Soup Bases and Mixes

Not just for soup, you can use our soup bases and mixes to add flavor to casseroles, sides dishes, and sauces.

Canned Soup and Stew

We carry bulk canned soups and stews that save precious time in the kitchen and taste just like homemade.

Canned Gravy

Add delicious home-cooked flavor to your stews, roasted meats, and mashed potatoes with our bulk canned gravy.

Broths & Stocks

High-quality stocks and broths made from chicken, beef, and vegetables are the foundation of many classic recipes.

Gravy & Sauce Mixes

Take a shortcut without missing out on rich, savory flavor with our selection of bulk gravy and sauce mixes.

Enrich a decadent pot roast, carved turkey, or steaming biscuits with a rich gravy. Offer your customers the option of beef, chicken, pork, turkey, or country style gravy to perfectly complement their mashed potatoes or vegetables. Choose from an array of gravy mixes for a homemade feel or canned gravies to expedite the process. Serve your soups and gravies by also stocking up on countertop commercial soup warmers and kettles, ladles, and gravy and sauce boats.

Boost the Flavors in Your Meal with Our Bases, Gravies, and Broths

Provide a memorable dish to your customers with bold flavors from our bases, gravies, and broths. Essential to any restaurant, hotel, and diner, these products provide the foundation to a variety of signature comfort foods. Emulate the taste of home-cooked meals by adding some of these gravy and soup bases into your recipes.

Help your guests warm up with a delicious soup of the day on your menu. Create a variety of options like chicken, crab, beef, and vegetable-based soups by stocking up on stocks, broths, and soup bases in bulk. You can then add your favorite ingredients to customize the soup to your liking. Additionally, our canned soup and stew options help save some time and help you prepare a comforting soup dish in minutes.