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  • Compatible with induction-ready insets
  • Quickly rethermalizes refrigerated soups
  • Precise temperature control
  • Prevents scalding even with long holding
  • Includes induction-ready inset, hinged cover with slot, coup cards, and card holder
  • 120V, 800W

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Vollrath Mirage Rethermalizer

Vollrath Mirage Rethermalizer

Welcome to Vollrath University. I’m Chef Rich, and today we’re here to talk to you about a new product from Vollrath: the induction soup rethermalizer. This is a new product from Vollrath, and as I said, it’s induction. So the way induction works is it creates electromagnetic energy and this energy then vibrates the molecules in the pan to create heat. The unit itself does not create any heat. It vibrates the molecules in the pan. Because of that reason, we do need a special induction ready soup inset. Okay, so this is an induction ready inset. It has markings on the side that state that it’s induction ready. A regular inset will not work. Now, one of the major advantages of this unit because it’s induction, is that we don’t need to use any water. If we don’t have water we don’t have the cleanup issues of water, we don’t have the scaling issues of water, and we don’t have someone in the middle of the day forgetting to add water to the unit and therefore creating situations where the product cooks away. The unit is very, very even in heating. So even after 8 hours we’ve had this product in here, we don’t have that brown ring around the top edge because it’s heating so evenly even when there’s less than a full pot of soup. It’s the way that induction works. It’s very even we get much, much higher yields. As I said, we don’t need to use any water, so on the unit itself, we have it marked in several places, “Do not add water.” Now when you’re looking on the bottom of this unit, notice in the bottom right on the center, that’s a sensor that will tell you if you have an induction ready pot. It tells the unit that the pot is in there, and it will begin to heat. Also on the sides, there are two buttons. These units also sense that a pot is in there, and they’re also temperature sensors in three different zones to makes sure that we have even heating. We’ll talk about those in a little bit. So let’s now talk about the controls of the induction soup rethermalizer. Okay, we’ll turn the unit off and back on just to show you what it does. It welcomes you and it immediately reverts now to a preset temperature in the warming mode. We can adjust this temperature up or down depending on the desired temperature that we would like. We can toggle now to the next temperature, which will show the same temperature of that warming in Celsius. Hit the function again. Now we’ve entered into the preset mode. This unit has four presets so you can quickly preset to different types of food. So we have mac n’ cheese, chili, soup (which would be a broth-type soup), or C soup, which means “cream soup,” so thicker soups. We have this preset setting for those. Hit the function button one more time. Now we’re in the retherm mode. Now what the unit will do here is it will heat to 165 degrees. After the temperature reaches 165, it will revert back to our preset warming temperature. There it is in Celsius, and now we’re back to our preset warming temperature. Very intuitive, easy-to-manage controls. Now, from a supervisory point, if we have a control that we want set, we can simply hit the function and down arrow for one moment and now you’ll see that the controls are locked. This prevents people from coming up and changing the settings. To unlock, simply press down again and remove the lock. So another really cool feature of this unit is that it has an indicator letting you know when to stir the product. So those two buttons on the inside that we talked about earlier in conjunction with the sensor on the bottom sense temperature, and if there is a difference between the three that is too great, it’ll show up on the front panel and say that we need to stir the product, thereby making everything inside the pot a more even temperature. Okay, so there it is: the induction soup warmer. Once again, much more accurate control, temperatures with precise control result in higher yields and less food waste. And then again, the big benefit of no water. If you don’t have any water, you don’t have the scaling, the cleanup issues, or someone in the middle of the day forgetting to add water to the pot. And again, that instant heating. Immediately when you turn the unit on, it begins to heat so no pre-warming or warm up times are required. So for this product, to see more colors available and more information, please see us online at

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Watch this video to learn about the innovative features and easy-to-manage controls that make the Vollrath Mirage induction soup rethermalizer a great buy!

