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  • Glass interior and stainless steel exterior
  • Keep beverages hot and fresh for 6-8 hours
  • Bright orange top designates this airpot for use with decaf beverages
  • Easy-to-use lever pump
  • Swivel base for convenient access
UPC Code:400011670429

Keep your piping hot decaf coffee warmer longer with this Choice 2.2 liter (74 oz.) vacuum insulated airpot!

This glass lined airpot keeps coffee warm for 6-8 hours and is perfect for establishments where it's necessary to hold coffee for a long period of time. Thanks to its convenient swivel base, it's also easily accessible to patrons no matter which direction they are coming from. Use it at your catered event, buffet, coffee shop, or in your office break room!

  • Hand Wash Only

    Hand Wash Only

    To preserve quality, this item should only be hand-washed and sanitized.

  • BPA Free

    BPA Free

    This item is free of the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) and is safe for food contact.

Well Insulated

This airpot keeps coffee, tea, or hot chocolate warm for 6-8 hours. It's great for establishments that need to serve hot beverages over a long period of time, and it helps to reduce waste since the beverages won't become cold as fast.

For maximum heat retention, it is recommended that the airpot be preheated by filling it with hot water for a short time before emptying it. Then, fill up the airpot with a warm beverage up to approximately 1” below the top and put the lid on immediately. Make sure the lid is secured properly to prevent leakage.

Avoid Temperature Shock

Glass-lined airpots can shatter due to temperature shock or mechanical shock. These types of airpots should be stored indoors only, and not in an outdoor setting that is cold. A temperature shock occurs when boiling water is poured in a glass-lined airpot that is drastically colder than the hot water. Airpots can also shatter due to microfractures caused by damage when being transported.

Proper Care

To get the most use out of your glass-lined airpot, it is advised to pour warm water into the airpot to make the transition of a hot liquid less drastic for the first use of the day. This method will also keep your hot liquids staying hotter longer since the airpot will be heated initially with the warm water.

Designed for Light Duty Use

This commercial grade airpot is recommended for light-duty use because its glass lined interior is more fragile than comparable stainless steel lined interiors. It features an easy-to-clean, attractive, stainless steel exterior for a polished look and a lever serving system that dispenses your signature brews with ease.

Fast Content Identification

To make coffee identification fast and efficient, the orange top designates the coffee as "decaf" so patrons can see the airpot contains only non-caffeinated hot beverages.

Universal Design

This Choice airpot works with the majority of popular brewer brands as long as the height of the airpot with the lid open will fit beneath the funnel on your brewer.

Customer Q&AAsk a Question

How do I prevent my glass-lined airpot or coffee press from shattering when pouring hot liquids inside?
Glass-lined airpots or coffee presses can shatter due to temperature shock or mechanical shock. These types of airpots and presses should be stored indoors only, and not in an outdoor setting that is cold. A temperature shock occurs when boiling water is poured in a glass-lined airpot or coffee press that is drastically colder than the hot water. To get the most use out of your airpot or coffee press, it is advised to pour warm water into the item to make the transition of a hot liquid less drastic for the first use of the day. This method will also keep your hot liquids staying hotter longer since the airpot or coffee press will be heated initially with the warm water.
Do glass-lined airpots transport well?
While glass-lined airpots outperform other alternative airpots in regards to hold time, they are not ideal if they need to be transported frequently. Dropping or transporting your airpot can cause microfractures, which may result in the airpot shattering. If your operation calls for frequent moving of your glass-lined airpot, then we recommend using a stainless steel alternative. You must also be mindful when storing your glass-lined airpots in rooms that are cold, or a drastic temperature change from their standard location. Glass-lined airpots are best suited for stationary beverage dispensing in a low volume setting as this reduces the risk of dropping or damaging the airpot.

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Overall Dimensions:
  • Length:8 - 8.25000 Inches
  • Width:6 Inches
  • Height:15 - 17 Inches
  • Height (base of open lid):12 Inches
  • Height (top of open lid):18 Inches
  • Bottom Diameter:6 Inches
  • Capacity:2.2 Liters


Overall User Rating:

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4.9 stars from 15 reviews


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Customer Reviews


This is your classic glass lined stainless steel airpot with orange lever for any brewing coffees or teas. Great design and also a great looking product.

