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  • White, odorless powder
  • Umami taste
  • Brings out the flavors of foods
  • Popular for use with snack foods and Asian cuisine
  • Easily accessible for any pantry
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Regal MSG powder is an accent seasoning that will bring out the unique flavors of your most popular dishes.

Regal MSG powder is sold in 16 oz. quantities and is a white, odorless powder commonly found in Chinese and Japanese foods. MSG stands for monosodium glutamate and will enhance flavor when combined with savory foods. The taste of MSG is difficult to describe, but many liken it to the Japanese "umami," which means "deliciousness."

  • Gluten-Free


    This item is gluten-free per the manufacturer.

"Accent" Seasoning

MSG is known as an "accent" seasoning and designed to enhance the taste, flavor, and aroma of your favorite dishes. MSG will not break down during cooking, but can cause browning if combined with sugars at very high temperatures.

Saves Prep Time

This 16 oz. container of MSG is a cost-efficient option for high-volume kitchens. Dehydrated spices also last longer than fresh ingredients and are easier to store, making them the perfect addition to any busy, high-output kitchen.

Versatile Ingredient

Although MSG is common in a variety of Chinese, Japanese, and Thai dishes, it also works well in Italian or American cuisines. Sprinkling a small amount of MSG into foods as you cook will bring out natural flavors.

Regal Spice Brand

Regal Herbs and Spices are a smart choice for any kitchen. This handy 16 oz. container satisfies all of your cooking and seasoning needs. Be sure to check out our quantity discounts for even better wholesale savings!

Customer Q&AAsk a Question

Is this product packaged in a BPA free container?
Yes, the plastic spice storage container is BPA free.
Why is this container not completely filled to the top?
Extra space within the container is necessary during the manufacturing process for this product. After time, this spice will naturally settle creating more space within the container.
Overall Dimensions:
  • Package Size:16 oz.

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Customer Reviews

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Great for bringing cheaper cuts of meat up to that next level and at a price much lower than the grocery store I cannot complain. I will be purchasing again.

Ethan H. from Fatboy Charlies Food Truck on 01/14/2021

This is a good MSG powder. We use it in some of our dishes, to enhance their flavors. Its own flavor is subtle, but we have found that it gives an edge to the food, giving it more depth. The size is perfect (just a little goes a long way!), and the price is excellent. We highly recommend it.

Carlos H. on 08/05/2020

Regal MSG powder is the perfect flavor booster for just about any savory dish, sauce, or condiment that you are creating. The amount of product and the powder vs flakes are a win for me.

Hope V. on 06/24/2020

Wow! what great umami flavor. Enhances almost any dish to provide that mouth feel that MSG is known to provide. Amazing product at an affordable price

Jason F. on 10/24/2019

I was tried of spending a fortune on buying msg at the grocery store. I’m so happy I found it here at such a low price! Great product that makes any food delicious

Linda W. on 10/24/2019

we use the regal msg powder for meat flavor enhancing and as a tenderizer for cheaper cuts of meat . its also a lot cheaper than other brands

Robert P. from Hudson Diner on 10/17/2019

Why do homemade seasoning blends never taste quite “right”? Because the commercial versions have MSG! I make my own seasoning salt, ranch dip/dressing mix, taco seasoning, and more. They come in long grains, so you’ll have to grind it between your fingers before using. It only takes a pinch or two per batch, so this jar will last for years.

Lynda Y. on 09/12/2019

The miracle spice! If you’re looking to lower your sodium intake but not sacrifice on flavor, look no further. MSG develops the taste profiles of any savory food it’s added to better than pretty much everything I’ve tried. And here’s the amazing thing—you only need 1/8 of a teaspoon of it in most applications. I see a lot of people pour a bunch of MSG on their meals, but they’re just wasting resources and ultimately money. I’ve had this same container for about half a year, I use it constantly, and you can see how much is left.

Matthew J. on 07/31/2019

This is a really misunderstood spice I think. Msg gets a bad rep but to me it’s just a great way to add a ton of flavor to any savory dish

Max H. on 07/23/2019

This MSG adds a great flavor to most of our dishes. Despite the belief of most people, this MSG powder is in fact gluten free!

Melanie D. from Beans In The Belfry on 04/14/2019

This is a great product for the price. It adds an extra level of savoriness to any dish and easily takes it over the top. We highly recommend this product, especially for the value!

Chris R. from Ruby Ru's on 04/12/2019

Been using this seasoning since I learned from one of my favorite Spanish stands an just ran out I SIMPLE LOVE IT GIVES YOUR FOOD A EXTRA ADDED FLAVOR WITH A A NONE SALT TASTE YOU WILL LOVE IT

Ashley L. from Sassy Creations on 04/12/2019

It has been many years since I used MSG to enhance my recipes, and of course, some people are not sure about using it. I am pleased to be able to buy this in an economical size to make my cooking better. I grew up in a household where my Japanese mother was not afraid to use this flavor enhancer. I have to say that her judicious use of MSG made her meals go from delicious to exquisitely delicious! You don't have to use very much in your cooking to taste the difference. MSG is a natural flavor enhancer to achieve "umami" in your cooking. I am not afraid of this product nor of consuming a variety of soy/corn/wheat etc. products - the key is - use common sense and moderation in your diet. Think about this - the Asian culture has been using soy for thousands of years and MSG since it was developed and they enjoy extended healthy life spans. My mother is 89 years old and very healthy and active.

Rita P. on 04/04/2019

This is of course pure MSG, there isn't much to comment about the quality itself. I find it quite nice to add to rubs, sauces, and brines. You get a decent amount for what you pay.

Alec G. on 03/27/2019

Umami! We all love it. After doing extensive research, MSG is considered safe by all world health organizations. This product is common in so many different ethnic foods I gave it a try. Really gives our pizza dough a pop!

Andrew H. on 03/15/2019

A little bit of this seasoning goes a very long way. Msg definitely isn't bad for you and one again you don't have to use much at all to bring out the flavor in food.

Hai N. on 03/06/2019

this is a main ingredient in a lot of marinates and as a meat tenderizer.its also added to meat as a flavoring. we will be ordering again atthis price

Robert P. from Bobs Bbq And Grill on 09/07/2018

we use this a lot to tenderize just about any type meat and in a host of merinates we use.some people dont care for this in there food. we have both to suit our customers

Robert P. from Bar on 08/31/2018

MSG is great for dishes that are not rich in glutamate. I use this mainly for asian cooking since there is not much use of tomatoes or mushroom which are rich in glutamate. just to give it that extra oomph

Armand K. from Armand’S Kitchen on 04/12/2018

MSG, oh delicious MSG! More of a fine crystal, like any salt, than a powder. MSG adds a fantastic umami flavor to soups and stews, or sauces. Naturally produced by slow cooking meat, MSG is a great flavor enhancer. For a pound of meat, only use ½ teaspoon of MSG. For 4-6 servings of soup and vegetables, ½ teaspoon MSG is best. Using more than needed doesn't give any benefit. Great price, and 16 oz will go a long long way!

Joseph R. on 03/13/2018

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