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3/16 inch Shredder Plate3/16 inch Shredder Plate

From $30.80/Each

1 - 23+
5/16 inch Shredder Plate5/16 inch Shredder Plate

From $30.80/Each

1 - 23+
1/4 inch Shredder Plate1/4 inch Shredder Plate

From $30.80/Each

1 - 23+
1/2 inch Shredder Plate1/2 inch Shredder Plate

From $30.80/Each

1 - 23+
3/32 inch Shredder Plate3/32 inch Shredder Plate

From $29.58/Each

1 - 23+
9 1/4 inch Grater Plate for #12 Power Take-Off Hub9 1/4 inch Grater Plate for #12 Power Take-Off Hub

From $29.58/Each

1 - 23+
Eurodib HUB12 #12 Hub Meat Grinder AttachmentEurodib HUB12 #12 Hub Meat Grinder Attachment


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9 inch Vegetable Slicer Knife Assembly9 inch Vegetable Slicer Knife Assembly


Anvil America XSLG1234 Seal


Berkel 00-917447 Start Switch


Blakeslee 1263 Planet Pinion


Blakeslee 1528 Stop Crank


Blakeslee 20447 Meat Chopper


Globe X10049 Start Switch


Globe X20MKJD17 Start/Stop Switch


Globe X30051 Microswitch


Globe X30109 Dowel Screw Assy


Globe X98-18A Reset Switch


Globe XP1023 Spring


Hobart 00-875414 Pin, Feed Plate


Univex 1000806 Latch


Univex 1000811 Lock Pin


Univex 1000902 Housing


Univex 1000903 Pusher Plate


Univex 1000906 Grater Plate


Univex 1000907 Shredder Plate


Univex 1000908 Shredder Plate


Univex 1000909 Shredder Plate


Univex 1000910 Shredder Plate


Univex 1000912 Knife Assy


Univex 1000913 Hub And Shaft


Univex 1001050 Grater Attachment


Univex 1012042 Strain Relief


Univex 4400028 Pusher Lh


Univex 4400029 Pusher Rh


Univex 4400400 Pin


Univex 7510094 Feet, Rubber


Univex F3040212 Micro Switch


Vulcan KW-003-05 Key 405


Vulcan KW-003-15 Key


By stocking up on mixer hub attachments and accessories, you’ll be able to perform a variety of food prep tasks more efficiently. Plus, since all of these items are made from durable stainless steel, they will last for years before they need to be replaced. Additionally, they’re easy to attach to your mixer’s hub, so you can start using your accessories right away. For other great items for your commercial kitchen, check out our cut resistant food safety gloves, cutting boards, and stainless steel mixing bowls. If you're wondering where to buy mixer hub attachments and accessories, we have a large selection of mixer hub attachments and accessories for sale at the lowest prices.