• Ambidextrous squeeze handle is comfortable for use in either hand
  • Use with whole hand instead of thumb to reduce fatigue
  • Made entirely of durable stainless steel
  • Great for serving portions of soft foods like rice, meat, potatoes, and desserts
  • Consistent scoops maximize profits and minimize food waste
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Consistently scoop exact portions with this #50 round squeeze handle disher portion scoop.

With its 18-8 stainless steel design, this scoop is constructed to be durable even with high-volume use in a commercial kitchen. This easy-to-use scoop is perfect for portioning cookie or muffin dough, and servings of favorites like mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and coleslaw at delis. Whatever you're serving, this scoop is an essential tool for any kitchen!

18-8 Stainless Steel Construction

This scoop is made entirely from 18-8 stainless steel, which gives it the durability needed to perform well in high-volume applications.

Ergonomic Handle

The squeeze handle design allows you to use your whole hand instead of just your thumb to activate the blade. It is ambidextrous, so you can use it in either hand.

Anti-Stick Blade

The blade extends beyond the bowl, which prevents sticking and allows you to scoop more food faster, and without having to take time to clean out the bowl.

0.625 Oz. Capacity

This #50 scoop holds approximately 0.625 oz. for even, consistent portioning that will save you time and money by preventing wasted product and over-serving.

Customer Q&AAsk a Question

Can I use this ice cream scoop with a dipper well?
Yes, we recommend that the temperature of the water in the dipper well be at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit at the beginning of each use. Do not put this scoop in boiling water or heat it to more than 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
What is the difference between a disher and an ice cream scoop?
Dishers are designed to control servings of soft foods, such as mashed potatoes, applesauce, or steamed vegetables. Although these are not meant for harder foods, such as ice cream, they are versatile tools that can be used for portion control in both prep and service applications. Ice cream scoops offer the durability necessary to scoop hard, frozen foods, such as ice cream. Both are traditionally sized by the number of scoops per quart that they can produce; however, they may also be sized by the number of ounces they hold. Dishers feature an easy-to-operate thumb press or squeeze-handle design, complete with a quick-release component that ensures no food is unintentionally left behind in the scoop. Ice cream scoops on the other hand, do not feature any movable components.
Overall Dimensions:
  • Length:7 7/8 Inches
  • Bowl Diameter:1 9/16 Inches
  • Capacity:.625 oz.

Overall User Rating:

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4.7 stars from 32 reviews


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Customer Reviews

2 out of 2 found this review helpful

This disher scoop was absolutely perfect for filling the standard mini cupcake pan. Depending on the batter (chocolate, vanilla etc.), the cupcake will rise differenty (higher or lower) but the amount that that scooper dishes out was the perfect amount. Using this disher along with a small spatula I was able to fill the mini cupcake pan with no spills and the cupcakes came out quite uniform.

Beverly A. from San Jose Macarons on 07/25/2017
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

This is a great scoop! Easy to use especially when you are making cookies and have you keep scooping repeatedly. We got this scoop to do a large cookie.

Rachel R. on 01/04/2018
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

This scoop will not be useful for ingredients like cookie dough. We used it for 7 portions before it broke. It would work great for cake battern and soft savory items but not for cookie dough

Daniela W. from Daniela's Delectables LLC on 05/15/2014

Don't waste your money on these. I bought 6 and nearly every single one broke the first time I used them, i was using them to scoop cookie dough. I tried to fix them, but they would just break again the very next time I used them, obviously there is a design flaw. Save the time and frustration and just buy more expensive ones.

Lacee B. from Kanab Guidepost on 04/14/2022

Thank you for your review, Lacee! We are sorry this product has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

#50 is a very good medium size for a disher, not too small or too large. This style is a little harder to clean than the more basic kind, but has a much nicer action.

Elliot C. on 03/01/2021

We use these to scoop cookie batter and it works great. It is also very easy to squeeze and does not bother your hands after continuous use.

Semira D. on 09/03/2019

Perfect for doling out little scoops of crab salad. These are durable and easier to clean than their larger counterparts, and are great. Definitely keep a backup.


This scoop is the perfect size for making cookies - each cookie comes out perfectly the same size. Also works for ice cream if it isn't too hard. Easy to clean as well.

Mihir P. from Leah J. on 04/20/2019

This is a nice sturdy scoop. The small size is nice for scooping small cookies or mini cupcakes, making the whole process much easier and efficient.

Emma L. from Wildflower Bakery on 11/01/2018

This disher does an excellent job, so much so, that I have ordered another one so that when I have help in the kitchen, we can work twice as fast. I

Greg G. from GO Entertainment on 10/14/2018

This Disher is perfect for mini muffins or cupcakes. I love that when I use it, I know that everything will be nice and uniform. It is also perfect for small cookies. The quality is very good, and I think this item will stand the test of time!

