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  • 30 lb. capacity; 0.01 lb. increments
  • Integrated thermal label printer can be programmed to print labels in 50 different styles
  • Vivid LED tower mounted display
  • 5990 PLUs; inventory reporting capabilities by PLU
  • Network capable with additional scales and PCs
  • 103 keys for easy programming and use, including 63 speed keys
  • Includes set-up CD with PC software
  • Stainless steel platform; durable ABS plastic scale body
UPC Code: 809161199505
Cardinal Detecto DL Series Price Computing Scales

Cardinal Detecto DL Series Price Computing Scales

Detecto's versatile DL series price computing scales with integral label printers are designed for highly customized retail use in delis, supermarkets, produce sections, convenience stores, and grocery store meat sections. With 5,990 PLUs and 2-MBs of memory, the DL series is economical, durable, user-friendly, and incorporates all of the essential features needed for legal trade weighing and label printing. Detecto's DL series networkable price computing scales features a 12.8" wide by 8.9" deep stainless steel platform. Vivid LED displays for both the operator and customer, an integral thermal label printer, DLX50 set-up software CD to customize labels, bar codes, and edit PLUs, and multiple connectivity ports, including USB, Ethernet, RS232 Serial, and cash drawer. It is available in either 30 lb. x 0.01 lb., or 60 lb. x 0.02 lb. capacity, with an optional tower display. The tower display models offer 46 additional quick keys not available on the other models. Bright green, easy-to-read LED display read-outs ensure visible accuracy for both the operator and the customer, providing product and pricing information. The operator view feature 4 LED display windows, and one dot matrix display with upper and lowercase alpha-numeric characters. The customer view provides all LED display windows, and the tower display includes the additional dot matrix, alpha-numeric display. The DL series can complete temporary sales by either weight or count, conduct basic PLU transactions, by either weight or count, or batch print labels for piece count PLUs or prepackaged weight PLUs. The DL series allows up to 5,990 PLUs with up to 80 speed keys for the regular models, and up to 126 speed keys for the tower models. PLUs and shortcut keys may be quickly programmed on the scale, or with the included PC software. Flexible and easy-to-use PC software with drag and drop graphics facilitates simplified exporting and importing of PLUs to and from your PC or multiple scales, full control over creating, viewing, and modifying PLU information, simple PLU assignment to quick keys, and the PLU quick key page can then be printed and used as the quick key overlay for the DL series scale. Easy firmware USB upgrade using USB drive flash memory, with no need to break the NTEP inspection tube. Detecto's DL series prints labels in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and printed information: bar codes, QR codes, safe handling images, ingredients, weights, date formats with month, day, and time, nutritional facts, discounts, logos, and more. Labels have fully customizable layouts and font sizes by use of the PC's user-friendly graphic interface. Custom bit-mapped graphics can be loaded onto the DL series scales for use in label printing. Bar codes can be customized to include specific pieces of information, as well. Over 50 label types are available to use via the included software. Label rolls are available from Detecto in single rolls, or by the case. Label widths between 40 mm and 60 mm, and up to 128 mm long are compatible with the DL series. PLUs, shortcut keys, and other set-up information, including custom labels and bar codes can easily be transferred scale to scale or PC via the USB, RS232, or Ethernet ports on the side of the scale. For more detailed information of the full capabilities of the DL Series Price Computing Scales, please visit www.detecto.com, or call us at (800) 641-2008.

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Delis, supermarkets, butcher shops, grocery stores, convenience stores and more can benefit from this high-tech scale series. Create customized labels, conduct PLU transactions, and easily program time saving shortcut keys with the Detecto DL Series Price Computing Scales, technology that will boost the efficiency and convenience for your operators and customers.

Cardinal Detecto DL Series Scales: Standard and Special Weighting

Cardinal Detecto DL Series Scales: Standard and Special Weighting

Detecto's versatile DL series price computing scales with intregal label printers include basic PLU transactions by weight and count, batch print functionality for piece count PLUs, pre-pack mode for weight count PLUs, and temporary sales by weight and count. PLUs, or product lookup numbers, can store all of the information necessary for specific product transactions, including: item code, weight or count, unit of measure, unit price, tare amount (if necessary), product description in upper and lowercase alphanumeric characters, and shelf date, if desired. The DL series allows up to 5,990 PLU numbers, with 2-megabyte of memory.

To complete a basic PLU transaction by weight, place the item on the scale. Either enter the PLU number and press the "PLU" key, or press the pre-programmed quick key. Hit the print key to print the label. Remove the item and the label. It's that quick and easy.

For basic PLU transactions by count, the product does not need to be on the scale. Either enter the PLU number and press the "PLU" key or press the pre-programmed quick key. Press the blue "X" key, then enter the quantity of items. Hit the "Print" key to print the label. And finally, remove the label.

