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Measure Accurate Portions of Produce, Herbs, Deli Meat, and More with a Commercial Scale

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Measure Accurate Portions of Produce, Herbs, Deli Meat, and More with a Commercial Scale

If you operate a market, restaurant, or bakery, commercial scales are essential tools to keep at hand for measuring out precise portions of produce, deli meat, dough, herbs, and more. Our food scales allow you to serve exact amounts of dried spices and deli cheese to customers at your supermarket or to measure out ingredients to make consistent dishes at your restaurant. Restaurant scales can reduce food waste in your eatery and cut down on costs from purchasing excess goods.

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We have a selection of both mechanical and digital commercial scales, so you can choose the ideal option for your market or restaurant. These restaurant scales are constructed with materials such as stainless steel and aluminum, ensuring they can withstand daily use. Some of our restaurant food scales are waterproof, feature backlit LCD screens, or boast membrane coated keypads, so you can choose the scale that meets your unique needs.

Commercial scales are excellent devices for any restaurant, grocery store, coffee shop, or bakery in order to accurately measure spices, vegetables, coffee, deli meat, dough, and more. Restaurant scales enable you to minimize food waste while cutting down on costs by ensuring accuracy. Many of these commercial food scales are dishwasher safe, so you can easily clean them after use. To accompany your restaurant scale, see our meat slicers, wax paper bags, and retail grocery merchandisers.