Comfortable and Attractive Chef Shoes Are Perfect for Your Restaurant Staff

Employee Dress Code Policy For Restaurants

Whether you employ a team of award-winning chefs or a handful of inexperienced teens who are trying to make a few extra bucks, creating a restaurant employee dress code can influence your success. As a business owner, you're responsible for ensuring that your hosts, bartenders, or servers leave a favorable first impression in the front of the house. You also need to make sure that back-of-the-house employees comply with safety and sanitation regulations. So where do you begin, and what constitutes a good policy? Consider these tips for creating, implementing, and enforcing an effective dress code in your establishment. Creating a policy While you want your employees to feel comfortable while they're at work, it's crucial for their attire and appearance to comply with local regulatory requirements and the FDA food code . By complying in the following areas, your business can minimize the risk of physical contaminants, complaints, or bad reviews.  Fingernails : Unless intact gloves are worn, employees working with exposed food may not wear fingernail polish. Nails should be trimmed, filed, and maintained so that edges are not rough. Artificial nails are not permitted. Gloves : Single-use gloves should be used when handling ready-to-eat food and should be provided in multiple sizes. Employees must wash their hands before putting on gloves and they must be changed after becoming dirty or torn. Multi-use gloves must be washed, rinsed, and sanitized between uses. Any open sores, cuts, abrasions, burns, or bandages must be covered with gloves. Hair restraints : Hostesses, wait staff, or employees serving only beverages or packaged foods are not required to wear hair restraints. Food employees with a high risk of contaminating exposed food must wear a hat or hair covering , a beard restraint  (if applicable), and clothing that covers body hair. Jewelry : Rings (except for a plain band without stones), bracelets (including medical bracelets), watches, and other jew

Restaurant Safety Tips

With sharp equipment, open flames, and tight spaces, there are many safety risks present in a restaurant. To  keep your establishment safe for employees as well as customers, it's important to be aware of these hazards and minimize them as much as possible. Keep reading for our guidelines on how to train your employees, operate equipment, and prevent fires and common injuries to ensure that your restaurant operates safely for everyone. Train Your Employees in Restaurant Safety Procedures In order to maintain a safe working environment, it is important that each of your staff members follows safety procedures. Your kitchen is only as safe as your employee who has received the least amount of training. For this reason, investing time in training your employees is one of the most effective ways to make your restaurant safe. Try to customize their training to processes used in your unique kitchen, and consider encouraging your employees to acquire  ServSafe certification from the National Restaurant Association . This restaurant safety training program teaches your employees basic food safety and sanitation practices, including handling allergens and preventing cross-contamination. Operate Restaurant Equipment Safely  A key part of training your employees is showing them how to use your kitchen equipment properly. Refer to the following checklist to ensure that misused or faulty equipment doesn’t cause an emergency in your kitchen. Use equipment properly.  All pieces of equipment should be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  Avoid electrical hazards.  Keep electrical appliances away from wet areas, and check their cords for damage regularly. If there are cracks, frays, or other signs of damage, stop using the appliance immediately until you can replace its cord.  Prevent appliance failure.  Have your appliances regularly inspected by a professional. Do not attempt to repair broken appliances by yourself.  Prac

Comfortable and Attractive Chef Shoes Are Perfect for Your Restaurant Staff

If you’re looking for footwear for employees in your foodservice establishment, our selection of chef shoes and non-slip footwear is the perfect option. Working in a foodservice setting can be very active and may require for your employees to be standing for long periods of time. Our comfortable shoes have ergonomic soles that relieve some of the stress and help prevent injuries and soreness. Read more

Regardless of the type of chef shoes you’re looking for, we have the perfect product for you. In addition to providing an ergonomic shoe that reduces soreness and pain, we carry a wide selection of non-slip shoes, which help prevent accidents in your kitchen or bar. Plus, we carry several types of boots, which come up higher than traditional sneakers, providing ankle support that is ideal for high-volume establishments or employees who are working with heavy machinery.

We carry a wide variety of shoe styles, so you can easily find chef shoes that meet your needs. We also offer both men’s and women’s shoes, allowing you to find options that fit all off your employees perfectly. As an added bonus, you can find our chef shoes in a variety of color options, allowing you to find footwear that complements your employee uniforms. In addition to shoes, we also offer shoe care products and accessories, such as shoe polish and replacement laces, so you can ensure that your employees can maintain their footwear.

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Men's Shoes

With many different types and sizes of men’s shoes to choose from, it’s simple to find an option that suits your business’s needs.

Women's Shoes

We carry women’s shoes in a variety of sizes, styles, and types, which makes it easy to find the perfect option for your staff.

Athletic Shoes

These options have a sporty look and have additional padding on the inside, making them comfortable, even when standing for long periods of time.


Boots are heavier and stronger than traditional chef shoes, which make them an ideal choice for environments like construction sites and warehouses.

Casual Shoes

With contemporary and stylish designs, casual shoes are excellent options for chefs and wait staff at restaurants, diners, cafes, and other casual eateries.

Dress Shoes

Outfit front-of-house employees at your hotel, upscale restaurant, or bar in these professional-looking dress shoes.

Work / Safety Shoes

Description: Featuring ergonomic soles and thick toes, work and safety shoes prevent injuries and accidents in high-volume and fast-paced environments.

Shoe Care and Accessories

Find all the shoe polish, replacement laces, and insoles your employees need to maintain their care for their shoes here.

Whether you’re looking for ergonomic work shoes for your chefs or upscale and sleek dress shoes for the wait staff at your upscale restaurant, we have the right shoes for your business. Choose from our selection of athletic shoes, boots, casual footwear, safety shoes, and dress shoes to find the perfect option for your staff. Additionally, chef shoes aren’t just for kitchen staff, as you can use them in settings like warehouses, hospitals, and correctional facilities. For related products, check out our shoe care and accessories, microfiber cloths and mitts, and restaurant aprons. If you're wondering where to buy shoes, we have a large selection of shoes for sale at the lowest prices.

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