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Bring the World's Finest Chocolate to Your Business with Valrhona Chocolate Baking Products

Valrhona Chocolate baking products are the top choice of culinary schools, test kitchens, and gourmet establishments. They have been producing their chocolate in the quaint village of Tain L'Hermitage in southeastern France since 1922, crafting unique, artisan-quality chocolate with complex, balanced flavors. With over a century of experience, you'll be sure to taste why this chocolate, made by master chocolatiers, is the preferred option in high-end establishments.The cocoa beans used to make Valrhona Chocolate baking products are grown on land that's masterfully selected for its terroir, making the taste of their chocolate truly unique. From there, the chocolate then undergoes the bean-to-bar process with chocolate-making techniques that have been perfected for over 100 years. The end product is a beautiful chocolate that elevates ordinary desserts into haute gastronomy sensations.