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Other Available Fuel Types:

  • Large digital display and dial for easy menu navigation
  • Roll-in rack design
  • Holds 20 full size or 40 half size sheet pans, or 40 full size steam table pans
  • HACCP data storage and easy-access USB port
  • Two-stage anti-bacterial door handle with safety vent position
  • Built-in retractable hand shower
  • Boilerless injection/spritzer design
Shipping: Usually Ships in 6-8 Weeks
Cleveland Convotherm C4 EasyDial User Interface

Cleveland Convotherm C4 EasyDial User Interface

The user interface. You can select the steam operating mode, combi-steam operating mode, convection mode, or rethermalization mode. Below the steam operating mode button, you can enter and view the cooking temperature. Below that, you can enter and view the cooking time or internal temperature. The extra functions, or the Advanced Closed System+ (ACS+), falls right below that. There are also prompt indicators and a cookbook program feature. Other features include the cleaning, program display, cool-down, and pre-heating programs. The Convotherm-Dial (C-Dial) features a control unit with a tricolor indicator ring. The tricolor indicator ring turns green for “done,” yellow for “preparing,” and red for “process in progress.” Press the steam operating mode. Enter your cooking temperature. Enter your cook time or an internal temperature. Select the ACS+ extra function and choose a fan speed, which has 5 different settings available. Press the combi-steam operating mode. Enter a cooking temperature. Enter your cook time or an internal temperature. Select the ACS+ extra function and choose a fan speed, which has 5 different settings available. You can also choose the HumidityPro, with 5 different settings available. Select convection operating mode. Enter your cooking temperature. Enter your cook time or an internal temperature. Select the ACS+ extra function and choose a fan speed, which has 5 different settings available. You can also choose the Crisp&Tasty function or BakePro, each with 5 different settings available. Press the rethermalization operating mode. Enter your cooking temperature. Enter your cook time or an internal temperature. For further information please refer to the operating instructions.

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Thanks to the user-friendly design of the Cleveland Convotherm combi steamer C4 EasyDial interface, you can trust that all your employees are operating the steamer correctly on your busiest work nights!

Cleveland Convotherm C4 Advanced Closed System

Cleveland Convotherm C4 Advanced Closed System

Convotherm 4. The Advanced Closed System+ (ACS+) offers perfection in the third generation. The ACS+ system ensures peak cooking performance in all Convotherm 4 appliances. It guarantees perfect steam saturation, automatic humidity adjustment in combi-steam cooking and fast, even heat transfer for convection. Our Closed system works like a pan lid, keeping heat and moisture in the combi steamer so that the temperature rises rapidly and less power and steam are required. The new ACS+ system can do even more: it uses smart active control of air input and output. After all, if you want to reduce a sauce, you take the lid off the pan. ACS+ extra function Crisp&Tasty is started. Extra function Crisp&Tasty smart active control of air input and output. We control the air output by lowering the water barrier, letting steam escape. “Taking the lid off the pan.” Smart active control of air input is switched on for Crisp&Tasty in 5 levels. ACS+ extra function Crisp&Tasty is ended. Smart active control of air input is switched off. The water barrier is restored.

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The Cleveland Convotherm C4 Advanced Closed System guarantees perfect steam saturation, automatic humidity adjustment in combi-steam cooking and fast, even heat transfer for convection. Try this unit today!

Cleveland Convotherm C4 Testimony

Cleveland Convotherm C4 Testimony

To me, being a chef is all about the creation of the food and my menu. I like the creative process, but once I've perfected a recipe, I want my equipment and my staff to recreate that dish, really the entire menu, to my exact specifications each and every time. I want every plate to appear as if it was hand prepared by me. Of course, we have a secret weapon--the Convotherm 4 combi oven. When you have a piece of equipment that cooks everything we throw at it to perfection, it changes the way you operate. Things can get busy in my kitchen, especially when we are preparing hundreds of plates for a conference or banquet. That's when my Convotherm 4 proves why it is the best decision I've ever made. Full loads, mixed loads all cooked to perfection whether we are baking, roasting, steaming, or even grilling. It's like having 4 pieces of equipment in one, only better, because other platforms don't offer the control over the cooking process that Convotherm 4 does. I mean, even something like a full load of croissants bakes perfectly, and they call come out exactly the same no matter which rack they were on. Show me another oven that can do that. In the end, the hardest decision to make was whether to go with the easyTouch or easyDial. Both are easy to use and master. Both cook everything to perfection, but in the end, the sheer control over every aspect of the menu and the creation stage and the ease of use for my staff in the cooking phase made easyTouch the perfect fit for me and my kitchen. They say that Convotherm was designed around me. Well, after using one, I believe it.

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Whether you're baking, roasting, steaming, or grilling foods in your kitchen, Cleveland Convotherm C4 will deliver perfect, evenly-cooked products each time. Hear a chef's testimony on this product by watching this video!

