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  • Traditional paper is for situations where only one copy of a receipt is needed
  • 150' length helps minimize refills
  • Prints easy-to-read receipts
  • Fits common credit, debit, and POS machines
  • Great for printing customer receipts and sales records
UPC Code:011461450167
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Shipping Weight26.33 lb.
Length150 Feet
Width1 25/32 Inches

44 Millimeters
Diameter2 13/16 Inches
Color White
Material Paper
Style Traditional
Type Roll Tape


Perfect for your restaurant, diner, snack bar, or concession stand, this Point Plus register roll tape will produce high-quality printed receipts for your customers! Made of high-quality paper, this register roll ensures that printing will be clear and crisp. Great for printing customer receipts and easy-to-read sales records, this roll helps you keep accurate accounting records for your establishment.

The 150' length of this roll helps minimize the frequency of your refills so you can maintain an efficient, professional checkout line! This receipt paper fits many common credit, debit, and point of sale (POS) machines.

Overall Dimensions:
Roll diameter: 2 13/16"
Paper width: 44 mm (1 23/32")
Bond roll length: 150'

Compatible Models 

Allen 205
Allen 3000
Allen 3004
Allen 3008
Allen 3016
Allen 3032
Allen 3040
Allen 3048
Allen 3100
Allen 3106
Allen 3108
Allen 3112
Allen 315E
Allen Alfa Twin
Allen RC540
Allen W26
Anker Data Systems A20
Anker Data Systems A210
Anker Data Systems A275
Anker Data Systems Ser 104-4
Casio 1000ER
Casio 1100ER
Casio 2000
Casio 2000ER
Casio 200SR
Casio 204
Casio 204SR
Casio 208
Casio 20ER
Casio 21
Casio 2100ER
Casio 2108ER
Casio 2200
Casio 2202ER
Casio 2204ER
Casio 2300
Casio 2304ER
Casio 2404ER
Casio 2408ER
Casio 25
Casio 26
Casio 3205ER
Casio 3207ER
Casio 3404ER
Casio 3408ER
Casio 3508ER
Casio 3600
Casio 3604
Casio 3608
Casio 3700ER
Casio 3708
Casio 3800
Casio 3800ER
Casio 3804
Casio 3808
Casio 3900
Casio 3904
Casio 390ER
Casio 4100SR
Casio 4200SR
Casio 4404ER
Casio 4420ER
Casio 4430ER
Casio 4600
Casio 4600ER
Casio 4612
Casio 4612ER
Casio 4620
Casio 4630
Casio 4800
Casio 4812
Casio 4820
Casio 4830
Casio 4900
Casio 4912
Casio 4930ER
Casio 6118ER
Casio 6130ER
Casio 7000SR
Casio 7100
Casio 7200
Casio 7300
Casio 7500ER
Casio 8100ER
Casio 8102ER
Casio 8110ER
Casio 8200ER
Casio 8300ER
Casio 8400ER
Casio CE2300
Casio CE3100
Casio CE3115
Casio CE3215
Casio CE3500
Casio CE3530
Casio CE3630
Casio CE3830
Casio CE4115
Casio CE4200
Casio CE4500
Casio CE4515
Casio CE4530
Casio SA2000
Casio SR6
Casio TK1000
Casio TK1100
Casio TK1200
Casio TK1300
Casio TK2000
Casio TK2100
Casio TK2600
Casio TK2700
Casio TK4000
Casio TK4300
Casio TK700
Casio TK710
Citizen 100MP
Citizen 132CP
Citizen 2800
Citizen ECR4000
Citizen ECR5000
Citizen ECR7000
Data Display 500
Data Display J2102
Data Terminal Systems 150
Data Terminal Systems 160
Data Terminal Systems 161
Data Terminal Systems 163
Data Terminal Systems 200 Rec.
Data Terminal Systems 2000
Data Terminal Systems 2100
Data Terminal Systems 2170
Data Terminal Systems 2200 Main & Slip
Datatrol RS 7100
ESA & ESA Leader ERC 1505
ESA & ESA Leader ERC 2110
ESA & ESA Leader ERC 2210
ESA & ESA Leader ERC 4140
Esper & CRS 3400
Esper & CRS 3410
Esper & CRS 6000-2
Esper & CRS 6000-4
Esper & CRS 6000BR
Esper & CRS 6000GP
Esper & CRS 7300
Esper & CRS 7400
Esper & CRS 7494
Esper & CRS 7500
Esper & CRS 7510
Esper & CRS 7540
Esper & CRS 7600
Esper & CRS 7700
Esper & CRS 7810
Esper & CRS 8400
Esper & CRS 9700
Esper & CRS 9710
Esper & CRS 9711
Esper & CRS 9720
Esper & CRS CRS 150
Esper & CRS CRS 151
Hugin 2800
Jay 220
Jay 230
Jay 235
Jay 240
Jay 330
Jay 335
Jay 340
Jay 345
Jay 350
Jay 360
Jay 540
Jay 560
Jay 561
Jay 562
Jay 580
Jay 585
Jay 625
Jay 630
Jay 640
Jay 645
Kandentsu 3000
Kandentsu DM506
Kandentsu DM512
Kandentsu DM518
Keystone A20
Keystone TR200
Keystone TR201
Keystone TR209
Keystone TR275
Kingtron CL280
Kingtron FX
Kingtron FX3000
Kingtron FX5000
Kingtron JX
Kingtron KC
Kingtron MX Series
Kingtron RX