Developing the Vollrath Mirage Induction Rethermalizer

Developing the Vollrath Mirage Induction Rethermalizer

Hello, this is John Wojckik. I am the project leader for the Mirage induction rethermalizer project. Today, I’m going to talk a little bit about how we developed this product to make it very valuable for users in the field. In talking with people, there were some key things that they would really like with a warmer. The first thing that they came to us with was that they wanted no water. So what we did is we used inducting technology as a means to use no water. Inside the unit, there is going to be what is called a 3D induction coil. The 3D coil is basically two segments on the side, and then one on the bottom. That will give it the same type of heat profile as you would get if you had a steam bath. So you get the very even heat, but then, again, you get no water. Again, I talked about it before; the concern was durability, obviously with any type of a commercial product. So we made choices of going with this heavy duty polycarbonate so that it would be durable, understanding that people drop these unit insets in when they use them. It’s polycarbonate; it’s a very strong product. It’s truly a commercial product, it’s not a consumer product converted. If you think about it, most standard warmers you are just going to have a rotary knob. And you set the rotary knob at some estimated level, and that gives you some estimated temperature of the soup itself. What we wanted is something much more accurate. So we put in the digital temperature control. The temperature control goes from 100 to 190 F (Fahrenheit). The research that we did is that we found out the temperatures used for warming at the lowest levels, and then also retherming at higher levels than the NSF requirement of 165 degrees Fahrenheit. So those are the temperature ranges that we put into the unit, controlled by the 1 degree Fahrenheit or 1 degree Celsius. It’s one of the things that first jumps out at users is that they can actually see that, and they can set it to a specific control versus trying to estimate it with a rotary knob. Regarding temperature, the other thing that is important, beyond being able to just set that, is the ability to maintain proper temperatures. Through our research what we found was that most people would tend to turn the temperatures up too high. They want to maintain food safety, they actually turn it higher than what the actual temperature should be to maintain both food safety and keep high quality product. In addition to the food quality, our research also found that there was a lot of waste. In an inset of 11 quarts, you might have 1/3 of it at the bottom of the inset. If that is overheated, then that will literally be ruined and typically tossed at the end of the day. In talking with operators, the other bi-product of that is by not cooking that last food in to the point where you can’t serve it, you’re also not cooking it into the inset which is a big labor savings, because then you’re not cleaning it out at the end of the day, you can save 20 minutes to a half an hour. The other part about the induction that they really thought was important was the fact that it heats immediately. A lot of times users will put the inset in and they’ll forget to preheat a conventional warmer. This the heat goes to it immediately. So again they see a labor savings at the beginning of the day. The Mirage induction rethermalizer uses 800 watts of power. That means you can put two of them into a dedicated 20 amp circuit. It only uses 800 watts of power when it’s in the retherm mode. When you’re just warming or hot food holding, when you put 150 degrees, for instance, product in there and hold it at 150, it only uses 100 watts of power. So it’s very efficient, uses very little power, because again, the induction is directly heating the vessel that the food’s in versus heating a water bath that’s actually heating the food. Mirage induction rethermalizers do require an induction ready inset. Induction ready insets are specially marked, so that when they’re nested with non-induction ready insets, you can actually see the difference. They’re labelled, and they have this ridge that goes through the top band so you can easily see which one is the induction ready inset. Vollrath designs and manufactures all of our induction products, including the Mirage induction rethermalizer. That allows us to maintain very tight tolerances, very tight quality control, to give you the best products possible in the commercial foodservice industry. And it allows us to come up with highly creative, innovative products like the Mirage induction rethermalizer. For more details just go to

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Watch this video to learn about the Vollrath Mirage induction rethermalizer. This product has been reinvented for commercial use, bringing you ultimate durability!

Vollrath Induction Technology

Vollrath Induction Technology

Here's how it works. An electric current creates alternating magnetic fields. These fields push against the molecules in the cookware, heating only the cookware and its contents, making it more accurate and efficient. Also making it safer, because the surface does not generate heat. Vollrath. Outperform everyday.

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Watch this quick video to learn how Vollrath's induction technology works! An electric current creates magnetic fields that heat up the cookware, making it efficient and precise.

Vollrath Induction Cook Anywhere

Vollrath Induction Cook Anywhere

Food trucks, banquet halls, to backyard weddings. From front of house, to back of house. Safe, mobile, and agile. With Vollrath induction technology, there are no boundaries. With the versatility and safety of Vollrath induction ranges, you're free to take your food places that gas ranges find out of reach. Discover the freedom of Vollrath induction technology, because the only fire you need, is the one inside. Ignite yours at

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Vollrath induction technology allows you to cook wherever you want, whenever you want! Discover the freedom of induction cooking by watching this video.