Cleveland Convotherm C4 EasyDial Basic Functions

Cleveland Convotherm C4 EasyDial Basic Functions

Convotherm 4 easyDial. Design and basic functions of the combi steamer. Switch on the combi steamer. Wait until the software is ready to use. A light pops on and the combi steamer is ready for use. It features a HygienicCare concept and an antibacterial control panel. You can select an operating mode. Directly below the operating modes are the cooking temperature input and display. Directly below that are the cooking time and core temperature input and output displays. There are extra functions along the bottom called the Advanced Closed System+ (ACS+). Along the left side are the cookbook and cleaning program areas. To the right of that is the cool-down and preheat program area. Finally, at the bottom, you’ll see the Convotherm-Dial (C-Dial), which has a control and tricolor status indicator. Press the cooking temperature input and then turn the C-Dial to choose. Press the C-Dial to confirm settings. The tricolor indicator ring turns green for “done,” yellow for “in preparation,” and red for “in progress.” There is also a USB port. The HygienicCare concept antibacterial door handle can be moved left or right. Turn the door handle to the right for the steam release position and to the left to open. The appliance door opens 90 degrees and has a 120 degree stay open position. You can also get an optional disappearing door feature. Other features include a core temperature probe and a HygienicCare concept antibacterial recoil hand shower for cleaning. To close the appliance door, gently push it. Switch off the combi steamer. For further information please refer to the operating instructions.

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Thanks to the user-friendly design of the Cleveland Convotherm combi steamer C4 EasyDials, you can operate, maintain, and clean your unit with ease on even your busiest work nights!

Cleveland Convotherm C4 Overview

Cleveland Convotherm C4 Overview

The Cleveland Convotherm ovens are designed around the customer. Their easyTouch and easyDial features are showcased in 7 different units. The Convotherm 4 with easyTouch is an Advanced Closed System+ that guarantees perfect steam saturation and an automatic humidity adjustment. It also comes with ConvoClean+ which is a flexible, fully automatic cleaning system with eco, express, and regular modes to fit your needs. With the ConvoSmoke feature, you can even smoke your foods! The Convotherm 4 has an Ethernet interface (LAN). The Convotherm 4 easyDial has the same Advanced Closed System+ features, but has a semi-automatic cleaning system. All Convotherm 4 units come with the same ground-breaking design, space-saving footprint, slammable door, antibacterial surface, USB port control panel, and data storage. They are also made in Germany. These units have been recognized around the world with awards including the 2015 EuroGastro Award, the 2015 Gulfood Award, and the iF Product Design Award. The easyTouch user interface has a 9" full touchscreen, automatic cooking buttons, on-screen help, low temperature cooking, and a TriColor indicator ring. On the other hand, the easyDial user interface sets a new standard in manual operation with a large, brightly-lit digital display. It has a central dial and a TriColor indicator ring. The USB port is conveniently located, and the integral preheat bridge comes standard in all Convotherm floor standing units. With a sliding door, you can even save kitchen space and reduce injuries. The control panel can be removed with a single screw and there are 5 service hatches allowing for easy serviceability. Cook meats, potatoes, breads, and signature dishes fast with these ovens! With adjustable fan speeds, moisture control, and a baking function, you can ensure each item is cooked to perfection. Once you're finished cooking, the cleaning cycles are easy to use. You don't even have to touch the cleaning fluids! For easyTouch units, you can select from multiple modes and drying cycles to fit your preference. The easyDial units also have multiple drying cycles. Plus, you can save on your energy bills by using these ovens. They are all energy efficient and have minimal water consumption. There's also a 22% reduction in heat-up time in the convection mode compared to traditional ovens. Do your kitchen a favor and add a Cleveland Convotherm!

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Use these Cleveland Convotherm units to quickly and easily cook your foods! With multiple innovative functions, each unit will help keep your kitchen running smoothly.

Cleveland Convotherm Combi Oven

Cleveland Convotherm Combi Oven

Combi Convection Oven Steamer with simple to operate electronic programmable controls. OES 20.20 Combi Oven Steamer with Chef Peter Schellenbach. This is our largest model, it’s called a 20.20, that means it has 20 pans tall and it’s the 20 width as opposed to the 10 width, the 10 is the narrow; the 20 is the wider. It’s basically two 10 pan combi’s stacked on top of each other so it does have 2 heating elements, 2 fans, things like that. It does have the anti-microbial door handle again where that treatment is embedded in the resin, so scratches and nicks won’t harbor bacteria. It is a two stage door handle. The first stage to there will allow steam energy to vent out safely so that you don’t open it and get hit with a blast of steam. The second stage lifts up; the door opens, and then slides back. All of our full size combi’s have that disappearing door feature, and it’s great from a lot of perspectives. First is, it keeps the aisle way clear in front of the combi so the traffic flow doesn’t have to stop. The second thing is that when the door is all the way open, it isn’t blocking the piece of equipment sitting next to the oven, so the work flow doesn’t have to stop when the oven is being loaded. Most importantly, this large open door isn’t going to drift closed and burn anybody unloading or reloading the oven. This one is showing our standard control panel, we do offer this one and the easy touch across the entire line of combi’s. Assuming that the combi was manufactured after a certain date, the easy touch panel is retro-fittable onto a combi that has the standard control panel if they wanted to upgrade to the more precise control of the easy touch. It can do either racks like this that can hold full sheet trays, it will hold a steam table pan sideways on this rack so I can get 40 steam table pans, 42” steam table pans in this oven, 2 per rack times 20 racks. This cart can be removed and a different cart can go in, the other alternative cart that we have is a plate cassette, it has rings that hold dinner plates. This oven is specifically designed to banquet in a way called plated re-therm in which the food is prepped ahead of time, placed on the plate when it’s cold, and then the entire plate with the food on it is brought back up to serving temperature. This plate rack will hold, the plate rack that fits this oven will hold 96 plates at one time and a typical 96 plate re-therm can be accomplished in less than 15 minutes. Part of the fun of my job actually is that I get to play with these great pieces of equipment all the time. It is so fun to show somebody that they think that they know how it’s going to taste, and bring it out of the combi oven and it’s like watching them taste something for the first time. Because the combi can cook above and below 212 degrees in steam mode, I can do a low temperature steam for things like spinach and the flavor and the mouth feel, everything about that spinach is fantastic when it’s done at that low temperature steam. So it’s just exciting, it’s just fun because everybody gets to taste something out of here and they just can’t believe the quality of the food coming out of it so it’s very gratifying as a chef to be able to serve people food that causes that effect.

