Molded Fiber / Pulp Food Trays

Choose sustainable options like molded fiber and pulp food trays to reduce your restaurant's carbon footprint.

Meat Packaging Trays

Easily divide, weigh, and sell portions of meat in your grocery store with the help of our trays.

Nacho Trays

Stock up on nacho trays to offer delicious loaded nachos for your amusement park guests and sports fans.

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Paper Food Trays

Paper food trays are sturdy so your customers can walk around with their snacks and dispose of the tray when they finish.

Foam School Trays and Pulp School Trays

Provide your students with foam or pulp school trays to help them fill their plates on lunch lines.

Tray Mats

Convert your trays into non-skid trays with the addition of tray mats to keep dishes from sliding around.

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Absorbent Meat Pads for Foam Supermarket Trays

Pad your Styrofoam trays with absorbent meat pads to keep your grocery store meats looking fresh.

Whatever business you operate, these disposable food trays will make it easy to display or serve food to customers. Some trays come with sophisticated finishes for catered events while others feature compatible lids for safe carrying. Use large trays in your cafeteria, and stock up on small paper or plastic containers for serving nachos and burgers at your food truck. Check out our plastic flatware, paper napkins, and plastic cold cups for additional disposable supplies.

Help Your Customers Transport Their Food to Their Table with Disposable Food Trays

If you're catering a casual event, managing a grocery store, or operating a concession stand, you need disposable deli trays to present and serve food. We offer trays made of plastic, paper, foam, and foil, so you can pick and choose the best vessel for take-out products or pre-wrapped produce. These disposable food trays give you the ability to transport large quantities of your most popular appetizers or hors d'ouvres to your venue, and many come with corresponding lids to keep foods safe from airborne contaminants. Try serving your dishes in these food boxes, foil trays, and deli trays to create a unique table display, too.

Use paper or plastic trays at your snack stand or food truck so customers can take their meals on-the-go and simply throw out the container when they're done. We also carry disposable deli trays and absorbent pads that are ideal for deli counters and butcher shops that package and sell cuts of meat.