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  • Smooth green tea with pleasant, flowery undertones
  • Steep or brew tea bags for delicious hot tea or refreshing iced tea
  • 24 individually wrapped tea bags per box, designed to quickly infuse flavors and preserve freshness
  • Great for breakfast bars, restaurants, hotels and more
  • Decaffeinated
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Green Tea
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Bromley is the first tea company in America to offer a decaffeinated tea, so by serving Bromley, your patrons are sure to receive a perfected recipe of quality decaf tea. This Exotic decaffeinated green tea has a smooth and flowery flavor that all of your patrons can enjoy - even those who do not drink caffeine. Green tea has had an excellent reputation since ancient times, and research has shown that it may help boost immunities and lower blood pressure.

Your patrons will enjoy taking in the excellent aroma and robust taste that this tea has to offer. Opposed to bulk tea, these individually-wrapped tea bag packets quickly and completely infuse flavor in each tea cup, while preserving the tea's freshness and taste. Allow customers to select these tea bags at your self-serve hot beverage station or hotel breakfast bar. They can also unwind and enjoy the revitalizing effects of this Exotic green decaf tea at your coffee shop or cafe.

This tea is also full of antioxidants to boost the body's immune system. Studies have shown that tea drinking has benefits that lead to a healthy lifestyle. Good for the muscles and the heart, it has also been found to boost exercise endurance. Make sure to always have fresh, hot tea at your venue with a supply of this Exotic green decaf tea!

Serving Instructions:

Hot Tea: Use 1 tea bag per cup. Bring water to a boil and pour over tea bag. Brew from 3 to 5 minutes according to desired strength. Remove tea bag and serve with sugar, lemon, or milk.

Iced Tea: Use 3 to 5 tea bags for each quart of boiling water. 5 bags will yield the strongest flavor. Brew for 5 minutes, remove tea bags, sweeten if desired, and pour over ice.

  • Made in America

    Made in America

    This item was made in the United States of America.


Overall User Rating:

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4.8 stars from 38 reviews


People Talk About:

tea green decaffeinated caffeine flavor great bromley exotic nice taste

Customer Reviews


This is a good staple and decently flavored green tea, especially for being decaffeinated. It is a good L theanine source while avoiding caffeine content.

Alec G. on 11/11/2019

This has a nice mild flavor and spares me from the caffeine! It doesn't have the bitter flavor some green teas do. I like it!

Nadia S. on 11/06/2019

This green tea is very soothing. I no longer need to sacrifice my sleep for the tranquil green tea flavor. With Webstaurant, I can get it as cheap as ever.

Sami D. on 09/26/2019

This tea is one of the best teas I've ever had. The tea has a clean, crisp taste; it is great as a hot tea, but equally as good as a cold tea!

Julia H. from Julia's Shop on 07/18/2019

Great tea, similar to Stash and they come in many flavors, we also bought the rack they have for counter storage. staff loves it too, and they're cheap. glad it comes in decaf, my daughter drinks tea, don't need her up all night. lol

Andrew M. from La Gondola Chicago on 03/10/2019

The Bromley exotic green tea is perfect and its decaffeinated as well. The tea taste wonderful and is a great option for those avoiding caffeine.

Emmie L. on 08/13/2018

If you love green tea but don’t care for the caffeine tea has to offer this tea is fabulous!! The taste is the same but you just don’t have to worry about the caffeine!!

Caroline M. on 02/22/2018

The Bromley exotic green decaffeinated tea is wonderful. I am watching my caffeine intake and love this brand so much. The green tea is phenomenal and tastes great.

Jonathan P. from Pittman's Country Market on 01/16/2018

The tea is a decent, reasonably priced decaffeinated green tea. it lacks the depth of flavor found in some more expensive full caffeine green teas, as well as blended green teas (including those by Bromley), but is a decent enough mild, basic tea for the money.

James Y. from Http://Shavetools.Com on 12/12/2017

A really nice exotic green tea that has no caffeine making it a treat to enjoy throughout the day. I love the flavor and love adding lemon and honey for a nice soothing hot beverage. A really great quality tea.

Gary from Price Proudce on 12/04/2017

The Bromley Exotic Green Decaffeinated Tea tastes great and steeps well. It has a pleasant aroma and is great for curbing your appetite. Highly recommended.

Abby G. on 11/02/2017

Wonderful green tea that tastes authentic. I am a huge green tea fan but recently had to switch to decaf. This decaf green tea ensure I still get my fix without the caffeine!

Brittany S. on 11/01/2017

This is a bold flavor for a green tea. Love that it is decaf and also that the tea bags come individually wrapped. This keeps them fresh longer!

Ashley R. on 10/17/2017

A really nice green tea that is so smooth without any bite. It is great served chill with lemon wedges. The tea is wonderful and so good for you.

Jo P. on 10/12/2017

We always make it a point to have a decaffeinated tea option for our guests. This exotic green tea has the smooth flavor of green tea but is decaffeinated. The tea has a wonderful aroma when brewing and comes highly recommend from our team.

Brandon G. from Dig & Serve on 09/30/2017

This has a smooth and mellow flavor and not bitter at all. It being decaffeinated doesn't change the flavor at all. I like to have a smidgen of honey to sweeten the tea a little bit but have had it straight and enjoyed it. Would recommend.