Kingtron SP Series
Kingtron System 3
Kingtron TR Series
Max Business Machines RE7100AP
Max Business Machines RE7100BR
Micros 1200 Series
Micros 1300 Series
Miida 3000
Mitsubishi T2100
NCR 113Z
NCR 2113
NCR 2114
NCR 2123 Rec. & Det.
NCR 2170
Nikkam 210
Nikkam 215
Nikkam 220
Omron RS1020
Omron RS1150
Omron RS1160
Omron RS1510
Omron RS1640
Omron RS1800
Omron RS1810
Omron RS1811
Omron RS2530
Omron RS2531
Omron RS2540
Omron RS2541
Omron RS2541Aux
Omron RS2545
Omron RS2810
Omron RS3010
Omron RS3410
Omron RS4010
Omron RS4011
Omron RS4025
Omron RS4041
Omron RS4043
Omron RS4210
Omron RS8010
Omron RS8020
Omron RS8030
Omron RS8040
Omron RS8100
Panasonic JS4500
Panasonic JS4610
Panasonic JS6500
Royal Consumer Information Products Alpha 1750
Samsung ER1710
Samsung ER2710
Samsung ER2715
Samsung ER5100
Sanyo ECR 4100F
Sanyo ECR425
Sanyo ECR445
Sanyo ECR525
Sanyo ECR545
Sanyo ECR580
Sanyo ECR590
Sanyo ECR595
Sanyo ECR635
Sanyo ECR645
Sanyo ECR690
Sanyo ECR691
Sanyo ECR692
Sanyo ECR695
Sanyo ECR720
Sanyo LX700-16
Sanyo LX700-20
Sanyo LX700-30
Sharp ER-A320
Sharp ER-A330
Sharp ER-A440
Sharp ER-A460
Sharp ER-A470
Sharp ER-A550
Sharp ER-A550S
Sharp ER-A570
Sharp ER-A610
Sharp ER2520
Sharp ER2521
Sharp ER2531
Sharp ER2532
Sharp ER2533
Sharp ER2533S
Sharp ER2580
Sharp ER2580S
Sharp ER3200
Sharp ER3201
Sharp ER3202
Sharp ER3203
Sharp ER3203S
Sharp ER3210
Sharp ER3220
Sharp ER3230
Sharp ER3231
Sharp ER3240
Sharp ER3241
Sharp ER3243
Sharp ER380
Sharp ER4230
Sharp ER4230F
Sharp ER4230M
Swintec SW830
TEC FS1450
TEC FS1650
TEC MA1050
TEC MA1060
TEC MA130 Series
TEC MA130-11
TEC MA130-12
TEC MA130-13
TEC MA130-14
TEC MA1300
TEC MA1350
TEC MA1450
TEC MA1650
Teknika G161
Teknika G2400
Teknika G241
Teknika G25
Teknika G3200
Teknika G321
Teknika G3210
Teknika G3400
Teknika G3600
Teknika G45
Teknika G5400
Teknika G84
Teknika G85
Towa/TCA/Konic COMPACT 2250
Towa/TCA/Konic Jewel 12
Towa/TCA/Konic Jewel 18
Towa/TCA/Konic Jewel 6
Towa/TCA/Konic Profitron 20
Towa/TCA/Konic Profitron 40
Towa/TCA/Konic Profitron 60
Towa/TCA/Konic Superstar
Towa/TCA/Konic TCA CP 3000
Towa/TCA/Konic TCA R1
Towa/TCA/Konic Towa ET1420
Towa/TCA/Konic Towa ET5231
Towa/TCA/Konic Towa ET6420
Towa/TCA/Konic Towa NT1204
Towa/TCA/Konic TOWA NT1208
Uniwell 15
Uniwell 16
Uniwell 17
Uniwell 17A
Uniwell 2000
Uniwell 25
Uniwell 3
Uniwell 30
Uniwell 3300
Uniwell 3A
Uniwell Ser. U100
Uniwell Ser. U300
Uniwell UN3320 (X2)
Uniwell UN3330 (C1)
Victor 1105
Victor 1140
Victor 2004
Victor 2008
Victor 2015
Victor 2700
Victor 3000
Victor 3008
Victor 3100
Victor 4000
Victor 520
Victor 528

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People Talk About:

price paper office register better much quality roll rolls smaller

Customer Reviews

1 out of 1 found this review helpful

WE use them in our old NCR register. We had to remove the core as ours is too large. but once done it does the job.

Gus R. on 11/30/2015


Wendy B. from Mack's Ice Cream By Wendy on 08/22/2018

Item arrived and is exactly as advertised. It works great for us and the pricing is less than what we could find in any regular retail location.

Barefoot B. from Barefoot Bar & Grill on 12/14/2016

This is by far the best price I have found for cash register paper. We are very busy, so saving on paper matters to us.

Jodi B. from Green Diamond Junction on 11/17/2016

This product although a smaller roll than I have purchased elsewhere is an excellent value for the price! prints very well and clear as any other I have purchased.

Rhonda S. from Rnd Deli And Market on 09/13/2012

I have not found receipt rolls at a better price anywhere. Anyone in the bar or reataurant business knows you have to watch every penny, so quit paying too much buying the small packs at you office supply.

Wesley O. from Morton Pub on 07/15/2010

good quality white paper. very good price as compare to local office depot even with shipping. Fast delivery to my restaurant. It cost me only 20 cents a roll.

Naseer A. from The Boardroom Restaurant on 06/05/2010

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