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Fisher 1/2 inch VS 3/4 inch Faucets
Fisher 1/2 inch VS 3/4 inch Faucets

With Fisher, finding a new faucet for your sink is easy! Start by figuring out your intended use. Do you need a controlled flow rate, or do you need a large volume of water quickly? Watch this video to learn what which faucet size is perfect for you!

Fisher 1/2 inch Faucets
Fisher 1/2 inch Faucets

Don't be fooled into thinking that all faucets are made the same! Fisher engineers their 1/2" faucets for maximum longevity and minimum maintenance, providing you with a product that's guaranteed to last. Watch this short video to learn about the features that make Fisher superior in quality and reliability.

Fisher Backsplash VS Wall Mount
Fisher Backsplash VS Wall Mount

Installing a new faucet doesn't have to be difficult, and this video shows you why. Watch as a Fisher wall mount faucet and a Fisher backsplash faucet are installed, and learn what makes them different and what makes them reliable. Perfect for any operation, these Fisher faucets secure to existing water lines with ease and deliver long-lasting quality.

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