• Powerful extractor arm exerts up to 2000 lb. of pressure
  • Minimal pulp and residue left over after use
  • Removable strainer cone and funnel
  • Swing-out collector cup for easy juice retrieval
  • Acid-resistant finish protects against food acids
  • Sure-grip, non-skid feet for reliable stability
Quality Rating:
UPC Code: 00040094040209

Effortlessly create delicious juice from fresh fruit in your kitchen with the Hamilton Beach 932 manual citrus juicer!

Perfect for your small cafe or diner, this juicer features an easy-to-use, pull-down design. The hand juicer features a powerful extractor arm that exerts up to 2000 lb. of pressure at a time to ensure you get the most out of your fruit while minimizing pulp and residue. You'll cut down on employee fatigue while drastically improving juice yield!

  • NSF Listed

    NSF Listed

    This item meets the standards imposed by NSF International, which focuses on public safety, health, and the environment.

  • Food recommendation

    Food Recommendation

    This unit has been tested to consistently cut high volumes of lemons, limes, and oranges.

Acid-Resistant Finish

Citric fruits and the like can often present problems for many metals due to their naturally corrosive properties, but you won't need to worry about any degradation with this manual juicer. The unit boasts an acid-resistant finish to guarantee long-lasting durability and dependable use.

Removable Strainer Parts

Its strainer cone and funnel are designed for quick and efficient work. They're both removable for easy cleaning.

Swing-Out Cup

A swing-out juice collector cup catches the juice as it's made for easy retrieval, simplifying the task and allowing for quick, efficient processing.

Non-Skid Feet

Manual tools need stability to ensure safe and efficient operation, and this juicer will deliver on that requirement thanks to its sure-grip, non-skid feet and sturdy base that keep it in place at all times.

Customer Q&A Ask a Question

Will a pint glass fit under this juicer?
Yes! There is enough clearance under this juicer to accommodate a standard pint glass.

Hamilton Beach 932 Manual Juicer: Replacing the Pinion Shaft and Gear Rack

The pinion shaft and gear rack are essential parts of your Hamilton Beach 932 manual juicer. Learn how to replace them when you watch this informative video!

Manual citrus juicer 932. Replacing pinion shaft and gear rack. You'll need a flat head screwdriver and a Phillips head screwdriver. Use a small flat head screw driver to remove the pinion gear cover. Unscrew the Phillips head screw from the handle. Pull off the handle. Push the pinion shaft through the gear bracket. Unscrew pressure cup from gear rack. Set aside washer. Lift gear rack up and out of gear bracket. Installation. Replace washer. Insert gear rack into gear bracket. Screw pressure cup into gear rack. Push pinion shaft into gear bracket. With pressure cup down, replace handle in an upright position. To avoid injury, grip/secure handle. Screw Phillips head screw into handle. Insert gear pinion cover.

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Overall Dimensions:
  • Width: 7 Inches
  • Depth: 9 Inches
  • Height: 19 1/2 Inches

Customer Reviews

  • Overall User Rating: Hamilton Beach 932 Commercial Citrus Juicer

    4.9 stars from 31 reviews


    People Talk About:

