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This 13 1/2" x 13 1/2" fryer screen is perfect to keep your fryer oil free of crumbs and food particles!

You can extend the life of your fryer oil by using this Assure Parts 13 1/2" x 13 1/2" fryer screen! Place the fryer screen in your oil reservoir, just below your fry baskets, and you will catch the food particles that would normally sink to the bottom of your pot. Less particles in your oil means that you won't have to filter it as often, and your fried foods will taste great!

Time Saver

By using a fryer screen you will save yourself hours of cleaning. Food particles won't be able reach the bottom of the fry pot or clog the oil drain valve. Periodically remove the screen to clean off the debris, and you won't have to filter or change your oil as often.

13 1/2" x 13 1/2"

This fryer screen measures 13 1/2" x 13 1/2". Consider the dimensions of your fry pot and give yourself some clearance on each side so that you can easily remove the screen.


Made of heavy-duty chrome plated stainless steel, this durable screen will last a long time in your commercial kitchen. When it's time to remove it, simply spray off the debris.

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Equivalent Items 

All Points 26-2066
Frymaster 8030277
Imperial Range 2038
Pitco A4500201

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4.9 stars from 24 reviews


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fryer bottom great screen price food fryers grate oil pieces

Customer Reviews


Fryer screen prevents small food particles from getting caught inside the bottom of the fryer and in turn forcing us to change the oil more often. Can also be used to place hot food out the fryer on to cool down

Wesley Y. from Hanaro Sushi on 09/22/2020

Well worth the price! I have bought the cheaper ones! And the didn’t last long! These seem to be good quality! Keeps all that nonsense out of the bottom of my fryer. Seems this is a standard size for fryers.

Deshawn M. from Smokye on 09/18/2020

Great piece for a great price. This grate helps keep larger pieces and debris from falling to the bottom of the fryer. Can't tell you how many times we dropped tongs in the fryer but we're easily retrieved because this grate was there .

Dallas V. from Grounds Bistro on 05/07/2020

I bought this, with caution in mind. It doesn't look as durable as it actually is. It helps prolong the life of our fryer oil, keeping smaller bits from sinking to the bottom. Love it.

Amanda C. on 11/24/2019

This 13 1/2" × 13 1/2" fryers screen is a must have for any deep fryer with wide opening between the burner tube It saves you on food getting down between the burner tube. I really glad that I made this particular purchase.

Arthur S. from My Madea's Cookin on 11/20/2019

Fits literally any fryer. Better option than putting a seasoning tray on the bottom of the fryer. It does not rust easily either. A must have so your baskets do not fall over constantly.

Lisa F. from Fernie Creations Llc on 10/28/2019

For the price this works well to line the bottom of the fryer to catch crumbs. For those on a budget this is great to have.

Sura K. from Sura Korean BBQ & Tofu House Long Beach on 10/01/2019

I looked into purchasing a replacement fryer filter screen for our Vulcan fryer and it was more than 10 times the price of this unit. So far, this screen has held up well. The advise I have to make sure it doesn't rust is to clean it as usual (dishwasher, 3 comp sink, etc.) and hand dry it quickly. Then oil it before putting it back in the unit, this has worked well for us.

Ryan A. from ZOMO LLC on 05/07/2019

Great value for the price paid. Can’t say enough about how these are useful in our kitchen. Easy to clean and store. Will purchase again.

David D. from Wiener Kitchen. on 10/25/2018

We purchased this to act as a fryer screen but my measurements were a bit off and it was too big for our fryers; but we are actually using it as a cooling rack and it works great for this purpose as well!

Lester J. from Concepts In Catering LLC on 07/15/2018

We have a pitco fryer and this fryer screen is a perfect combo. It is little small for the fryer but it still catches almost everything. This thing will be your best friend. Since it catches most of the stuff, bottom of the fryer is almost clean every night. Highly recommend this to anyone!

Ok L. from K Town Brunch And Grill on 04/06/2018

Good grate for the price, you won't find it cheaper. For us, wish the grate had smaller openings to catch small bits. But still works better than the one that came with the fryer.

John M. from Mangia Qui Italian Bistro on 11/20/2017

Couldn't find it anywhere for a screen with such dimensions and price, help solved my problem of constantly 'dropping' large food pieces to the bottom of the deep fryer.

Alfredo H. from La Cucharita on 07/04/2017

Couldn't find it anywhere for a screen with such dimensions and price, help solved my problem of constantly 'dropping' large food pieces to the bottom of the deep fryer.

Matthew T. from China House on 03/25/2016

Omg I have been looking for these for like 10 years and no one at any restaurant supply store seems to ever know what I am talking about. I own sushi restaurants and these are great for tempura as now I don't have to use baskets to keep the items from falling through the regular fryer grates!

Unami S. from Unami Sushi on 03/02/2016

Just recently got these didn't know anyone made them before, these will help keep the fryer oil fresher longer as the food chucks wont now get to the bottom

John H. from Harts Repair Service. LLC on 11/21/2015

this item is a great price! it is an absolute must for any kitchen that does high volume, fast paced service, help save the oil and the fryers!!

Lenny C. from Lennys On The Beach on 10/21/2015

Purchased this item about a month ago. The quality is good and have not had any problems so far. I will purchase this item again when the time comes.

Randy S. from Sauder's Landing on 10/17/2015

13" x 13" Fryer Screen This is an excellent product. Very durable and a great price. The product fits perfectly and cleans well. I recommend to anybody for the price.

Rich D. from Desalvo's on 05/31/2015

Life saver great product to have when you cooking chicken or anything small that you not need it to fall to the bottom of cooker great buy works great

William J. from Kendra Locke Concessions on 05/01/2015

this fryer screen is exactly as described and much better than the standard one i ordered 2 and will be ordering more, they fit with almost all fryers plus you will never find them cheaper anywhere else.

Elias A. from ERA on 04/02/2014

Very solid and sturdy fryer screen! Prevents larger debris from clogging up the drain! Built to last! A great replacement item because its very affordable!!!

Eric K. on 09/02/2012

This screen is exactly as described-good solid steel, not flimsy at all. Helps keeps pieces from getting on the bottom of the fryer-we will order again

Sheryl M. from The Landings on 04/22/2012

This works excellent for keeping all food from going down in the fryer. Much better than the grate that comes standard with a fryer. buy one for each fryer.

Pam G. from PS Shooters, LLC on 10/19/2010

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