Batch print mode can be used only for piece count PLUs to print one or multiple labels, or pre-packaged items sold by count. To do this, start by pressing the "Batch Print" button. The display will show arrows next to "Sale" and "Sum" to designate that scale is in pre-pack mode. Either enter the PLU number and press the "PLU" key or press the pre-programmed quick key. Press the "X" key and the quantity of products for each sale. If the quantity is one, omit this step. Press the "Print" key to confirm the quantity entered for each ticket. Input the number of ticket copies that are needed. Confirm this number by pressing the "Accu/Confirm" key. The tickets will print in succession, pausing for the operator to remove every ticket.

Pre-pack mode can only be used for weight PLUs to print one or multiple labels or pre-packaged items sold by weight. Press the "Pre-Pack" button to enter pre-pack mode. The display will show arrows next to "Sale", "Sum", and "Lock PLU" to designate that the scale is in pre-pack mode. Either enter the PLU number and press the "PLU" key or press the pre-programmed quick key. Place products on the scale to be weighed, once the weight on the scale is stable, then the ticket will print automatically. Take the item off the scale and remove and adhere the ticket. Repeat the process of placing additional products on the scale and labeling products until finished. Press the "Cancel" button to exist the PLU selected. Press the "Pre-Pack" button again to exit pre-pack mode.

The DL series scales can also accommodate temporary sales by either weight or count for items that do not have PLU information on the scale. For a temporary sale by weight, enter the unit price while the scale is idle. Add products to the scale. Press the "T-Sale" button, from here you can print the sale if desired or press the "Cancel" key to exit the transaction. For a temporary sale by count, enter the unit price while the scale is idle. Press the "X" key, and enter a temporary piece count, from here you can print the sale if desired or press the "Cancel" key to exit the transaction. For more information about the DL series price-computing scales, please visit our website www.Detecto.com or call us toll-free at 800-641-2008.

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The Cardinal Detecto DL series scales offer a variety of basic PLU transactions to best suit your business' needs. Learn how to properly perform each of these functions with this informative step-by-step video!

Cardinal Detecto DL Series Scales: Custom Labels

Cardinal Detecto DL Series Scales: Custom Labels

Detecto's DL series price computing scales have highly customizable labels and barcodes. This tutorial video will show how to create custom barcodes, load custom images, and how to customize the layout with your custom barcodes and images. There are nine preloaded barcodes provided with the included PC software that comes free with the DL series scales. Barcodes can be altered and entered from the database drop down menu. All of the information within the basic information tab for each of the 9 barcodes are the same. The differences are shown in the detailed info tab in the right hand panel. To create a new barcode, click the plus tab in the toolbar at the top. It will automatically be assigned a new number and appear below. After making an new barcode you may alter the name and all of the information that is included in your custom barcode. You may use previous barcodes as examples of what information to include and present in your barcode by duplicating the same settings for your barcode. On the detail tab, the group number at the top designates how many items might appear in the barcode. It is set standard to 6, however not all 6 fields need to contain information that will appear in the barcode. All of the preexisting barcodes have 3 or less information shown for each barcode. For each item in the barcode, it is necessary to select the length of the information, the shift factor, and how to handle the overflow of information. The overflow options include not printing, cutting off the print, filling with zero, filling with 9, and extending the information. To use the new barcode for any PLUs, this can be updated in the print info tab on the PLU window for each PLU that will use that barcode. When editing a custom label layout, your customized barcode may also be selected for a custom label layout as well. To add logos that will be printed on your labels, select bitmap builder from the tool drop down menu. A list of empty image slots is displayed on the left side of the window. To add a bitmap image, select the slot number then select edit, and click import image file. Select the image to import and click open. If there are slots after the inserted image that now say used in the size column, this is normal and indicates the file size was larger than one memory slot could hold. Once your images are loaded, simply close down the window and click yes in the next message window. The images are now ready to be loaded into the scale and used on a label. There are five preloaded labels available on the scale. All PLUs created directly on the scale or through the software default to specific types of labels. Labels between PLU 1 to 100 and 1000 or more default to print format number 1. Labels between 101-300 default to print format number 2. Labels between 301-500 default to print format number 3, and labels between 501-700 default to print format number 4. In order to create a custom label, a good starting point is to modify an existing label. To modify an existing label within the DLX50 software, the standard labels from the scale must be imported into the computer software. To do this, insert a USB drive into the scale, press program 4,1, and amend from the scale's keypad. Remove the USB drive from the scale and insert it into a USB port on the PC that has the software utility installed. These labels are located by clicking database, and print format from the drop down menu. From the software, click TMS file. Select the file on the USB drive, check the print format box, select import, and click execute. The print formats from the scale can now be viewed through the PC software. The upper left window lists the available labels, all of these preloaded labels cannot be changed through the software. To create a custom label, either: choose a label that has a layout and or size close to your needs, and click the "click to clone one" option in the lower right hand window. Or, click the "click to add new option" to start from scratch. For this demonstration we will clone and modify an existing label. Once a new layout has been chosen, the upper right hand window allows you change the overall width and height of the label, the type of label you are making, and the name of your label. For our custom label, we will leave the number as it was automatically assigned, give the new layout a name, and modify the dimensions of our label to be taller than the original label. The lower left hand window has a list of items on the label, and the center window shows a preview of the label layout. If you click on any of the items on the lower left panel or the center window, the lower right hand property window will change to show the properties for each item. The right hand window includes the item name, horizontal and vertical position on the label, width and height, a print option drop down, an angle drop down menu, a font drop down menu, and a snap-to drop down menu. The dotted drop box offers the same selections as the snap-to drop down menu. Multiple items may be moved simultaneously by holding down the shift key while selecting items and moving items in the center window. Last, we will select the previously loaded custom barcode and bitmap image to our label. The position, width, and height can be altered directly in the center preview window. All other alterations can be accomplished from the lower right hand label. For more information about the DL series scales, visit us online at www.detecto.com or call us toll-free at 800-641-2008.

