohn's products are built to withstand years of use.

Overall Dimensions:
Exterior Length: 92 7/16"
Exterior Width: 85 1/4"
Exterior Height: 92 1/2"
Door Frame Width: 32 3/4"
Door Frame Height: 80"
Interior Turning Circle: 60"
Seat Height: 19"
Holding Tank Capacity: 50 gallon

This Item Ships via Common Carrier. For more information and tips to help your delivery go smoothly, click here.

Because this item is not stocked in our warehouse, processing, transit times and stock availability will vary. If you need your items by a certain date, please contact us prior to placing your order. Expedited shipping availability may vary. We cannot guarantee that this item can be cancelled off of the order or returned once it is placed.

Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning

  • Made in America

    Made in America

    This item was made in the United States of America.

  • Fully Assembled

    Fully Assembled

    This item arrives fully assembled, and requires no additional assembly prior to use.

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