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Lecoq Cuisine Food and Baking Products Offer Patisserie Quality Premade Pastries and Pastry Doughs

LeCoq Cuisine was founded in 1991 by French pastry chef Eric Lecoq. Lecoq established LeCoq Cuisine to share his passion for high-quality French patisserie with the American market. Today, his company sells gourmet “proof and bake” and “ready to bake” croissants, pains au chocolat, and Danish pastries. Read more

LeCoq Cuisine food and baking products are made with 100% pure butter and deliver traditional French flavors and textures. Their frozen pastry products make it easy for bakeries and restaurants to offer gourmet baked goods. Once prepared, LeCoq Cuisine pastry dough yields authentic golden brown hues and melt-in-your-mouth consistencies.