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The Detecto DL series scales allow you to customize your own labels and barcodes. Watch this helpful tutorial video for step-by-step instructions on how to use the computer software needed for customization.

Cardinal Detecto DL1030P Specs
Width 13 13/16 Inches
Depth 17 7/16 Inches
Height 18 1/16 Inches
Platform Width 12 13/16 Inches
Platform Depth 8 7/8 Inches
Hertz 60 Hertz
Voltage 120
Capacity 30 lb.
Display Type Digital
Features Label Printing

Price Computing

Tower Display
Increments .01 Pounds
Legal for Trade Yes
Platform Material Stainless Steel
Power Type Electric
Style Imperial
Type Price Computing Scales

Customer questions about this product

How can I contact Detecto if I need technical support for the item I purchased?
If you need assistance with your Detecto item, you can contact their technical support team by calling (800) 641-2008, emailing [email protected], or going to their website and chatting with a live technician online. Detecto hours of operation are 5:00 am to 7:00 pm CST. If you need to contact Detecto after hours, you can leave a voicemail message, or send an email.
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Cardinal Detecto DL1030P Details

If you're looking for an all-in-one solution for weighing product, computing prices, and printing labels in your deli, grocery store, or specialty application, this Cardinal Detecto DL1030P 30 lb. digital price computing scale with a printer and a tower display is the ideal choice. Certified as legal for trade, this scale is a great choice for any business looking to upgrade.

It comes equipped with a staggering 5990 PLUs straight out of the box, and the integrated thermal label printer eliminates the need for a separate printer that will take up additional counter space. Plus, the printer is programmable to print labels in any one of 50 styles so that you can customize the printout to suit the needs of your business and your products.

You can easily program your new scale since it is network capable with additional scales and with PCs. The included set-up CD comes with PC software so that you can get your scales up and running right away. Plus, 103 keys right on the base of this scale allow you to program prices for future use, and 63 of those keys are speed keys that make using this scale on a daily basis even more efficient.

This networkable scale can also interface with a variety of connections. Located on the side of the unit, the USB, Ethernet, RS232 serial, and cash drawer ports make this unit even more versatile so that it will fit in with your business needs.

The vivid LED display is built in to a tower that raises the display up higher for better viewing. It is made with both an operator view and a customer view, so that your workers and the customers they are waiting on can easily view weights and prices. The alphanumeric display features both capital and lowercase characters and a total of 5 windows on each side, including one dot matrix window, making it even easier to read the displays.

This scale is built with a stainless steel platform and a durable ABS plastic body.

Readout Measurements:
30 lb. x 0.01 lb.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 13 13/16"
Depth: 17 7/16"
Height: 18 1/16"
Platform Size: 12 13/16" x 8 7/8"

Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning

  • NTEP Approved

    NTEP Approved

    This item meets all government standards and requirements as set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology for scales and other weighing equipment.

  • 5-15P


    This unit comes with a NEMA 5-15P plug.

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Cardinal Detecto DL1030P

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    The unit is good, however, it can't print out the label if the weight is less than 0.20LB which is their minimal weight, very disappointed with the purchase, wouldn't buy it if they state the limitation on the product description, sad about it because my grocery store needs to pack and print out labels for produce under 0.20LB .....
    Thank you for your feedback! We are sorry this product was not what you were looking for, for recommendations please contact our Customer Solutions team!

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