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Bic was founded over 60 years ago and is dedicated to producing high-quality, inventive, and affordable products for businesses around the world. Their attention to industry trends and changing needs allows them to create useful items that are also reliable. Bic also manufactures products branded under Tipp-Ex, Wite-Out, Cello, and Conte. Read more

In addition to their signature ballpoint pens, Bic makes a variety of mechanical pencils, fine tip markers, and highlighters. If you need correction fluid for your office or hospital, Bic also offers a variety of these products. Additionally, their markers and highlighters help you mark important documents. For more great office product brands, check out: Five Star, Duck, Filofax, Ticonderoga, and Targus.

Bic Markers and Highlighters

Bic Markers and Highlighters

Call out important information in contracts, patient files, and other documents with high-quality Bic markers and highlighters.

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