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  • Stainless steel design
  • Perfect for removing food remnants that can often be in deep fryers
  • Extended length
  • Rectangular geometric shape
UPC Code: 708879012482
Blade Length 6 Inches
Blade Width 5 Inches
Handle Material Stainless Steel
Material Stainless Steel
Shape Square
Style Fine
Type Skimmers


When cooking soups, stocks, and broths, it is important to remove food particles from the mixture in order to secure the exact taste you may be looking for. The best item for skimming non-essentials from your mix is the 5'' stainless steel mesh skimmer. The item is perfect for removing small bones and other unwanted food remnants that can often be found in deep fryers.

A rectangular geometric shape works best for picking up as much as possible, while the extended length allows for skimming from a distance, so as to avoid any harm caused by hot oil or liquid.

Overall Dimensions:
Blade Length: 6"
Blade Width: 5"

Customer Reviews

  • Overall User Rating: 5" x 6" Square Fine Mesh Skimmer

    4.8 stars from 37 reviews


    People Talk About:

    skimmer fryer Great oil fryers Fine skim longer price size
    This skimmer is super useful for fishing small bits out of my fry oil. A lot of what falls to the bottom of my fry set-up is flour, and this skimmer isn't great for that fine of material, but for any of the slightly larger bits, the larger small bits-- basically, anything other than the flour-- this fine mesh skimmer is great!
    We just purchased a fryer for our sports bar and all the additional supplies where very easy to order. The price was fair and look forward to using this as soon as COVAD19 is under control. The parts were all delivered separately. Thank you for requesting my feedback.
    This skimmer is great for helping clean fryer in between oil changes. Picks up fries and other small food pieces to help prolong the use of oil in our fryers.
    Perfect sized skimmer for cleaning the fryer. Great price for anyone looking to keep the fryer clean of any floating debris. Would recommend to anyone.
    Great size for the fryer. Gets a lot out with one skim. doing this often increase the quality and life of your oil. During and after each product other wise the gunk will float to the bottom
    Excellent fine mesh skimmer light sturdy and big enough to handle away from piping hot oil, use it to get crumbles off the oil effortlessly.
    We use this skimmer to clean out surface debris on our deep fryer. It works perfectly, cleans easily, and is virtually indestructible. I would highly recommend this product.
    This is very convenient to use while making funnel cakes to dip any crumbs out while cooking in the fryer. Just the right size for a smaller fryer but I am sure it would work for a larger fryer.
    I bought this skimmer to skim off the foam on my bone broth. Using it for the first time today and I'm very pleased with it. Love how fine the screen is and it seems to be made well
    We purchased these to help get the random things floating in the fryer out of the fryer. They work great for quickly skimming the floating pieces out before they burn.
    The 5" x 6" Square Fine Mesh Skimmer keeps all the unwanted breading out of the fryer. Very useful product to have on hand at any restaurant.
    It has not melted yet... We use this to skim our fryers and it has held up well. Does everything you would want a fryer skimmer to do.
    Have had no issues even with heavy multiple uses per day. I wondered if the screen would hold up when I considered the price of the skimmer, but they've surpassed my expectations.
    Quality skimmer for the price. We use it to clean floaty bits out of the fryers as they come off the foods. If you don't, eventually they burn and sink and create off flavors. So, a quick skim with this is all it takes.
    This is a life saver, I use it to skim the deep fryer. It helps keep the oil cleaner and makes it last longer which saves us money
    This skimmer was the perfect size. It was a quality product and served it's intended purpose. It is reasonably priced and a great tool to have for frying.
    We bought this to replace a more expensive version of our skimmer, and it works even better! We are very pleased with this product and would recommend to anyone!
    This is better than most skimmers. We use them for poached eggs and cleaning the fryer so they hold up really strong and for a while.
    We use this when deep frying items and has been a saver. So simple and convenient. A must tool for any kitchen commercial or residential.
    We use perfect spin vent-less fryers in our kitchen and needed a long handle skimmer to get those annoying floaters. Problem solved with this skimmer,
    We use these at all of our locations. Perfect for getting the junk floating in your fryer and help getting that extra usage and life out of them.
    I recently decided to embark on the journey of making ramen from scratch. This involves making your own broth. Once you have a bunch of animal bones in boiling water, scum kind of rises to the surface and this is great for removing that.
    I guess I wasn't paying attention to dimensions. This skimmer is huge! Unfortunately, I hardly ever use it because of the size. It's definitely too big for your average pot.
    This one has improved how we fry sea food , and fries. Make s it easy to drop into the oil . Should have found your web-site sooner , great product.
    5" x 6" Square Fine Mesh Skimmer the shape and size of this skimmer is best for those smaller square fryers and is good for those more than larger jobs
    Well as far as function goes it does everything that it's supposed to do, I have no complaints on that front. Just be careful when you put it in the dishwasher. I put mine in the dishwasher and the metal turned in a way that none of my other stainless steel tools have before. Still works just fine, it's a great skimmer but the metal has turned somewhat but considering the fact that it was a low price, probably just not the best grade of stainless steel.
    Great skimmer. So cheap and easy to use we bought two of them and it definitely helps to have this product in our kitchen. Our oil lasts so much longer due to this product.
    The mesh fine skimmer is such a great kitchen gadget to have in your place. It does such a good job of skimming things that need to be skimmed.
    This skimmer is a must for anyone that has a fryer. I love that it's square & not round so you can skim the corners & get the oil really clean. Great price too.
    Thanks to this skimmer, my oil stays cleaner longer. All the little pieces that float for a while and sink to the bottom of the fryer to burn and ruin the oil, no longer have chance to do any damage.
    I love this skimmer for cleaning the fryer in between uses. It is also a great tool for skimming a broth in a large rectangle hotel pan when making big batches of soup in the oven.
    Most skimmers are round. Most fryers are rectangular. I am happy to have a rectangular skimmer large enough get the job done efficiently. Here is another useful tool offered for a very low price.
    This is a basic but valuable skimmer! It is fine enough to let oil slip by but catch the smallest debris in fryers! Great for cleaning in between items!!!
    Such a big help to get debris out of our fryers during service! The best part about this one is it's square so you can get into the corners.
    These are very conveinent to have. They get used every single day. We fry haddock sandwhiches and these work perfect for scooping them out of the hot oil.
    This was a great purchase that we tend to use every day. We use it when we cook ground beef. I would recommend this to any restaurant
    Stainless steel and efficient. Very well made and the handle is split to dissipate heat. Nothing over heats except the part that remains in the oil. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

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