Neal K. on 11/11/2019

These are perfect!!! They keep the coffee HOT for a long long time. In addition to keeping the coffee hot they look very nice in our window as a display. These are self serve for our customers and they just love them!!!

Jared from Kino's Coffee on 07/29/2019

I really love the airpot carafe, it’s very easy to clean and it keeps my coffee warm for a very long time. My group members love it, I can’t count the amount of compliments I get. I’m really thinking about getting another one, it’s so worth more than what I paid for.

Timur from Mr. Pepe on 04/21/2019

It's incredibly easy to use. The only down side is it may be a little tougher to clean because you can't take it apart, you would need some kind of long brush, but since I'm only using it for hot water I'm not worried about it. So far it's been a great asset to our "camp" set up.

Rikaba B. from FERZ on 04/21/2019

Bought this for volleyball tournaments - hot chocolate, tea, cup noodles, etc. I love it! I didn't even warm it up per the instructions but just poured boiling hot water into it and it stayed PIPING HOT piping hot for at least 5 hours until the girls used it all up. I tested it at home before the tournament and the water stayed very hot (steaming) for even longer than that.

Anna from Jean M. on 04/21/2019

I got this decaf pot in addition to the other version and this one works fantastic to me. I primarily used herbal hot tea in this one, and of course decaf coffee!

Kristi W. from MOWHI Ultd. on 08/11/2018

We have this decaf one and use it for coffee and sometimes just hot water for chocolate. Works great. Stays hot for hours and hours! Easy for customers to use themselves and just top off when I get time.

Matthew H. from Country Dog on 02/17/2018

These decaf airpots work. They hold coffee hot for hours! When someone leaves one filled overnight, the coffee is still steaming the next morning. We have had a few break, but at this price we can just replace them. I would (and do) buy these again. The lids are sturdy and function well.

Jason B. from Cross Connection on 01/31/2018

We brew fresh coffee into these guys every morning and they work really well. Even after several hours, the coffee is pretty hot. One of these did break, however.. in a strange way. We just opened the lid at the end of the day and BOOM, the glass exploded everywhere at the bottom! It was the strangest thing... that hasn't happened since, but we still don't know what caused it! Otherwise, these are great airpots for the price. The top wasn't orange like in the picture, though. The one we got just had an orange lever. We do't mind, though. as long as we know that it's the decaf, we're good :)

Mary C. from Cafe Crema on 01/25/2017

Simple design, easy to use, cost efficient and keeps coffee warm from breakfast to lunch. Cleans up easy and doesn't drip at all. Great choice.

Craig B. from Parsnipity Enterprises on 11/24/2016

The bright orange lid is great for identifying decaf coffee. ITs great for customers to know I have their beverage of choice from a distance! Glass is very fragile and breaks easily. It is an added bonus that the lids can be replaced.

Karla G. on 10/21/2016

Love these airports. They fit right under the coffee maker so no need to have additional coffee pots. Brews directly into the airport and it keeps coffee hot for many hours.

Larry K. from KLINGERS SERVICENTER INC. on 04/29/2016

These are great airpots! Just as good as any other airport or better. Save some money with these. The orange is helpful for decaf labeling.

Joseph E. from Nudge Coffee Roasters on 12/29/2015

great airpot. its a nice bright orange so you can't miss it. pumps well after three months use. will continue to buy this airpot unless i find something wrong with it.

Corey T. on 12/11/2015

Running a cafe, especially when it's cold, means that you sell a lot of coffee when you're busy. Now, usually, you wouldn't be able to tell how long something stays hot if you sell it fast. Well, I did numerous tests with all of my airpots before we opened, and these things are SUPERB. In the dead of winter, with it less than 60 degrees in my cafe, I would fill these with coffee and let them sit all day while I worked and cleaned. They kept the coffee hot for about 4 hours. Now, I'd say that's pretty good.

Barry H. from A Tasty Affair on 03/21/2014

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