Stainless Steel Work Tables with Undershelf

Keep your kitchen flowing and well organized with our selection of stainless steel work tables with undershelves.

Open Base Work Tables

Known for their versatility and ease of cleaning, stainless steel open base work tables are perfect for any kitchen looking to increase counter space.

Equipment Stands and Mixer Tables

If your kitchen has a large supply of food preparation equipment, then these equipment stands and mixer tables are ideal storage solutions for you.


You can use our dishtables to hold dirty dishes before loading your dishwasher or for storing clean dishes that need to dry.

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Wood Top Work Tables

Wood top work tables and baker’s tables are perfect for your bakery or cafe. Many of these table tops feature raised sides to keep flour contained.

Poly Top Work Tables

Poly top work tables double as cutting boards because the surface material is non-porous and NSF Listed, making them sanitary and safe.

Work Table and Equipment Stand Accessories

We offer work table and equipment stand accessories that will make your prep station more functional, efficient, and suited to your specific needs.

By supplying your restaurant or bakery with these commercial work tables, you’ll be able to designate specific locations for certain food prep tasks, which can reduce cross-contamination and increase efficiency. You’ll find tables of all shapes, sizes, and configurations to fit your kitchen’s layout and your staff’s routine. We even carry mobile work tables and prep stations for caterers or cooks that need to rearrange their kitchen’s current setup. For other great preparation supplies, check out our commercial mixers, fruit and vegetable cutters, and kitchen spoons.

Make Food Prep More Organized and Efficient with Kitchen Work Tables

No matter what type of foodservice establishment you operate, it’s important to outfit your kitchen with commercial work tables, so you can prepare entrees, sides, and desserts. Whether you own a restaurant, hotel, or catering business, or you run a bakery, cafe, or supermarket, we have kitchen work tables for you.

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Our selection of commercial work tables includes all stainless steel models with sturdy tabletops and strong legs, allowing you to tenderize meat, chop veggies, slice up fruits, and mix salads. Choose from models with undershelves, cabinets, or other storage options, and check out our selection of compatible accessories that will improve the functionality of your unit. You can even find smaller tables that can be used as equipment stands to hold anything from a mixer to a panini grill.

If you’re making pizzas and dinner rolls or prepping dough for cookies, cakes, and pastries, then we have kitchen work tables for you, as well. Check out our tables with laminated wooden tops that make it easier to knead dough, roll out pie crust, and form shaped cookies. Like their stainless steel counterparts, these wood top tables are also available with extra storage options, and select models even feature ingredient drawers that can hold bulk flour and sugar.

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