From ketchup and relish to maraschino cherries and olives, you can store almost any condiment, drink garnish, or ingredient in a condiment jar. Many of them also come with compatible lids to keep contents fresh and to prevent cross-contamination. Store them behind the counter for your bartenders to easily access, or set them out on buffet tables to let guests dress their meals to their liking. For more great storage options, check out these a href="/20267/sugar-caddies.html" target="_blank">sugar caddies, a href="/13531/pump-condiment-dispensers.html" target="_blank">pump condiment dispensers, and a href="/4035/condiment-caddies-and-racks.html" target="_blank">condiment caddies and racks. If you're wondering where to buy 10 strawberry street condiment jars and jar holders, we have a large selection of 10 strawberry street condiment jars and jar holders for sale at the lowest prices.