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  • 3/4" diameter, 48" long moveable gas hose
  • Includes SnapFast® one-handed quick disconnect
  • Stainless steel hose with Antimicrobial PVC coating
  • Includes two elbows, hose holster, port valve, and restraining cable with hardware
  • For indoor use only
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UPC Code: 662447014981

Choose reliability, dependability, and engineering that you can count on with this Dormont 1675KIT48 48" gas hose.

Gas hoses are an often-overlooked but crucial part of kitchen safety and efficiency, and choosing the right one for your equipment is essential. Dormont's blue hoses are an industry-leading line of gas connectors designed to stand up to the demands of commercial applications and they come with plenty of features that make them an excellent choice for your business and your gas-powered cooking equipment!

  • Made in America

    Made in America

    This item was made in the United States of America.

  • NSF Listed

    NSF Listed

    This item meets the standards imposed by NSF International, which focuses on public safety, health, and the environment.

  • CSA_C_US


    This item meets the standards imposed by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) for use in the United States of America and Canada.

Use with Caster-Mounted Equipment

This hose is designed to be used with caster-mounted or stationary equipment. The inner hose is made from heavy duty corrugated stainless steel, but it also has a stainless steel outer braid that helps protect the inner hose from stretching when the equipment is moved for cleaning or maintenance. This braid is what allows the hose to be used in mobile applications, so if you plan on moving your equipment for cleaning and maintenance, a moveable hose is a must-have item.

48" Long, 3/4" NPT

This hose measures 48" long and has a 3/4" NPT connection size. All Dormont blue hoses also come with Stress Guard® rotational fittings that reduce stress on the hose, prevent kinking and twisting, and make it easier to install.

Antimicrobial Coating

A blue PVC coating helps this hose resist damage from cuts and scratches, while offering another layer of protection to the inner hose and braid. The coating is also antimicrobial, and it makes cleaning easy!

SnapFast® 1-Handed Quick Disconnect

Quick disconnects like the one included in this kit are a simple but valuable addition to any gas equipment installation. The 2-piece design allows you to disengage equipment from the gas connection in mere seconds and creates a secure, gas-tight seal when the equipment is connected. Best of all, it's engineered so that you can reach into narrow spaces to connect and disconnect it with a single hand unlike most quick disconnects, which are 2-handed.

Hardware Included

This kit includes a number of other useful components for installation, including (2) elbows, a full port valve, and a restraining cable with all of the hardware necessary to install it.

Customer Q&A Ask a Question

Can this hose be hooked up directly to an LP tank?
No, this hose is designed to be hooked up to gas plumbing only, not portable tanks.
How is the hose length measured on this item?
The hose will be slightly shorter than the quoted length (24”, 36”, 48”, etc.) – the length given is indicative of approximately how long the connector will be when necessary connection hardware is added on to fit it to the equipment and your facility’s gas line. Some kits may include this hardware, while others may contain just the hose and assume you will be using this connection hardware from another source.
Why is the color different on my Dormont blue hose?
Due to industry-wide supply chain shortages, Dormont has temporarily switched to use an alternative color on its blue gas hoses. This change does not affect the hose’s performance, specifications, or approvals. You can expect to receive the exact same hose you purchased, it may just have a different coating color.

Dormont Blue Hose Accessories

Improve your commercial kitchen’s safety by using Dormont’s blue hose gas connector for your gas appliances! To further increase your productivity and efficiency, try Dormont’s gas connector accessories such as the Snapfast, Safety Quik, and more!

