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Matfer Bourgeat has been manufacturing high-quality foodservice supplies and equipment for over 200 years, providing knowledge that can only be gained through experience. This family-owned company is based in France, and sells to restaurants, bakeries, and hotels in more than 80 countries worldwide. Read more

Many of Matfer’s products are designed for specific types of food preparation, allowing you to create your specialty dishes with ease. Pastry tube sets, bread loaf pans, tart molds, and other bakery tools are designed for pastry chefs and bakers, while Matfer’s commercial pressure cookers, seafood pots, and rice cookers can be used to prepare food in any kitchen.

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Crepe Maker Accessories

Matfer Bourgeat Crepe Maker Accessories

Choose Matfer Bourgeat crepe maker accessories to create thin and delicious sweet or savory crepes at your cafe, restaurant, or bistro.

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Cookie and Pastry Cutters

Matfer Bourgeat Cookie and Pastry Cutters

If you're shopping for new baking supplies, Matfer Bourgeat cookie and pastry cutters are perfect for shaping dough and cutting indentations in the top of bread.

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Seafood Pots and Serving Trays

Matfer Bourgeat Seafood Pots and Serving Trays

Purchase Matfer Bourgeat seafood pots and serving trays to transport and serve mussels, clams, wings, and other hot appetizers.

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