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  • Great for portable strip warmers
  • For use with 120V single strip warmers, up to 48"
UPC Code: 051052633739

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Is this part something I can install myself?
This item should be installed by a qualified service technician with the proper training necessary to install this part.
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If you plan on using your APW Wyott strip warmer in a catering business or any other application where you will need to move the strip warmer from place to place, this 75906 equivalent 120V cord and plug set is a must-have accessory! It is designed for use on 120V APW Wyott single strip warmers up to 48" in length.

Due to the universal nature of this product, source may vary.

  • 5-15P


    This unit comes with a NEMA 5-15P plug.

Compatible Models

APW Wyott FDLC-48LR-120
APW Wyott FDLC-48L-120
APW Wyott FDLC-42LR-120
APW Wyott FDLC-42L-120
APW Wyott FDLC-42HR-120
APW Wyott FDLC-42H-120
APW Wyott FDLC-36LR-120
APW Wyott FDLC-36L-120
APW Wyott FDLC-36HR-120
APW Wyott FDLC-36H-120
APW Wyott FDLC-30LR-120
APW Wyott FDLC-30L-120
APW Wyott FDLC-30HR-120
APW Wyott FDLC-30H-120
APW Wyott FDLC-24LR-120
APW Wyott FDLC-24L-120
APW Wyott FDLC-24HR-120
APW Wyott FDLC-24H-120
APW Wyott FDLC-18LR-120
APW Wyott FDLC-18L-120
APW Wyott FDLC-18HR-120
APW Wyott FDLC-18H-120
APW Wyott FDL-48L-T-120
APW Wyott FDL-48L-I-120
APW Wyott FDL-48H-T-120
APW Wyott FDL-48H-I-120
APW Wyott FDL-42L-T-120
APW Wyott FDL-42L-I-120
APW Wyott FDL-42H-T-120
APW Wyott FDL-42H-I-120
APW Wyott FDL-36L-T-120
APW Wyott FDL-36L-I-120
APW Wyott FDL-36H-T-120
APW Wyott FDL-36H-I-120
APW Wyott FDL-30L-T-120
APW Wyott FDL-30L-I-120
APW Wyott FDL-30H-T-120
APW Wyott FDL-30H-I-120
APW Wyott FDL-24L-T-120
APW Wyott FDL-24L-I-120
APW Wyott FDL-24H-T-120
APW Wyott FDL-24H-I-120
APW Wyott FDL-18L-T-120
APW Wyott FDL-18L-I-120
APW Wyott FDL-18H-T-120
APW Wyott FDL-18H-I-120
APW Wyott FDC-48LR-120
APW Wyott FDC-48L-120
APW Wyott FDC-42LR-120
APW Wyott FDC-42L-120
APW Wyott FDC-42HR-120
APW Wyott FDC-42H-120
APW Wyott FDC-36LR-120
APW Wyott FDC-36L-120
APW Wyott FDC-36HR-120
APW Wyott FDC-36H-120
APW Wyott FDC-30LR-120
APW Wyott FDC-30L-120
APW Wyott FDC-30HR-120
APW Wyott FDC-30H-120
APW Wyott FDC-24LR-120
APW Wyott FDC-24L-120
APW Wyott FDC-24HR-120
APW Wyott FDC-24H-120
APW Wyott FDC-18LR-120
APW Wyott FDC-18L-120
APW Wyott FDC-18HR-120
APW Wyott FDC-18H-120
APW Wyott FD-48L-T-120
APW Wyott FD-48L-I-120
APW Wyott FD-48H-T-120
APW Wyott FD-48H-I-120
APW Wyott FD-42L-T-120
APW Wyott FD-42L-I-120
APW Wyott FD-42H-T-120
APW Wyott FD-42H-I-120
APW Wyott FD-36L-T-120
APW Wyott FD-36L-I-120
APW Wyott FD-36H-T-120
APW Wyott FD-36H-I-120
APW Wyott FD-30L-T-120
APW Wyott FD-30L-I-120
APW Wyott FD-30H-T-120
APW Wyott FD-30H-I-120
APW Wyott FD-24L-T-120
APW Wyott FD-24L-I-120
APW Wyott FD-24H-T-120
APW Wyott FD-24H-I-120
APW Wyott FD-18L-T-120
APW Wyott FD-18L-I-120
APW Wyott FD-18H-T-120
APW Wyott FD-18H-I-120

Equivalent Items

APW Wyott 75906

Customer Reviews

  • Overall User Rating: APW Wyott 75906 Equivalent 72" Cord and Plug Set - 120V

    4.9 stars from 14 reviews


    People Talk About:

    cord easy plug heat install lamp set Warmer installed warmers
    Good heavy cord. easy to replace on our warming box. Easier than going to the local hardware store and pick through 20 different ones. Will buy again
    This is a high-quality cord I’ve had it for over four years now and I haven’t had no problem would recommend it to anyone works very well with heat lamps
    Bought this plug for use with our strip food warmer, everything was so easy to hook up, it is plug and play, we relocate sometimes but it's easy for any 110 outlet.
    i bought one two and a half years ago. Quick and easy install. But best part is no problems with it. i would diffidently buy again.
    We ordered this plug to go with our heat lamp, for our pass through window. Instructions on how to wire were in booklet & it was fairly easy to install.
    Great accessory to get when you get a heat lamp. Its all there and easy for your electrician to hook up and cord is long enough for most.
    This cord and plug set for the calrod strip warmer worked just like is was suppose to. The price of it was great and the quality was great.
    My hubby ordered this cord along with a heat lamp off of the scratch and sent. The ends of the cord had to be spliced. My hubby is a smart guy so he was able to get the job done
    Since a cord was not included with the APW Wyott Calrod Warmer I purchased, I had to buy this cord and plug set. Works as it should and was easy to install
    Wired to heat lamp with wire nuts I had in my tool box. Easy to wire and bolts to heat lamp with the included hardware
    This was so easy to install and is doing everything we could ask of it. Wish it was a little longer but still a perfect 5-star rating.
    this cord and plug set goes with the APW warmer. Best to have factory cord installed. Good heavy cord and plug installed perfectly prevents problems.
    If you have purchased any of the APW Wyott food warmers, the cord and plug set is a must have unless you have it hard wired in. The cord set makes any of the warmers mobile.

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