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Cardinal Has Got Your Tabletop Presentation Covered

Established in 1935, Cardinal is a leading supplier of tableware products to a variety of foodservice operations across the globe and United States. Whether you run a restaurant and bar, hotel and resort, cruise line and airline, or another specialty food market, Cardinal has got the tabletop items you need for your business. Choose from our vast selection of Arc Cardinal tabletop collections. Styles include Audace, Candour, Mera, Opal, and Zenix lines. Be sure to check out our Variations Dinnerware and Vintage Dinnerware, as well. Read more

We’ve got it all, from plates to bowls, saucers to creamers, and even clear glass display plates. Plus, Cardinal’s dinnerware is long lasting with features like fully tempered glass, heat retention, scratch and fade resist, and 100% nonporous material construction. Many of their models are microwave safe too! For added convenience, purchase stackable plates, trays, and other tableware items from Cardinal. With dozens of dinnerware models to choose from, we're your one-stop shop for all the latest trends in Arc Cardinal tableware.