When it comes to gas and the gas appliances in your restaurant or institutional kitchen, what can be more important than safety? The reasons are obvious. In fact, you know you can’t afford to have your kitchen facility not meet the standards of applicable safety codes. So, when you need to connect your appliances to your gas supply, it only makes sense to use a blue hose gas connector, not only because of its excellent reputation, but more importantly because of its track record for safety, reliability, innovation, and performance. It’s no exaggeration to say that the blue hose is the gold standard in gas connectivity. It was the world’s first commercial kitchen gas connector, invented more than 40 years ago at Dormont Manufacturer, the company that led the development of the standard to which all foodservice gas connectors must comply. With millions of installations and counting, no other gas connector comes anywhere near the blue hose and its status as the preferred and specified product in food service. Today’s blue hose is the result of continuous improvement, with impressive design features unheard of when it was originally introduced. Features like tightly-woven stainless steel braid that prevents the corrugations from stretching when the gas equipment is moved. The heavy-duty stainless steel corrugated tubing gives the blue hose superb bending properties and extremely long life. Anti-microbial PVC coating for helping to prevent grease buildup and inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. A coating that won’t shrink, even in the high temperature environment behind kitchen gas equipment. And stress guard rotational and fittings that reduce stress at the connector ends, and even make it easier to install the blue hose. Because of these, and other features, the blue hose offers a host of benefits in addition to its safety, increased mobility, higher kitchen productivity, and cleaner kitchens. Did you know that the blue hose is made in Export, Pennsylvania? At a manufacturing facility right outside Pittsburgh, and that it carries a lifetime warranty? There’s another very important aspect of Dormont and blue hose gas connectors you should know about: the highly innovative gas connector accessories that when used with the blue hose make commercial kitchens even safer and more efficient and productive. Snapfast, the only one-handed, push-to-connect, quick disconnect available in the foodservice industry. Designed specifically for commercial kitchens, Snapfast makes moving gas equipment for cleaning and maintenance exceptionally easy, because only one hand is needed to reconnect it to the appliance. Plus, Snapfast includes a thermal shut off feature that automatically shuts of the gas when the internal temperature exceeds 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Dormont’s Swivel MAX multi-plane rotational device is another remarkable connector accessory designed by Dormont engineers. Use on either one end of the blue hose or both, this unique device gives the blue hose a full 360 degree range of motion. It reduces stress on the gas connector, makes moving appliances so much easier for cleaning and maintenance, and expands aisle space, because gas equipment can be moved closer to walls. The Swivel MAX is an excellent solution in situations where the gas manifold is situated in a low, or other non-ideal location. Another connector accessory exclusive to Dormont is the Safety Quik, a truly unique device that does the work of both a quick disconnect and a shut off valve. A cleverly designed all-in-one device, it prevents the gas connector from being disconnected until the valve handle is turned to shut off the valve, and it will not allow the valve to be opened until the blue hose is reconnected to Safety Quik. It also includes an automatic thermal shut off feature designed to activate between 250 and 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Dormont’s Safety-Set is a highly effective positioning system for returning caster-mounted equipment to its correct location after being moved for cleaning or maintenance. This is important because equipment needs to be positioned properly beneath fire suppression and kitchen ventilation systems. Safety-Set satisfies national fire protection codes 17-A and 96, which are being enforced increasingly throughout the country. Safety-Set will withstand up to 1000 pounds of crushed force, and unlike other positioning systems, it has an open floor design. That means that the caster wheels sit directly on the floor, not on any part of the positioning system, eliminating the need to re-level the appliance. Safety-Set accommodates 4”, 5”, and 6” casters. So when it comes to connecting your foodservice gas appliance, connect with confidence. Don’t take a risk, especially when you consider all that blue hose gas connectors offer, and especially consider the exceptional benefits you get, with Dormont connector accessories. Improve safety, productivity, efficiency, cleanliness, and space. Learn more about Dormont’s blue hose family of connectors and accessories, and its other numerous lines of foodservice products at Dormont.com.

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Overall Dimensions:
  • Length: 48 Inches
  • Diameter: 3/4 Inches

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  • Overall User Rating: Dormont 1675KIT48 Deluxe 48" Moveable Gas Connector Kit with SnapFast® Quick Disconnect, Two Elbows, and Restraining Cable - 3/4" Diameter

    4.8 stars from 51 reviews


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    easy gas great price equipment needed disconnect hose Kit need
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    I've been grilling every night in my kitchen for the past 6 months and have had no issues with the gas. This kit comes with everything you need and is very easy to install.
    This replaced one of the same make and model from a different vendor. It was super simple to install Even with moving the grill in and out all the time for cleaning, there is 0 strain visible on the hose or the connectors.
    Product worked as intended and came with all the needed items to install successfully. it has well increased our ability to clean around ground equipment.
    WOW if you are still stuck in the dark ages of home depot gas lines... this gas line is amazing and makes for an amazing time cleaning. I don't know any other brands, but I trust that this brand is OK.
    This gas pipe is very easy to connect. It's very convinence, all you have to do is pull the blue part connector and it will disconnected.When you connected it just push hard and it went right in. Very safe and nice, we have it for few months now, and never have problems.
    They connect easy and disconnect easy, so I guess I would say they are aptly named. In a world full of lies, that means something to me.
    great product for exactly what I need. These are the typical quick disconnect that are used almost universally on all equipment. Easy to install and maintain.
    I have purchased 10 sets of these over the years. These are definitely worth the money to buy and have installed as they save you time and money to clean behind.
    perfect what i was looking for neat description made my job really easy and best price offered and good part is nothing missing and shipped on time
    Used this kit to get our double convection ovens all set up. So much easier than trying to buy all the pieces individually and WAY cheaper than having our plumber do it.
    Set up was easy. However, I had a regulator so I had to use a male male connection to the Snapfast. From my appliance I did regulator, male male, snap fast, hose, shut off valve, gas line.
    Purchased when i moved to our new space. had everything i needed. Very easy to install, no need for me to hire anyone we were up and running within minutes!
    These things are fantastic. Great price for an entire pack of parts for hooking up your gas appliances. I would recommend getting at LEAST 48", perhaps 60" unless you don't ever plan on moving your equipment out to clean.... cause the longer the length, the better.
    They are good deal in packages but a lot of them were not used. They are easy to hook up. Nice when they have different sizes
    We bought a couple of fryers that required new gas line connectors. These are durable and very easy to install. Cant argue with the price either
    I highly reccomend this set. Very easy connect and disconnect. Easy to clean and durable. Everything you need for your the back of your line!
    This is a great kit with a great hose. These hoses are fantastic for food service. They meet the strict codes of where I'm located. They are nice and flexible and seem to be very strong. Not cheap, but worth the quality. The other parts in the kit are all you need for properly installing a fryer, stove, etc. The important thing most people miss is that the equipment needs a leash to the wall and a closing quick disconnect. All that comes with this kit. A good value.
    These kits cost us over $500 locally so we are very pleased with the pricing on this item. These contain everything your need to hook up your gas appliances.
    Super easy to install kits, everything you need to get the job done right the first time. Purchased these kits for every appliance in our restaurant.
    This was exactly what we needed to hook up our flat top griddle. The quick connect made the installation quick and easy and allows easy cleaning when necessary.

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