Jaime P. on 09/06/2017

I love being able to get all of the benefits of green tea coupled with the lack of caffeine. I can drink this tea right before bed now!

Craig C. on 08/29/2017

The Bromley green decaffeinated tea come in little individual bags that make it perfect for our tea stand. The flavor is great and it will not keep you awake at night after drinking.

Jonathan P. on 08/22/2017

If you're looking to see if he box on your breakfast tease this is the way to go the screen he is outstanding employee and will make your people very happy this is the best product you can buy online .

Joshua B. from H&H CITY PIZZA on 07/29/2017

I love this decaffeinated green tea for before bed. Being that it is decaffeinated it won't keep me awake yet taste great. It is also loaded with antioxidants.

Jason H. on 07/19/2017

This twenty-four pack of Bromley Exotic Green Decaffeinated tea is exactly as described on the website and I have no complaints. The shelf life is great and I really appreciate the individually wrapped tea bags. I like to add a little lemon to any hot tea and with this Bromley tea it was a great compliment. I also like that the taste is not too overwhelming and I would recommend to anyone not wanting caffeine.

Jason M. on 05/19/2017

This is a quite tasty and delicious exotic green decaffeinated tea I really like the price a bit very good to you to have in my restaurant I enjoy it this is a quite tasty and delicious exotic green decaffeinated tea I really like the price a bit very good to you to have in my restaurant I enjoy it

Bistro L. from Place To Be Bistro on 04/28/2017

One of the best green tea which I ever had! And do you know what? Is caffeine free with no compromise on flavor! You will love it

Tomas S. on 03/27/2017

I usually prefer green tea to black tea, so this is a great option at night when I don't want caffeine. It's not as good as the caffeinated version, but it's still drinkable.

Micah G. on 03/12/2017

I absolutely love this product! This boomlet exotic green decaffeinated tea tastes amazing! The quality is great! This item came in a box of 24.

Elijah on 03/10/2017

Each one is individually wrapped in foil for freshness. Tastes rich and refreshing. I gave 4 stars. Good served hot or cold. We will recommend this to anyone!

Kase L. from Queens Pizzaria on 01/31/2017

I drink a lot of green tea, and I think this one compares well to others I've had in the past and the ones I ordered from webstaurant. Good green tea taste.

Vivian B. on 01/19/2017

The decaffeinated is great for late night cups or for an avid tea drinker who drinks one cup after another to mix in a few of this from time to time. This has a nice taste and lemon and other things compliment it very well.

Tonya L. on 11/27/2016

What is delicious decaffeinated tea I'm glad they had such a good option for those people who want a cup of tea but they don't want some caffeine

Mike R. from Home on 10/18/2016

Green tea is popular amongst many people. This high quality tea is decafinated so more people can enjoy the wonderful taste without all the jitters.

Travis F. from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe on 10/18/2016

We were hoping for more flavor in this tea but it still is a nice, light green tea that has a good refreshing flavor. Maybe it's the way it was decaffeinated, but it doesn't have much taste even when brewed full time. I suggest maybe use two teabags per cup if you want more flavor and if not, then just enjoy as is. The decaffeination process usually adds a little bit of chemicals and takes some of the antioxidants out of the tea itself--so if you want an even healthier option,, you might be interested in webstraunts selection of green teas like "Temple of Heaven" by Bromley which is full of flavor and very delicious. Yet for late at night when you don't want a lot of caffeine, this is a great option.

Twins A. on 06/05/2016

Ah, a green tea that is decaffeinated. This is a very nice flavored green tea, strong enough with no bitter taste. The quality of the tea combined with the flavor, the packaging and the price is unbeatable. Try this tea. It is delightful and good for you all mixed in one tea bag.

Mardee B. from Floral Creations on 05/14/2016

Same great brand and smooth taste without the caffeine. We have several members of our household that are allergic to caffeine and simply cant have it, but they are still able to enjoy Bromleys Green Tea. A huge thanks to WebStaurant for offering a variety of awesome products. We direct many people to this site and are huge advocates of the business model.

Anna M. from Dream Thread LLC on 03/08/2016

Bromley Exotic Green Decaffeinated Tea - 24 / Box tea has never been easier to enjoy. Simply pour hot water, let steep a few minutes and enjoy on the road. Very soothing.

Julia W. from Jwhitten31 On Youtube on 02/01/2016

The Bromley Exotic Gree Decaffeinated Tea was well worth the purchase. GreT for making regular and iced tea. We've gotten lots of customers using this tea.

Carol C. from C. Carter on 12/02/2015

The flavor of this tea is ok for decaf green tea, not much to this. The packaging is nice for preserving freshness. Overall this is a decent tea.

Michael P. from Mike's Mindful Plate on 11/29/2015

The green tea is wonderful. It's also nice that it's a decaf option. Of all the Bromley teas, this is the most popular with our customers. It also makes a nice iced tea. The package is very nice and it fit's beautifully in the Bromley Tea Holder.

Ashley J. from Nexdine/Cardinal Spellman on 10/11/2015

Decaf Green Tea has came requested in our store. we have not had it up until now. We are excited to introduce Bromleys to our store and the many variations that they sell! Green tea is popular all over and now we have it!

Jamen M. from Miller Enterprise LLC on 10/01/2015

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