Stefanie E. from OKC Sweets on 11/16/2017

So handy to use and you get consistent size portions. I have a draw full of them in every size, makes making meatballs a breeze.

Diane S. on 10/11/2017

The #50 Round Squeeze Handle Disher Portion Scoop- .625 oz. is great for scooping batter for mini cupcakes or muffins. It scoops efficiently without leaving a lot of batter behind on the scoop.

Sara H. on 08/27/2017

These palm squeeze dishers are great! Just be careful to not tap it on the long metal piece up the middle. It weakens it and will break eventually.

James G. on 03/17/2017

Great mini disher! We use it for small cookies and whoopie pies. I love the squeezable handle so you're not having to overwork your thumb!

Corinne C. from Tarte Café & Bakery on 01/31/2017

Great disher for portioning cookie dough. This size scoop makes a nice sized cookie. I like the squeeze handle type of disher since my hands are arthritic and this is easier to use.

Anna B. on 01/03/2017

I was pretty disappointed with this disher, as it broke during my first time using it on chilled cookie dough. I was able to cut through the dough but when I went to dish it out, the moving aspect of the scoop somehow flipped so that it's outside the scoop. Now, when I squeeze the handle, it simple does a circle around the outside. I pushed it back into place but the next time I went to use it, it did it again. This would probably work well for a softer dough or mini cupcakes, but I was pretty disappointed as it seems to be well made/heavy.

Aarika F. on 12/28/2016

Thank you for your review, Aarika! We are sorry this disher scoop did not work out for you, we recommend using this for soft foods only.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

I've used this to portion cookies, meatballs and for filling small muffin tins. It a lot sturdier then other scoops I've used in the past.

Michael S. on 08/24/2016

I order many of these size dishers. We use for our cookies. I did have one the was broken and called the customer service. It could not have been easier. They replaced very quickly .

Teresa S. from Our Store on 08/15/2016

This sized disher is perfect for scooping meatballs or large cake pops. It is not as durable as a similar one I own, but I think that for the price it is well worth it.

S. S. on 01/05/2016

I love this disher! It is my favorite for filling mini cupcake pans. The quality is great and I have purchased several sizes for different uses.

Neema B. from Elegantly Sweet Pleasantries And Events on 10/05/2015

We own the #40 #50 #60 and #70 sizes. This one we use quite often.. The quality on these are fantastic and should last forever.

Shane L. on 06/04/2015

The # 50 round squeeze handle disher portion scoop is a great buy for making the perfect cupcake. Just make sure to buy the right size that fits your cupcake insert.

Diane W. on 05/17/2015

This is the best item i have bought for my catering. I make mini desserts and it gives me the perfect size everytime. Such a time saver!!

Andrew C. from Twisted Catering on 11/26/2014

Perfect size for filling mini cupcake pans. Fills up the liners 2/3 of the way full for perfect and uniform mini cupcakes each and every time.

Michelle S. on 07/20/2014

The #50 stainless steel disher is the perfect size for uniform standard size drop cookies. Very sturdy design, easy on the hands for large projects.

Valerie A. on 03/19/2014

As other reviewers have said this scoop is wonderful for making cookies. This scoop holds just more than a tablespoon. I make a large batch of cookie dough and scoop all of it into balls. I freeze them in a single layer and then put them into a freezer container. I can pull out just what I need and have fresh cookies. I love it!

Aimee N. on 10/16/2013

I got this to fill my mini-cupcake pan, and to make consistent sizes on my cookies. It works great for both. You don't want to overfill the mini-cupcake pan - which I've done, and they burn easy. This will fill them all the exact same, and it's really perfect sized for this purpose. The actual mechanism to release is easier to use each time I do it, and because it fits your whole hand, it doesn't tire out one thumb, as some others do. I toss it right in the dishwasher for cleanup, and haven't seen any sign of rust or film yet. I also like the long length. I find it easy to get close to the pan before releasing, without having to get my hand in the other balls, while I'm at it. I like it. : )

Karen M. on 08/21/2013

This is a wonderful product, and much more sturdy than I expected. I was waffling over the size, but this is perfect for medium sized cookies, and also works beatifully for portioning ice cream. See my photo for a size comparison to a standard 1Tbsp measuring spoon.

Alina Y. on 07/17/2013

The perfect size for mini cupcakes. I also use this scoop to make thumbprint cookies and mini cheesecakes. It\\'s a must have for any baker.

Cheri W. from Countryside Cakes on 06/11/2013

Very nice for making small cookies and mini muffins. Helps even a novice baker like myself make even filled cupcakes every time. Fills the right amount every time.

Helene W. on 05/29/2013

My favorite size for making huge chocolate chip cookies and for dishing cupcake and muffin batter into tins! Easy to clean, great price for good quality and extremely sturdy. I would like one in every size!

Elizabeth C. on 09/24/2012

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