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Fisher Manufacturing was founded in 1936 with the goal of providing businesses with the faucets they need. This simple ambition led to exponential growth within the company, which is today one of the largest commercial plumbing manufacturers across the globe. Fisher faucets are synonymous with quality. Read more

Fisher not only produces whole faucets for consumer use, but also the parts and accessories that allow you to get the most out of every purchase. They have whole lines of lever waste valves, replacement faucet components, and even the very basic nipples and elbows, rounding out an extensive catalog of foodservice plumbing equipment.

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Faucet Handles, Cartridges, and Stems

Fisher Faucet Handles, Cartridges, and Stems

Fisher faucet handles, cartridges, and stems contain a variety of different kits that make it easy for you to repair your faucet so that the levers, nozzle, and interior components continue to work correctly at all times.

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Wall Mount Pre Rinse Faucet Assemblies

Fisher Wall Mount Pre Rinse Faucet Assemblies

Fisher wall mount pre rinse faucet assemblies offer your business the ability to rinse off dishware and glassware before you run it through your dishwasher, saving time and preventing buildup in your equipment.

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Faucet Nozzles

Fisher Faucet Nozzles

Fisher faucet nozzles come in a variety of styles, including gooseneck, swing, and double-jointed, so you can be sure to find the one that works in your facility.

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Wall Mount Faucets with Swing Nozzles

Fisher Wall Mount Faucets with Swing Nozzles

Fisher wall mount faucets with swing nozzles give your business a convenient area to fill up containers, rinse off dishware, and perform a number of other essential foodservice tasks.

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