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Impress your customers with this OES 20.20 combi oven steamer! Capable of holding up to 40 steam table pans, this oven is perfect for catering weddings, banquets, and parties.

Convotherm C4ED20.20GS LP Specs
Width 44 1/2 Inches
Depth 40 Inches
Height 76 1/2 Inches
Amps 10.6 Amps
Hertz 60 Hertz
Phase 1 Phase
Voltage 120 Volts
Wattage 1 Kilowatts
Capacity 40 Full Size Food Pans
Control Type Dials / Buttons
Door Type Glass
Gas Inlet Size 3/4 Inches
NSF Listed Yes
Number of Decks Single
Number of Doors 1
Pan Type Full Size Food Pans

Full Size Sheet Pans

Half Size Sheet Pans
Power Type Liquid Propane
Roll-In Yes
Size Full Size
Temperature Range 86 - 482 Degrees F
Total BTU 218,400
Water Inlet Size 3/4 Inches

Customer questions about this product

My business is at a high elevation; does this change anything when I order gas cooking equipment?
Many gas equipment manufacturers need to make adjustments to the equipment so it operates correctly at elevations over 2,000 feet. Sometimes we can special order from the manufacturer and have your cooking equipment delivered ready-to-go, but in cases where your unit is in stock and waiting to ship, you’ll need to have a qualified service technician come to your location and alter your unit at the time of installation so that it is compatible with a higher elevation. Contact our Special Orders team prior to placing your order, and we will let you know what will work best for the equipment you are planning to purchase.
Ask your own question!

Convotherm C4ED20.20GS LP Details

This Convotherm C4ED20.20GS liquid propane full size roll-in boilerless combi oven features a large digital display and easyDial controls to make it easy for you to navigate the menu. It has storage for up to 250 recipes, plus 99 numerical cooking recipe files! Other great features include 5 fan speeds with auto-reverse, 5-level humidification control, 5-level dehumidification control, and 5 levels of steam injection for traditional baking.

An illuminated, colored ring on the display indicates the operating status, and multipoint core temperature probes ensure accuracy at all times. The patented Advanced Closed System+ is the heart and soul of this combi oven. It is a completely closed moisture and heat control system that automatically controls humidity and temperature based on the physical properties of the food that you are cooking. This means that foods will be crispy and succulent, plus they will cook faster! The fact that foods come out better, along with the added simplicity of use, better working climate, and lower cost of operation, makes this combi oven an essential for any commercial kitchen.

The right-hinged door can be slammed shut without the worry of it breaking, which is great for busy commercial kitchen environments, and it features a two-stage handle with safety vent protection to help avoid injuries from steam. Made with an anti-bacterial material, the door handle, hand shower, and touch screen help you avoid contamination and keep your kitchen environment clean and sanitary. To aid you in that endeavor, this combi oven has a built-in, retractable hand shower and HACCP data storage. Plus, the easy-to-access USB port provides a convenient method to import or export data from your combi oven. This unit can hold up to 40 half size sheet pans or full size steam table pans, or 20 full size sheet pans.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 44 1/2"
Depth: 40"
Height: 76 1/2"

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Because this item is not stocked in our warehouse, processing, transit times and stock availability will vary. If you need your items by a certain date, please contact us prior to placing your order. Expedited shipping availability may vary. We cannot guarantee that this item can be cancelled off of the order or returned once it is placed.

Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning

  • NSF Listed

    NSF Listed

    This item meets the standards imposed by NSF International, which focuses on public safety, health, and the environment.

  • UL Listed

    UL Listed

    This item has been tested and meets safety standards imposed by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

  • Hardwired


    This product must be hardwired; it does not plug into a standard wall outlet.

  • 3/4

    3/4" Gas Connection

    This unit comes with a 3/4" gas connection.

  • 3/4

    3/4" Water Connection

    This unit comes with a 3/4" water connection.

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