    juicer juice easy lemons citrus great limes oranges little clean
    I love this lemon squeezer. It makes lemon shakes so easy to make. I love the sturdy durability of it too. Easy to clean and use
    Out of all the manual juicers of used this is the easiest to clean up. I get more juice from each lemon. This juicer is NSF.
    Essential for lemonade-stands, high-end bars, and any back of the house needing to juice small to medium amounts of citrus! Despite the mechanical advantage (1:20) this still requires some force, but for juicing a few lemons per customer this manual juicer is excellent at increasing yields from citrus.
    The ultimate piece of bar equipment. This Hamilton Beach juicer is an excellent way to add a bit of flair to your cocktail menu. Perfectly juices lemons, limes, oranges or grapefruits. The possibilities are endless. I highly recommend this product.
    This is a really heavy duty juicer. It's best if you are making fresh juice every day and don't want to worry about the electricity going out?
    This is a very good citrus juicer. I'ved used it to primarily juice lemons and limes and it works like a charm. After squeezing it down you can tell its really good as the remains are almost completely pulverized. You're able to get good leverage and force with the handle. The only small nuicanse is having to take apart to clean after use.
    For juicers, old school is the best school. Easy to clean. Easy to use. Excellent yield per fruit. Made great use of it after a summer of lemons growing faster than expected.
    It works like a charm. I pressed limes, oranges, pineapple and watermelon just for fun, Children also enjoyed using this juicer with relative ease. However I can see this being tiring on the long run, though it does exactly what it is supposed to do.
    Mass amounts of lemonade at festivals with this commercial Citrus juicer. Durable handle makes it so easy to juice each cup of lemonade with ease.
    This HB commercial citrus juicer was worth every penny! We were contemplating buying a cheaper version but we are glad we bought this one! This is easy to use and makes quick work out of juicing citrus! It comes apart of quick and easy clean up as well. This would be a great addition for home or commercial use! Highly recommend!
    This juicer is worth every penny. It is the best I've ever use. It is heavy duty and squeezes every last bit of juice from oranges and lemons
    So far this juicer has worked great for us. I'm not sure if I love the double twist motion to bring the juicer down, but it works really well. Seems to get all the juice from the fruit and automatically strains it. Would recommend!
    This is the best juicer I have ever purchased. Very high quality and does a very nice job. Removable cup and comes apart for easy cleaning.
    Love this thing. It makes juicing lemons and limes a joy, and saves us so much time when a recipe calls for citrus juice. And the fresh juice is so delicious.
    This juicer does extract lots of juice, but the container that catches the juice is not big enough and it is tricky to maneuver a 1/9 pan under it to catch the right amount of juice. Fairly easy to clean.
    I would rate this Hamilton Beach Juicer higher than 5 stars if I could. It works wonderful. I use it to make fresh squeezed orange juice.
    This hamilton beach manual commercial citrus juicer is great when you have to juice a lot of citrus. It has a lever which pushes down on the citrus to release juices.
    This juicer is great for squeezing lemons. The handle turns very smoothly making work much easier. The base is very heavy and sturdy, which keeps the equipment standing in place. When I try to move it intentionally, it tilts a little bit, but it doesn't fall or anything. I am very pleased with the product.
    Pleased with this - made quick work of a gallon of fresh squeezed citrus juice we needed for margaritas! It takes a little more work than I anticipated, but is infinitely easier than the glass reamer I had bee using! Very sturdy, and especially like that it has a drip cup with a swing arm - when you remove whatever container you're juicing in, the little cup slides right into place so there is no mess.
    Great product. My staffs didn't want this originally, but after using it, they loved it. Saves my staff a lot of time and energy from manually juiceing.
    Very easy to use and, so far, quite durable. We'll see though, these things rarely last long. This one seems well made though. I've gone through a bunch already
    This is a great juicer. I had originally bought a cheaper one, in this case you get what you pay for. I would highly recommend
    we use this manual juicer in our kitchen mainly. the chefs love it because it really does pull all the juice from the fruit. great product and very easy to use.
    Wow, what a juicer! I could not find a better price for this anywhere. Great for any sort of citrus... orange, lemon, lime, you name it. It is so easy to clean. The rack and pinion gearing is fabulous. It takes very little force to get every little bit of juice out. Plus, it's the perfect size and looks great on our bar.
    this is an excellent juicer to have. i use it all the time to make delicious drinks. it works very well and it is very durable
    This juicer is perfect for making mix drinks. I use it all the time at my bar. The best drinks come out of this machine.
    This is a great tool for freshly squeezed lemonade and orange juice! Nothing beats the taste you get from fresh fruit! Stays in place easily during use!
    a very useful machine in any type of bar and restaurant. it takes seconds to squeeze the lemons and limes dry compared to doing it by hand
    I received my order withing 3 days from the time I ordered this juicer. This is the lowest cost I found this juicer on the internet. This juicer extracts all the juices from lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits. The swing-out juice collector is wonderful to collect the remainder of the juices after you remove the cup. If you are looking for a manual juicer, you should by this one. You will not regret it. This juicer is easy to clean.
    Excellent piece of equipment. It's very easy to use and it get's every last drop out of our oranges with very little arm strength required
    The Hamilton Beach 932 Manual Commercial Juicer is fast, thorough and easy to clean. Pause at the bottom of the stroke to give the juice a moment to drain. I juiced lemons, limes and oranges. (Didn't have any pomegranates.) There was no more juice left in any of the rinds! I managed to get a little pulp, actually very little, from the oranges by flattening the rind and scraping the edges with a knife. I squeezed all the limes, lemons and oranges I had. My wife drank the orange juice. I froze the lemon and lime juice in ice trays. Now I refill my 60 oz juice bottle with 3 or 4 cubes and 1/2 cup of sugar, adjusted to taste. I can catch these pricey fruits on sale, juice 'em and freeze it. Makes quick work of refills. The biggest delay, waiting for the cubes to melt. I'm VERY HAPPY with the H-B 932!!!

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