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Legion 3407770D-1 Knob


Legion 401032 Knob


Legion 401034 Decal For Handle


Legion 401040 Tolerence Ring


Legion 404141 Yoke Assembly


Legion 404141-002 Yoke Assy


Legion 404141-11-G Gear


Legion 404146-001 Yoke


Legion 404230-13 Heating Element


240 VoltsLegion 404440-240 Element 240v 1970w


Legion 404481-001 Rod


Legion 404484-11 Spring


Legion 404485 Cap


Legion 404486-001-OS Actuator


Legion 404486-005 Actuator Assy


Legion 404539 Burner


Legion 404544 Carry Over Tube


Legion 404545 Cross-Over Tube


Legion 404922 Key Stop


Legion 405301 Joint Repair Kit


Legion 405697 Wheel


Legion 405761 Knob


Legion 406190 Hi Limit


Legion 406298 Flt. Btm Scoop


120 VoltsLegion 406315 Element 120v 750w


Legion 406456 Thermopile


Legion 406602-20S Burner, Side Mount


Legion 406733 Press Guage


Legion 407436 Lid Stopper


Legion 407531-01 Crank Handle


Legion 407567D Knob


208 VoltsLegion 407727 Element 208v 3ph


380 VoltsLegion 407728 Element 380v


Legion 407728-415 Htr Mica 415


Legion 407729 Mica Heater


Legion 407730 Element


208 VoltsLegion 407730-208 Element


Legion 407762 Thermocouple


Legion 407770-1 Thermostat


Legion 407770-D1 Knob


Legion 407889 48in Spray Hose


Legion 407970 Element 208v 40 inch


208 VoltsLegion 407970-40 Htr 3.5x40 208v


Legion 407998 Thermostat


Legion 407998D-1 Knob


Legion 408038 Sleeve


440 VoltsLegion 408103 Element 440v


480 VoltsLegion 408105 Element 480v 3ph 41 In


Legion 408105-40 Element 40 In


Legion 408164-03 Handle


Legion 408254 Heating Pad 120v


Legion 408268 Carry Over Tube


Legion 408493 Controller


Legion 408494 T-Stat Probe


Legion 408496 Thermostat Knob


Legion 408517 Primary T-Stat


Legion 408517-425 High Limit


Legion 408531 8in Spring


208 VoltsLegion 408622 Element 208v 3200w


440 VoltsLegion 408622-440 Mica Heater 440v 3200w 3.5 X 29


208 VoltsLegion 408623 Element 208v 4600w


Legion 408626 Element


Legion 408636 Heat Element


Legion 408639 Element


Legion 408693-001 Actuator Assy


Legion 408693-005 Actuator Assy


Legion 408855 Clamp


Legion 408859 Fiberfrax Insulation

$15.12/Sq. Ft.

Legion 408862-208 Element 208v 3ph


Legion 408862-440 Element


208 VoltsLegion 408884-208 Element


Legion 409257-260 Thermostat


Legion 409258 Probe Rtd


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