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Repair Broken Objects Around Your Office or Restaurant with Duck Duct Tape

Duck is a world-renowned manufacturer of duct tape for repairing, crafting, decorating, labeling, and more. Currently a member of the ShurTech Brands family, they were originally owned by the Melvin A. Anderson Company. Duck was also the first brand to offer duct tape in different colors, and they even pioneered the packaging of duct tape for retail sale. Read more

In addition to their signature duct tape, Duck manufactures versatile packaging and painter’s tape. These products are perfect for industrial facilities, shipping companies, and automotive shops, but you can also use them in your office or restaurant. Best of all, Duck products are sold at affordable low prices that help you purchase what you need without exceeding your budget. For more great office product brands, check out: Filofax, Ticonderoga, Targus, Pilot, and Staedtler.

Duck Adhesives, Hooks & Strips

Duck Adhesives, Hooks & Strips

Use Duck adhesives, hooks, and strips to decorate or organize your establishment. Hang coats, calendars, or signs in your office or restaurant.

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