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Accutemp AT0A-3519-3 Reed Switch


Accutemp AT0A-3660-1 Door Switch


Accutemp AT0E-3234-1 Reed Switch


Accutemp AT2E-1639-1 Microswitch


Acme SWCH7403 Micro Switch


Aladdin 11632 Switch Assy


Aladdin 92894 Plunger Assy


Alto-Shaam SW-33907 Switch


Alto-Shaam SW-34164 Switch


Anets P9100-31 Microswitch


Anets P9101-23 Micro Switch


Antunes 4010103 Switch


Antunes 401K101 Microswitch


Anvil America XMIX4009 Switch


APW Wyott 1301613 Micro Switch


APW Wyott 1302400 Switch On/Off


APW Wyott 1480012 Switch Li 10a


APW Wyott 8716100 Catch, Roller


Avtec RP SWT1502 Switch, Anti Jam


Baxter 01-1000V6-00332 Door Switch


Berner 9503SD020-P Door Microswitch


BevLes 1300240 Door Switch


Bizerba 000000060386100901 Switch


Bizerba 50Z001600000039061 Switch


BKI S0115 Over Temp Switch


BKI S0363 Door Switch


Blodgett 11260 Switch


Blodgett 16807 Switch


Blodgett 20734 Micro Switch


Blodgett 35918 Microswitch


Blodgett 37392 Micro Switch


Blodgett 42137 Limit Switch


Blodgett 42443 Pressure Switch


Blodgett 50265 Float Switch


Blodgett R0225 Door Switch


Cadco VE1090AO On/Off Switch


Cleveland 104403 Micro Switch


These micro switches are designed to replace broken or malfunctioning parts in your existing kitchen equipment. They serve functions like preventing units from running while their door is open and turning appliances on and off. No matter what kind of business you own, these parts are must-have items in any establishment’s inventory of electrical parts. For related products, check out our transformers, timers, and terminal blocks. If you're wondering where to buy micro leaf, micro pin, and micro roller switches, we have a large selection of micro leaf, micro pin, and micro roller switches for sale at the lowest prices.