Vollrath Induction Money To Burn

Vollrath Induction Money To Burn

This is stupid. This is smart. Vollrath induction ranges are not only safer and more precise, they're also 50 percent more efficient than gas burners. Because you don't have money to burn, and the only fire you need, is the one inside. Ignite yours at

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Vollrath's induction technology is safer, more precise, and 50 percent more efficient than gas burners. Learn more by watching this video!

Vollrath Induction Trophy Case

Vollrath Induction Trophy Case

Simple. Smart. Safe. Efficient. Precise. Agile. Given the virtues of our induction technology, it's no surprise FES magazine named Vollrath best-in-class for the 10th year in a row. Looks like our kitchen needs a bigger trophy case. Experience Vollrath induction technology, because the only fire you need, is the one inside. Ignite yours at

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Simple, smart, and safe. Experience Vollrath's state-of-the-art induction technology today!

Vollrath Mirage Induction

Vollrath Mirage Induction

Welcome to Vollrath University. I'm Chef Rich, and we're here today to talk about mirage induction. But first, let's just talk a little bit about how induction works. Okay, induction uses electromagnetic energy to create a vibration between the molecules in the pan itself. The induction units themselves do not create any heat; they don't get hot, they don't have any heat, there's no heating elements or flames used. 100% of the heat is created in the pan itself. So as I said, there's this electromagnetic energy that causes the molecules in the pan to vibrate, much in the same way when we're cold, we rub our hands together to create fiction and to create heat.... That's exactly the way induction works. This unit, the mirage unit... we'll talk a little bit about the controls. We have 100 power level settings, okay? We can also cook by temperature. The temperature range on this unit is 60 to 210 degrees Celsius. Again, we have 100 power level controls, and that's really important as you want to get into that very precise control. Precise control for low-end applications, and also precise control for very high heat applications. Okay? So let's just go ahead and demonstrate this unit today by cooking a little chicken marsala. Now, we didn't talk about a couple other things about induction, one being very little emissions. So, you know, depending on your municipality, you may or may not need this unit to be under a hood. In some municipalities you can get by without this unit being in a hood. Why would someone want to use induction? Induction is safer. Just by the way, we talked about it already... that it doesn't have any open flames or heating elements. The units never really ever get hot. The heat is generated in the pan, so they are much safer to use. Induction does require for the cookware to be magnetic. Simply the bottom of the cookware has to be a magnetic surface to allow those molecules to be excited by the electromagnetic energy that the unit's producing. Also induction... you can see this unit... really cool on the outside here again... you don't have much heat loss coming out, so again, the hood.... Also, look at this how nice this is if you're doing front of the house cooking. Front of the house or back of the house is a perfect location for induction. Alright, so there you have it, a very classic chicken marsala. Mirage induction. Again, a perfect range for front or back of the house cooking. All the tight control you have with (1) 100 power settings, or temperature settings. Mirage induction, really the way to go. If you have any questions about the mirage unit, please see us online at, and for Rich's recipe on the chicken marsala, please visit us at

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Did you know that induction is a safer way to cook than with traditional methods? With no flame and with no heating element, induction is, as Chef Rich says, "really the way to go." Find out more about induction and the Vollrath mirage induction unit with this brief, informational video.

Vollrath Induction Cooktops

Vollrath Induction Cooktops

The next time you order off a menu or visit a buffet, think about this: there's a good chance your food was prepared, cooked or served with Vollrath small wares and food service equipment. In addition to their traditional gas and electric equipment options, Vollrath's expanding line of induction products are heating up the food industry. With more precise and energy efficient cooking, that's safer and faster. Today we're in Sheboygan, Wisconsin to find out what makes Vollrath so hot. For Almost 145 years, the Vollrath company has been manufacturing high quality small wares and food service equipment right here in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Today we continue to be family owned and we continue to grow through new product acquisitions and innovations of our own. So with 9 manufacturing facilities across North American, Europe and Asia, we continue to supply a wide variety of products to many international food service markets. The Mirage series is durable by design and able to withstand the daily use and abuse of a professional kitchen, ensuring their equipment is built to last. Our industrial design team gets involved in the very beginning stages of product development all the way to the team process to the end. It's a very integrated process. A good example of this is our Mirage induction buffet warmer, which is a terrific collaboration of industrial design and engineering. So what we ended up with is a very sophisticated looking product but it's very robust, very efficient, using induction heat, so really we've improved on the customer serving experience. What's really nice about this product is that you can connect three of them together and just have one cord going to the wall. Simple, smart, safe. The team at Vollrath works diligently to evolve induction technology inside and out. As far as R and D we work closely with our customers to understand the rigors of their kitchens, because a commercial kitchen can be very difficult on equipment. We then work on advanced development here as well and we marry the two to design something that works the best for them with aesthetics, reliability, and fine control in mind the whole way through. Our expansive product selection makes us a one stop shop for our customers in induction. Products themselves started in this flat state; they were primary cooking and people loved them for the efficiency of the units and the control. If I can dial something in here and get an exact power setting each and every time and we can control it by time as well, we have very repeatable results that anyone can achieve. I think one of the biggest innovations though has come when we have taken the coil now and brought it up the sides of the unit. So this now provides very even heating around the soup pot. Typically when you see on the inside of the pot, if you ever go to a soup bar and you see all the soup around the top edge, that's just waste. Operators really love how even this heats. We have a chain that has reported to us over a 30% increase in their food yields. I mean that's real money and people just love the waterless design. Here at Vollrath they've built an entire training facility for food service professionals to provide a more hands on experience. As our business evolved we recognized the need to have an industry leading training facility. We wanted a space that customers could actually come in and touch and feel the products. We try to be like the ivy league of the food service university industry, if there is such a thing. In the university we have three areas: the first area is our classroom area and this is where the details really come out, we train on the features and benefits of the products. Then we have our showroom area. This is a space where the customers or guests can go into and touch the products and feel what we talked about in the training. Then the test area, coming in here and using the product is a critical step for a lot of our customers, it really brings everything together. These best in class products definitely take the cake. Making a product look engaging and safe and intuitive but at the same time robust and commercial can be a challenge, but we like the challenge and we're really pretty good at it. Vollrath's induction technology line continues to outperform every day. Proving that the only fire a chef really needs is inside. Bon Appétit!

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Take a tour through Vollrath University and learn what they have to offer in the world of induction cooktops. Learn why the only fire a chef really needs is inside!

Vollrath 7470140 Specs
Height 13 1/2 Inches
Diameter 11 7/8 Inches
Amps 6.7 Amps
Hertz 60 Hertz
Phase 1
Voltage 120
Wattage 800 Watts
Capacity 7 qt.
Capacity per Compartment 7 qt.
Color Red
Control Type Electronic
Cover Type Hinged
Induction Ready Yes
Inset Included Yes
Installation Type Countertop
NSF Listed Yes
Number of Compartments 1
Power Type Electric
Style Rethermalizer and Warmer
Temperature 150 Degrees F

Customer questions about this product

What is a rethermalizer / rethermalization?
Rethermalization is the process by which pre-cooked, chilled or frozen food is brought to serving temperatures safely and efficiently. Rethermalizers are not meant to cook raw food, but they can act as a food warmer to keep food hot for extended periods of time after bringing it up to the proper temperature. It's important to note that not all food warmers are capable of rethermalization.
Ask your own question!

Vollrath 7470140 Details

Keep your most popular soups, sauces, and more at foodsafe temperatures and ready to serve with the Vollrath 7470110 Mirage 7 qt. red induction rethermalizer! This rethermalizer features induction technology to ensure it only gets hot when an induction-ready inset is placed inside. It has 800W of heating power to make sure it can reheat your stored food quickly, and advanced solid state controls let you choose from a variety of settings and set temperatures to get the best heat for your food. The interior contains three temperature sensors that have direct contact with the inset to provide accurate temperature information to help prevent burning, and an LED indicator lets you know when the inset's contents need to be stirred. And thanks to its versatile design, this rethermalizer is optimized for wet or dry use.

Overall Dimensions:
Diameter: 11 7/8"
Height: 13 1/2"

  • NSF Listed

    NSF Listed

    This item meets the standards imposed by NSF International, which focuses on public safety, health, and the environment.

  • UL US & Canada

    UL US & Canada

    This item has been tested and meets safety standards imposed by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for use in the United States of America and Canada.

  • FCC Compliant

    FCC Compliant

    This item has been verified or certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and will not cause harmful emissions.

  • 5-15P


    This unit comes with a NEMA 5-15P plug.

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Vollrath 7470140

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